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Is the Yamaha V Star 250 Good for Highways

Is the Yamaha V Star 250 Good for Highways?

Every hardcore gearhead learns the ropes on a small-displacement, easy-to-ride motorcycle. And nothing, on the new 2024 Yamaha lineup, says “approachable” like the Yamaha V-Star 250 if you are also looking to keep up with the highway pace. Few entry-level bikes will keep their wits at highway speed, and this bike leads the pack. Forget the legal lower limit, the reality on that freeway is harsh and unforgiving. And so, many riders have had to kick that whiny little beginner motorcycle to the curb and get a midsized widow-making 650cc torque monster. But if you have already ridden this grunty little beast, you just know, it begs to be ridden fast. Enough to make you wonder — is the Yamaha V Star 250 good for

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Yamaha Crosser 150

Yamaha has developed the new Crosser, which comes in S and Z trim levels initially for the Brazilian market. The dual-sport motorbike is based on the FZ Fi and FZ-X and is powered by the same 149 cc single-cylinder four-valve air-cooled engine that produces 12.4 PS at 7,500 rpm and 12.7 Nm of peak torque at 6,000 rpm. Yamaha has presented a little experience bicycle in Brazil called the Yamaha Crosser 150. Accessible in 2 variations – S and Z – the little limit experience bike is presented in 4 variety choices, 2 each for the two variations. The Black Eclipse and Sports White tones are for the 150 S variation and; Competition Blue and Dakar Sand colorways are for the 150 Z model. What

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Yamaha SR400 Retro REVIEW

The Yamaha SR400 is powered by a 399cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve engine that produces plenty of torque and is a thrill to ride. The outstanding motor responsiveness and modern practicality are provided by fuel injection. The Yamaha SR400’s simple-to-start kick-starter is triggered by a handlebar-mounted compression out, making it quick and easy to start with minimum effort. The torquey single-cylinder engine adds to the Yamaha SR400’s pleasure factor by providing “thumper” appeal and engine character, as well as a sensation of direct power connection to the rear wheel. The Yamaha SR400 weighs only 384 pounds and features a thin chassis with a comfortable riding posture and a low 30.9-inch seat height. This combination results in a motorcycle that is well-suited to both novice and

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Yamaha MT-03 Naked Bike

The Yamaha MT-03, Yamaha’s 321cc ‘naked’ motorcycle, has been released in Europe with an upgraded EU5-compliant engine, as well as new colors and graphics. The engine has been modified to meet the EU5 anti-pollution standard, which is the most significant change in the current model. Instant throttle response and eco-friendly performance are ensured by a sophisticated fuel injection system. The engine’s power delivery is smooth across the rev range, giving it an advantage over the single-cylinder, bottom-displacement competitors. What Are the Top Features of the Yamaha MT-03? Designing an Aggressive Next-Generation MT The MT-03 is a sporty-looking ride that should be a good starting point for anybody interested in pursuing a career as a naked-sport bike rider. The MT-03 is obviously a member of Yamaha’s

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Yamaha XT250 – Dual Sport Motorcycle

The Yamaha XT250 packs a reliable punch. It is powered by a 249cc, air-cooled, four-stroke engine. The suspension duties are handled by a nonadjustable 35mm conventional fork, while the shock is adjustable for preload and rebound damping. With its estimated fuel mileage of 76 mpg and its 2.6-gallon fuel tank (2.4-gallon for the California model), the XT250 can cover a decent amount of ground on a single fill-up. Last year was the 40th anniversary of the first Yamaha XT250, and the Yamaha XT250 returns with no changes. An inexpensive motorcycle with an MSRP of $5199, which has held steady for several years, the XT250 is about simplicity, reliability, and friendly performance. GO ANYWHERE DUAL-SPORT With an electric start and a low seat height, the light, nimble and reliable XT250 is built to go

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Yamaha MT 15

The aggressive and futuristic Yamaha MT 15 is developed from the structural and mechanical base of the Yamaha R15, so it takes advantage of all its technology and high performance with specific aspects of its own to become one of the most exclusive urban Naked of the moment. With a high-tech engine, compact body, and next-generation MT line design, this new motorcycle packs an aggressive look, new dual position lamps give this ultralight Hyper Naked the most intimidating look in its class. The sturdy, forward-thrown body looks ready to strike at any moment. Sometimes great motorcycles are not determined by their displacement or their power. The Yamaha MT 15 is a clear example of how to make a motorcycle well so that it is fun, versatile, and pleasant without

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Yamaha TW200 A dual-sport motorcycle

Is a Yamaha TW200 Street legal? The Yamaha TW200 is not a retro-styled dual-sport motorcycle. Instead, it is a genuine throwback style, with air cooling for the SOHC two-valve engine and a 28mm Mikuni carburetor. The rear brake is a drum, but a disc front brake was added to the TW200 years earlier. The Yamaha TW200 is low-maintenance and bulletproof, making it an excellent urban motorcycle. It is a perfect feature for the TW200 as long as your commuting does not require highway speeds. It is a unique dual-sport mount with very precise performance parameters. The TW200’s popularity as a unique, fun-loving dual-purpose ride has been cemented by a low seat, extra-wide tires, and a proven four-stroke engine. If you are a novice or a seasoned

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Yamaha XSR 155 – Single cylinder retro roadsters

Is Yamaha’s XSR 155 the most stylish entry-level retro roadster? It is powered by a 155-cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with Variable Valve Actuation technology. As regular, the powertrain is mated to a six-speed transmission with a slipper and assist clutch. The Yamaha XSR 155 has upside-down front forks, mono-shock rear suspension, a delta box chassis like its Supersport and nude cousins, an aluminum swingarm, disc brakes up front and rear, a dual-channel ABS assembly, and other features. Since the Yamaha XSR 155 does not seem to be on the horizon, the company has agreed to introduce a new motorcycle based on the FZ V3 Fi. Yamaha’s XSR 155 is one of the most stylish entry-level retro roadsters. The tank is decorated with discreet graphics, and the

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Is Yamaha WR155R a street-legal dual sport bike?

Yamaha’s new dual-sport motorcycle offering, the WR 155R, is inspired by the renowned WR series of performance Enduro motorcycles. Its semi-double-cradle frame is designed to be a good lightweight trail bike while still being adaptable enough to be your everyday roundabout ride. Yamaha’s dual-sport roster has been expanded with the launch of the WR155R. The WR155R is a street-legal dual sportbike as it is designed to work on both dirt and asphalt roads and offers high-duty construction and accurate control on any condition. The dual-sport newcomer can weave its way through off-beaten paths as easily as it could through the paved city streets making it a good choice for riders who are urban commuters on some days and adventure seekers on other days. This on-road and off-road capability

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