7 Best One Piece Motorcycle Leather Suits: Complete Guide!

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When it comes to motorcycle racing or riding, one thing you don’t want to joke about is your safety. As a safety-conscious biker, you should invest in a motorcycle racing suit, among other things. Why do you need a racing suit? It not only provides protection in the event of crashes but also offers flexibility and comfort for a wonderful riding experience.

No matter your level of experience with motorcycle riding, understanding the ins and outs of tracksuits for motorcycle racing is crucial. In this article, you will see my top 7 recommendations for the best one piece motorcycle leather suits, and I will also guide you on what to look out for when choosing the best motorcycle leather suits.

Understanding Standard-Sized One-Piece Motorcycle Leather Suits

Standard-sized one piece motorcycle leather suits are specialized gear designed for motorcyclists and race drivers. Most of these suits are made from leather (a few from synthetic materials), offering high-level protection and abrasion resistance in the event of crashes.

One-piece leathers are designed such that they fit snugly, thereby improving aerodynamics and reducing wind resistance during high-speed racing. These suits also come with built-in armor and padding in key impact zones like elbows, knees, and shoulders for maximum safety.

While two-piece suits offer more versatility – as the jacket and pants can be worn separately, making them a good choice for casual riders, one-piece leather has more unique advantages.

Firstly, due to the streamlined design of one piece motorcycle leather suits, they tend to offer better aerodynamics, thus enhancing performance during races. Also, they provide seamless coverage, thereby reducing potential weak points around the waistline as found in two-piece leathers.

Here’s an overview of my top 7 one piece motorcycle leather suits for racing:

ProductBrandGet Yours
Podium Leather SuitAGVSPORTAmazon
Monza Leather SuitAGVSPORTAmazon
Missile V2 Race SuitAlpinestarsRevZilla | Amazon
GP Plus V2 Camo Race SuitAlpinestarsRevZilla | Cycle Gear
Speedmaster 7.0 One-Piece Race SuitJoe RocketRevZilla | MotoSport
Sport Warrior Pro Perforated Race SuitSPIDIRevZilla
Track Wind Pro Race SuitSPIDIRevZilla | Cycle Gear

Top 7 Best One Piece Motorcycle Leather Suits

If you are looking for the best 1-piece motorcycle suit, choosing from the list below will ensure you have a safe and well-constructed suit.

1. AGVSPORT Podium Leather Suit

AGVSPORT Podium Leather Suit

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My first recommendation is the AGVSPORT Podium Leather Suit. This suit is designed to provide optimum protection to riders. The shoulders, back, shins/knees, and elbows armor are all CE-approved (Level 1), making the suit one of the safest and most reliable in the market. In addition, rubber padding is placed on the chest, shoulder blade, and ribs.

In terms of comfort, stretch panels are located above the knees and elbows, back of the shoulders, and in other strategic locations for comfortable rides. The micro-mesh odor-reducing lining is another great feature of this suit. AGVSPORT Podium Leather one-piece suit is made from premium 1.3mm – 1.4mm thick full-grain cowhide leather for excellent abrasion resistance.

2. AGVSPORT Monza Leather Suit

AGVSPORT Monza leather suit

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Yet another AGVSPORT leather one-piece suit on my list is the Monza Leather suit. Although pricier than the Podium leather suit, the AGVSPORT Monza is worth every penny spent on it. The body armor in the leather suit is CE-approved (Level 2), and there are exterior metal armor protectors on the knees and shoulders for maximum protection in the event of any crashes.

Advanced Safety Seam Stitching Construction is used throughout the suit and YKK zippers are used throughout. The stretch panels are located in strategic locations for maximum mobility and comfort. Without a doubt, the AGVSPORT Monza leather one-piece suit is one of the best motorcycle leather suits in the market.

3. Joe Rocket Speedmaster 7.0 One-Piece Race Suit

One Piece Motorcycle Leather Suits

Buy on RevZilla | MotoSport

The Joe Rocket Speedmaster 7.0 One-Piece Race Suit is one of the best racing gears engineered for performance. Its construction integrates durable 1.2 to 1.4mm cowhide leather, offering superior abrasion resistance and flexibility.

The suit features injection-molded shoulder protection and CE-approved armor at the knees, shoulders, and elbows to ensure rider safety. The strategically placed stretch panels enhance mobility and airflow, optimizing comfort during intense rides. The suit’s aerodynamic hump improves stability at high speeds.

