2022 Yamaha TW200 A dual-sport motorcycle

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Is a Yamaha TW200 Street legal?

The Yamaha TW200 2022 is not a retro-styled dual-sport motorcycle. Instead, it is a genuine throwback style, with air cooling for the SOHC two-valve engine and a 28mm Mikuni carburetor. The rear brake is a drum, but a disc front brake was added to the TW200 years earlier.

The 2022 Yamaha TW200 is low-maintenance and bulletproof, making it an excellent urban motorcycle. It is a perfect feature for the TW200 as long as your commuting does not require highway speeds. It is a unique dual-sport mount with very precise performance parameters.

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The TW200’s popularity as a unique, fun-loving dual-purpose ride has been cemented by a low seat, extra-wide tires, and a proven four-stroke engine. If you are a novice or a seasoned rider, a camper, or a city dweller, this bike will bring you joy.

The Yamaha TW200, with its scrappy little 196 cc engine, was introduced for 2022 as a decent beginner bike, entirely street legal but with that unique motocross-style swale seat that indicates you are going off-road.

Is it Comfort riding Yamaha TW200?

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The 2022 Yamaha TW200, which has been in development since 1987, is not a vintage-styled dual-sport motorcycle. Instead, it’s a genuine throwback style, with air cooling for the SOHC two-valve engine and a 28mm Mikuni carburetor.

The rear brake is a drum, but a disc front brake was added to the TW200 20 years earlier.

An internal engine counterbalancer ensures smooth operation, while large tires offer plenty of traction and a distinctive look. The long, wide seat style provides more than enough comfort when you are hiking, traveling, or simply having fun.

Is the Yamaha TW200 a good bike for beginners?

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It is an excellent beginner’s bike for a novice. TWs are widely used in rider training courses due to their lightweight, low seat height, and fun factor. Because of its simplicity, the TW is both simple and inexpensive to maintain.

The chubby tires on the TW, along with the bike’s low seat height, compact overall capacity, and unintimidating engine, make it an outstanding go-anywhere vehicle that is also ideal for beginners.

It is also ideal for seasoned riders looking to do some rough-core backcountry exploring on seldom-traveled roads or trails—as long as you don’t mind doing so at creeping-crawling speeds, since the TW isn’t designed to be ridden fast or hard, only over things. The TW’s low gearing is evidence of this.

What is the top speed of Yamaha TW200?

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The engine is a beginner’s fantasy. There will be no exhausting kicking for an electric starter, and the force will not scare anybody. The operator must learn the intricacies of a clutch and a five-speed gearbox, but the light-touch levers assist.

Often, since it is carbureted, using a choke is a primeval ability that must be learned, particularly in cold climates. The 196 cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve single provides torquey short- and mid-range power that is ideal for off-road exploration or riding around town. The top speed of Yamaha TW200 is around 66-73 mph.

Why should one buy Yamaha TW200?

You would buy it because it is equally at home on and off the track, and while it’s a little heavier than other off-road vehicles, at about 279 pounds at the curb, it’s not a massive beast.

You and the bike will be much healthier as a result. Meanwhile, a TW200 is a fantastic thrasher that will provide you with lots of entertainment for your money. The TW200’s popularity as a unique, fun-loving dual-purpose ride has been cemented by a low seat, extra-wide tires, and a proven four-stroke engine.

If you are a veteran or a beginner, a camper, or a city dweller, this bike will bring you joy. Moreover, Yamaha TW200 has the following comfortable features that attract riders.

  1. Electric Start:

The TW200’s electric start and full-street facilities make it easy to ride almost everywhere.

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  1. Terrain-Conquering Tyres:

The TW200’s big fat tires have superb grip and rider protection over a wide range of terrain, and they help to differentiate the TW200 as the most distinctive-looking dual-purpose vehicle on the market.

  1. Low Seat Height:

The TW200’s low seat height and lightweight frame inspire trust in users, making it one of the most user-friendly on- and off-road bikes on the market.

What are the Yamaha TW200’s Engine Iconic features?

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A strong powerband is delivered to the ground by a smooth-shifting five-speed transmission with a manual clutch for maximum on- and off-road output.

  • Torquey Powerplant: The 196cc air-cooled, four-stroke single provides torquey short- to mid-range power that is ideal for off-roading.
  • Counterbalanced Motor: An internal engine counterbalancer keeps vibrations to a minimum.
  • Smooth and Counterbalanced Engine: An internal-engine counterbalancer reduces vibrations for all-day ease.
  • Digital Ignition: The maintenance-free CDI ignition mechanism guarantees accurate, efficient spark for peak engine output at all RPMs.
  • Electric-Start: The push-button electric start makes starting simple and dependable.
  • Minimal Upkeep Engine: An automatic cam chain tensioner ensures less maintenance.

Engine specs:

Yamaha TW200 Engine: 1.       196cc

2.      Air-cooled SOHC

3.      4-stroke engine with two valves

Delivery of fuel: Mikuni® (28 mm/2.8 cm1.10 inches)
Transmission: 5-speed constant-mesh transmission with a multi-plate wet clutch
Ignition type: CDI
Compression-Ratio: 9.5/1
Bore * Stroke: 67 mm*55.7 mm/6.7 cm*5.57 cm/2.63 inches * 2.20 inches
Yamaha TW200 Final Drive: The Chain


  1. Lightweight:

A lightweight box-section swingarm and a single rear shock with 5.9 inches of travel improve on- and off-road handling and comfort.

  1. Suspension:

A 33mm telescopic front suspension with 6.3 inches of travel absorbs bumps for a plush journey.

  1. Disc-Brakes:

A hydraulic front disc brake has greater stopping strength while requiring less effort.

  1. Conquering Terrain tires:

For the TW200’s unusual dual-purpose style, fat 130/80-18 front and 180/80-14 rear tires have excellent traction and control.

  1. Chassis Spec:

Front/Tire: 130: 80-18
Rear/Tire: 180: 80-14
Front/Brake: 220 mm/20 cm/8.67 inches with single disc
Rear/Brake: 110 mm/11 cm/4.33 inches with drum
Front/Suspension: Telescoping fork with the 6.3-inch ride
Rear/Suspension: 5.9-inch ride on a single shock

 What are the Dimensions of Yamaha TW200?

Length*Width*Height: 82.30 inches x 32.30 inches x 44.10 inches
The Wheelbase: 52.2 inches
Fuel tank/capacity: 1.8 gallons/6.81 liters
Ground clearance: 10.4 inches
Wet weight: 278 lbs/126.09 kg
Seat height: 31.1 inches

What are the Pros and Cons of Yamaha TW200-2022?

Pros Cons
Nimble, lightweight bike with big tires Small gas tank
Excellent for a beginner No 6th gear
Amazing for an experienced racer Underpowered
Nimble, lightweight bike with big tires


It is a lot of fun to ride on the street or in the dirt because it is bouncy (compared to a street bike). This could be the PERFECT bike for taking the motorcycle license test on.

What is the price of the 2022 Yamaha TW200?

The price of the 2022 Y200 is $4, 799.

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About the Author:

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