Michael became an avid motorcyclist while attending the American School of Paris as a teenager. He is responsible for introducing Europe’s legendary helmet brand, AGV into the U.S. early in his career. Michael received the US importation rights for AGV Helmets from founder Gino Amisano in 1976 and went on to found and launch AGV USA and AGV Sports Group.

Today, as in every year since the beginning he oversees the design, development, and production of much of the AGVSPORT line. AGV Sport’s motto “Designed By Riders for Riders,” is more than a marketing slogan Michael’s been riding motorcycles since age 14 and is among the sport’s greatest enthusiasts. Motorcycles are my passion, work, and life.

He is active in many different riding disciplines including street riding, road racing, supermoto, and enduro off-road adventures. He currently owns twenty-three motorcycles including one in Vietnam and one in Thailand. In addition to working for AGV and owning AGV Sports Group Michael has worked as a consultant for many helmet manufacturers including KBC, Vemar, Marushin, and Suomy.

In 1985 he is the founded AGV Sports Group in cooperation with AGV Helmets

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