4. Alpinestars Missile V2 Race Suit

Alpinestars Missile V2 Race Suit

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The Alpinestars Missile V2 Race Suit is another cutting-edge racing attire for motorcyclists. It is crafted from premium 1.3mm bovine leather, thus offering exceptional abrasion resistance and flexibility essential for high-speed maneuvers. It comes with CE-certified armor at the shoulders, elbows, knees, and shins to ensure comprehensive impact protection.

The strategically placed accordion leather panels enhance mobility and airflow, fostering riders’ comfort and performance. The suit’s aerodynamic back hump improves stability and reduces drag during aggressive riding.

5. Spidi Sport Warrior Pro Perforated Race Suit

One Piece Leather Race Suit

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The Spidi Sport Warrior Pro Perforated Race Suit embodies precision engineering and advanced technology for motorcycle racing enthusiasts. Constructed from premium Italian cowhide leather and perforated for optimal airflow, this attire offers superior abrasion resistance and ventilation. CE-certified protectors at the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees ensure maximum impact absorption and rider safety.

The ergonomic stretch panels facilitate unrestricted movement and comfort during dynamic rides. Additionally, its aerodynamic profile enhances stability and reduces drag at high speeds, while the removable mesh liner adds convenience and versatility.

6. Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit

1 Piece Racing Suit

Buy on RevZilla | Cycle Gear

If you are looking for premium leather race gear, the Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit is one to consider. This race suit is crafted from premium Italian cowhide leather and offers exceptional durability and abrasion resistance. It comes with CE-certified protectors at key impact zones to ensure optimal protection. With meticulous craftsmanship and advanced safety features, the Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit sets a new standard for performance and protection on the track.

7. Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Race Suit

One Piece Motorcycle Track Suit

Buy on RevZilla | Cycle Gear

The Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Race Suit merges advanced technology with striking aesthetics. It is made from high-quality 1.3 mm leather that delivers outstanding abrasion resistance and flexibility. CE-certified armor at the shoulders, elbows, knees, and shins guarantees premium impact protection. Strategically placed stretch panels maximize mobility and comfort throughout vigorous rides. This suit not only exudes style but also underscores Alpinestars’ dedication to excellence and innovation in motorcycle racing attire.

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Key Features to Consider When Buying Top-Rated Leather Race Suits

As a rider who is concerned about safety, comfort, and flexibility, there are certain key features you must consider when choosing your race suit. Below are some key features to consider:

1. Quality of Leather

When considering the quality of leather used for motorcycle leathers, your judgment should be based on three things: the type of leather used, the thickness of the leather, and the treatment given to the leather.

Type of Leather Used

For motorcycle leathers, the two most commonly used materials are cowhide and kangaroo. This is so because these materials tend to offer the best flexibility and durability.

Choosing between cowhide and kangaroo will depend on the individual needs of riders. For instance, cowhide is well-known for its toughness and resistance to abrasion. These features make cowhide suits highly protective, making them suitable for riders looking for maximum protection.

On the other hand, if your priority is lightweight motorcycle racing suits with more flexibility, the kangaroo should be your best bet. It offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio and still provides a reasonable level of protection.

About 90 percent of motorcycle leather suits are made from cowhide, while about 10% are from kangaroo.


The thickness is another crucial factor when choosing one piece motorcycle leather suits. Typically, the standard thickness ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 mm, providing safety as well as comfort.

Cowhides are always thicker and provide better abrasion resistance and impact protection. However, going for a material that’s too thick can compromise comfort and flexibility.

Kangaroo leathers are thinner but more durable and about 2 kg lighter than cowhides.


You want to buy leathers that are well-treated because well-treated leather enhances the performance and longevity of motorcycle suits. Well-treated race suits improve water resistance, which helps repel moisture, thereby keeping riders dry and comfortable.

Other reasons for treatment include UV protection, which prevents leather from deteriorating when exposed to sunlight, and breathability to prevent heat buildup, thus ensuring optimal comfort during hot weather.

2. Safety Certification

While it could be true that most of the motorcycle racing suits sold in the marketplace were built with safety in mind, you want to boost your safety assurance level by choosing a suit that meets safety certification.

You should always look out for track suits with CE certification because this European certification ensures that the clothing has undergone rigorous testing for abrasion protection and impact resistance.

3. Sizing and Fitness

You must pay attention to the size of the leather race suit you intend to buy. No matter how good the quality of your race suit is, buying a suit that doesn’t fit properly will make you feel awkward, thereby giving you a poor riding experience. Wrong sizing can also compromise safety.

However, wearing fitted one piece motorcycle leather suits will enhance performance, offer maximum protection, and improve aerodynamics (minimizing air resistance and improving performance).

