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2022 Honda 125 red-Honda 125 Motorcycle Won't Start

Honda 125 Motorcycle Won’t Start? How to Fix It

One of the most frustrating things about any bike is when it just won’t start. You’ve tried turning the key, pressing the start button, maybe even giving it a little kick – but nothing happens. Most likely it is the battery or something in the fuel system. There are a few things you can do to fix a Honda 125 motorcycle that won’t start – first and foremost, check if there’s enough gas and whether it’s going to the carburetor. Next, take a look at the battery to see if it is charged, and check the spark plug to see if they’re in good condition. Finally, check the air filter and see if it is dirty and needs to be replaced. If you follow these

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Do You Need a Motorcycle License for a Honda Grom

Do You Need a Motorcycle License for a Honda Grom?

There’s a common misconception that motorcycle riders and scooter riders are two separate groups with little overlap. In reality, most members of both groups recognize that each type of vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation, and with so many variations of both motorcycles and scooters now available, the old distinctions are no longer as relevant. Honda is further complicating matters with its new Honda Grom, a kind of supermoto-minibike that bestrides the valley between the practicality of a scooter and the ride quality of a motorcycle. And so, the question naturally arises — do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom? Yes! Honda Grom riders need a motorcycle driver’s license (Class M) to operate on public roadways because

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250cc Top Speed Motorcycle, How Fast can A 250cc Motorcycle Go? 

250cc Top Speed Motorcycle, how fast can a 250cc Motorcycle go? Today’s fastest 250cc street motorcycles like the Kawasaki’s Z25R, Honda CBR250RR, Yamaha R25 and KTM RC250 can reach top speeds of between 112 mph (187 km/h) and 115 mph (190 km/h). The typical 250cc road bike has a top speed of between 85 mph (137 km/h) and 95 mph (144 km/h) There are many factors to consider beyond the engine size alone. One of the major features riders look for when choosing a motorcycle is the cubic capacity or cc size of the engine.  It refers to the volume of the motorcycle’s cylinder in cubic meters and is directly proportional to the power output per cycle. Currently, the cubic centimeter displacement of motorcycles ranges

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2022-Honda-CRF450RL-red-micramoto (2)

Is 2022 Honda CRF450RL a street legal?

Yes, The Honda CRF450RL features a catalytic converter and is street legal in all states, as well as capable off-road practically anywhere on the planet. That means you may take it everywhere a car is allowed, including state and national parks, highways, and public spaces. It also makes it much easier to get gasoline. What’s the difference between the Honda CRF450RL and CRF450L? Which is the preferable choice? Except for the differences noted below, they are identical bikes. So, technically, the CRF450RL is the “better” bike because of the improved ECU and revised fuel-injection tune, as well as the handguards, but the difference is little. However, CRF450L is discontinued and completely replaced by CRF450RL. Off-road, a real dual-purpose motorcycle should have lightweight, with good suspension

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2022-Honda-CB500F-Horsepower-Specs-and-Images-micramoto (5)

2022 Honda CB500F Horsepower, Specs, and Images

The Honda CB500F ABS naked bike is ideal for individuals who enjoy the dynamic look of a motorbike with minimum bodywork. For 2022, it receives an inverted 41mm Showa SFF-BP fork, much as the CB500X. It also features lighter wheels and dual front disc brakes with radial-mounted Nissin 4-piston calipers. The curb weight has dropped from 4 pounds to 416 pounds. The CB500F ABS has a 31.1-inch seat height and a fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons. If there’s one bike in our 2022 portfolio that stands out in terms of flexibility and value, it has to be the CB500F. It’s always been a winning mix, resulting in a vehicle that’s equally at home on a daily commute as it is on a weekend getaway. It

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2022-Honda-CBR500R-micramoto (6)

2022 Honda CBR500R ABS Sportbike Riding

Model over This year, we have some huge news for our Honda CBR500R, as well as a long list of enhancements. The first is a whole new front end, based on a new Showa upside-down SFF-BP fork measuring 41mm. Next, the CBR500R now has radial-mount four-piston calipers and twin front disc brakes. The bike’s handling is much better thanks to new, lighter wheels and a lighter swingarm. Its twin-cylinder engine revs effortlessly and delivers a lot of torque, while still allowing us to keep the bike small and agile. The full-coverage bodywork looks like it came straight off the racetrack this year, and it comes in two new colors: Grand Prix Red and Sword Silver Metallic. At this price range, there’s arguably never been a

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2022-Honda-CB500X-micramoto (2)

2022 Honda CB500X Vibration

The Honda CB500X Vibration, which appeared with the exposed CB500F and completely faired CBR500R in 2013, adds hybrid experience pizazz to Honda’s tomfoolery shone twin-chamber ‘light middleweight’ threesome in 2013. A motorbike discreetly continues ahead of being extraordinarily proficient and adaptable for a wide scope of riders. The CB500X’s utility depends on a straightforward equation: a peppy, all-around respected twin-cylinder engine that produces genuine force, drives from low rpm, and fires up hardtop, joined with a frame that gives a remarkably agreeable ride both around and on the open street, all enveloped with unmistakable experience styling. Vibrations above about 60mph mainly come through bars but generally quite buzzy all around. Your crashbars are the biggest problem of vibrations, that’s why Honda make their OEM ones

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2022-Honda-Monkey-125-micramoto-jpg (8)

2022 Honda Monkey 125cc Accessories

The original-1968 Mini Trail-50 sparked a firestorm of interest in tiny bikes in the United States. The Monkey, Big Red’s spiritual descendant, was released in 2019. With a more powerful engine, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission, a greater peak speed, and standard ABS, the 2022 Honda Monkey 125cc ABS is now available. The Monkey emanates tomfoolery and appeal in a small bundling, making it a #1 with both amateur riders and nostalgic riders searching for an excursion through a world of fond memories; its parentage dates to 1961 when the main form was used in a Honda-possessed Japanese event congregation called Tama Tech. A 5-speed gearbox (up from 4) has been added for 2022, as well as a more extensive scope of stuff proportions and a

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2022-Honda-Grom-125-micramoto (3)

2022 Honda Grom – Super Mini Moto Fun

A new engine with a greater 10:1 compression ratio boosts power and improves the bike’s nimble handling. Digital instruments have been updated. There’s also an extra gear in the transmission-now it’s a five-speed. A thicker, flatter seat is also available, which is more comfortable and better suited to taller riders. The Honda Grom’s new body panels, though, are the biggest news of all. They give the Grom a new aesthetic, and they’re simple to take off if you want to customize your ride. There’s also fuel injection, a larger gasoline tank, and optional anti-lock brakes. So, bring on the Gromance! It’s comfier, more powerful, more easily customized, and has an unrivaled enjoyment factor. What are the top features of the 2022 Honda Grom? FUEL-INJECTED 125cc

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