Therefore, to choose leathers that fit properly, the following tips below will guide you:

  • Take Your Measurements: Take measurements of crucial body parts like your waist, hips, shoulder, inseam, and height before shopping for a track suit. Thereafter, refer to the manufacturer’s size chart and find the size that fits your measurement.
  • Try it on Before Buying: If you are buying from a physical store close to you, try on different sizes and styles of motorcycle leathers to choose the one that best fits your body and riding style. A good racing suit should fit snugly without being too tight or restricting movement.
  • Comfort and Padding: While it is good to have padding and armor in key impact zones, you must also consider the thickness and placement of the padding. Wrongly placed padding could cause discomfort, especially during long rides or races.
  • Test the Zipper and closure system: You want to make sure the zipper and closure system have seamless operation. Beware of zippers that snag or catch the fabric.
  • Motion Test: This test involves wearing the racing leather to assess its flexibility and comfort. Bend your body joints like the knees, elbows, and torso to find out if the suit allows for free movement without bunching up.

AGVSPORT sizing charts and standards for One-Piece Suits in the racing industry

Below is a table indicating the sizing standards for one piece motorcycle leather suits:

Size Chest (in) Waist (in) Sleeve (in) Inseam (in)
38 38-39 31-32.5 24 31.5
40 39.5-40.5 33-34 24.5 32
42 41-42 34.5-35.5 25 32
44 42-43 36-37 25.5 32.5
46 44-45 37.5-38.5 26 32.5
48 46-47 39-40 26 33
50 47.5-48.5 41-42 26.5 33.5
52 49-50 42.5-43.5 27 34
54 51-52 44-45 27.5 34.5
56 52.5-53.5 44.5-46.5 27.5 34.5
58 54-55 47-48 28 35
60 55-56.5 49-50 28 35.5


This sizing standard is for both women’s one-piece race suits and men one piece motorcycle leather suits. There may be a slight variation depending on the manufacturer you choose for your suit. Ensure to check the sizing chart of the particular track suit you intend to purchase.

Note: In some cases, some riders may struggle to find a leather size that fits them snugly and comfortably. In such cases, you could order custom-fit motorcycle racing suits, and the manufacturer will produce one using your exact measurements.

4. CE Body Armor

High-quality racing leathers often come with built-in removable armor at key impact zones like the elbows, knees, and shoulders. Body armor is important for absorbing and dispersing energy in the event of crashes.

Just like the racing suit, the armor must meet CE standards to ensure a high level of protection in case of accidents. You should also pay attention to the material used for the armor; quality armor is often made from high-impact absorbing materials like viscoelastic foam.

Additional Features to Consider

Aside from the key features listed above, there are other additional things to consider before purchasing one piece motorcycle leather suits. Below are some of these features:

1. Maintenance and Care

Before buying one piece motorcycle leather suits, you should consider one that is easy to maintain. Proper maintenance not only prolongs the life of the suit but also improves performance. Buy a motorcycle racing suit that is easy to clean and maintain, with removable and washable inner linings that help wick away moisture and sweat.

Even after purchasing a top-quality race suit, you need to carry out regular inspection and maintenance practices like checking the zippers, armor, and seams to identify any signs of damage and finding solutions to them to maintain the suit’s integrity and safety standards.

2. Pricing

While it is true that some premium leather race gear comes with premium materials and advanced safety technologies, you really don’t need to break the bank to buy top-rated one piece motorcycle leather suits.

You can buy affordable one piece motorcycle leather suits that meet safety certifications, are constructed with high-quality materials, and fit comfortably. Do not feel worried if you are not buying leather from expensive brands – Your safety and comfort are all that matter, not the brand name.

Future Outlook in Race Suit Design

Technological advancement is having a huge impact on motorcycle leathers. Manufacturers are striving to integrate smart materials for better flexibility, comfort, and ultimately, the safety of riders.

Nanotechnology enhances abrasion resistance, while advanced textiles enhance breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The introduction of airbags in race suits is another great sign that the performance and safety of this gear will only get better with time.

Another future trend is sustainability initiatives, where manufacturers are exploring eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental impact. There are also initiatives to extend the lifespan of race suits through reuse, repair, and recycling programs that are being employed to foster a circular economy within the racing clothing sector.

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

Before buying high-performance racing gear such as one piece motorcycle leather suits, there are key things to pay attention to. You want to be sure of the quality of the leather used to ensure optimal protection, comfort, and durability.

Additionally, whether you are opting for entry-level racing suits or professional motorcycle racing attire, always go with one that is well-treated and fitted for safe and comfortable rides or races.

While pricing is something most riders would want to consider, you don’t have to spend heavily to find safe, comfortable, high-quality, and durable one piece motorcycle leather suits.

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