Honda CBR500R ABS Sportbike Riding

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This year, we have some huge news for our Honda CBR500R, as well as a long list of enhancements. The first is a whole new front end, based on a new Showa upside-down SFF-BP fork measuring 41mm. Next, the CBR500R now has radial-mount four-piston calipers and twin front disc brakes. The bike’s handling is much better thanks to new, lighter wheels and a lighter swingarm.

Its twin-cylinder engine revs effortlessly and delivers a lot of torque, while still allowing us to keep the bike small and agile. The full-coverage bodywork looks like it came straight off the racetrack this year, and it comes in two new colors: Grand Prix Red and Sword Silver Metallic. At this price range, there’s arguably never been a better sportbike, especially since the CBR500R comes equipped with anti-lock brakes.

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Close by motor changes, for example, overhauled fuel infusion settings and another lighter radiator, the undercarriage benefits from the expansion of Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD forks, double Nissin outspread mount two-cylinder calipers gnawing 296mm circles, lighter-weight 5-talked haggles swingarm – for worked on fast dealing with and slowing down. Weight inclination additionally moves partially forward for improved front tire hold and feel.

Styling is refreshed with another front curved guard, acquired from the CBR650R, and energetic aluminum footpegs are likewise now standard fit. As in the past, LCD highlight a Shift-Up and Gear-Position capacity and lighting is exceptional LED; the new front lamp, additionally acquired from the CBR650R, presently spreads a more extensive bar.

What is the engine displacement of the Honda CBR500R ABS?

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The engine displacement of the Honda CBR500R is 471cc.

The A2-licence compatible 471cc parallel twin-cylinder architecture of the 22YM CBR500R provides a well-proportioned combination of physical size and willing, pleasant power output, with a lively, high-revving character and zappy top end. It’s an engine whose overall performance and personality belie its tiny displacement. 35kW of peak power is provided at 8,600rpm, while 43Nm of torque is delivered at 6,500rpm.

CBR500R Engine 471cc / DOHC / Liquid-cool
Final drive/Transmission.



Wet, slipper-assist, multiplate





CBR500R Induction PGM-FI / Throttle body=34mm
CBR500R-Compression ratio 10.7/ 1.
The Valve Train Four valves/ Cylinder.

 The DOHC-Engine

The CBR500R’s engine is one of our greatest ever, and the Honda twins are known for their adaptability. The parallel twin gives approachable performance throughout all RPM levels because of its strong low-end horsepower and torque.

Exhaust in stainless steel

This finely cleaned tempered steel exhaust is integrated with the back footpeg set for a perfect, utilitarian plan and has a double outlet suppressor that you should hear for yourself. For greater mass centralization, the exhaust tucks in close (and consequently better handling).


PGM-FI constantly screens various elements to guarantee that the legitimate fuel combination is given for the ongoing riding and air conditions, bringing about a fresh choke reaction over a wide scope of riding. Fuel injectors that have been programmed boost power and torque in the middle.

Is the Honda CBR500OR a supersport-style motorcycle?


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With a low-drag coefficient and good cooling, the aerodynamic bodywork delivers substantial advantages in air management for increased rider comfort. All these features make it a perfect supersport styling. The aggressive style of the CBR500R is complemented by two outstanding color options (Grand Prix Red and Sword Silver Metallic), which maintain it at the forefront of the pack in terms of visual attractiveness.

What are the top highlighted features of the Honda CBR500R?


Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are standard on every CBR500R, allowing you to make assured stops in less-than-ideal situations.

Digital Instrumentation

A computerized speedometer and tachometer, as well as a clock, odometer, trip meter, continuous and normal fuel utilization meters, and lit motor symptomatic signs, are completely displayed on an LCD screen.

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Disc brakes

The CBR500R now has double front disc brakes. Twin four-piston radial-mount calipers hold the two 296mm discs. You receive powerful, consistent stopping force with the 240mm rear disc brake. For a precise fit, the front-brake lever may also be adjusted.

Headlights with LED

A set of strong LED headlights are fitted to the CBR500R. They’re small and light, yet they put off a lot of light and have a fashionable form. In addition, the design improves the engine’s intake airflow.

A Lighter Swingarm

The CBR500R receives a redesigned swingarm that is nearly two pounds lighter but just as sturdy as the previous generations. One of the reasons the Honda 500 series handles so well is because of this.

Lipper/assist clutch

The shoe/help grasp allows us to ease up the grip switch exertion by 45% contrasted with past frameworks, however, consequently secures tight, when you discharge it.

Smoother transmission

Our creators profiled the shift canines in the transmission to help you with getting smoother moves predictably. You will not at any point see these parts, yet you’ll feel their assets.

What is the seat height of the Honda CBR500R?

The seat height of the Honda CBR500R is 31.1 inches.

Chassis, suspension, brakes, and tires characteristics of Honda CBR500R ABS

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Quickly clear is a pristine front-end set-up. With the intention to elevate sports taking care of execution the 41mm adjustable forks of the past plan have been supplanted by Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks, braced by the new top and base burdens. By isolating the capacities – Big Piston pressure detachment damper in one leg, spring instrument in the other – response and ride quality are both moved along. The four-chamber CBR650R wears precisely the same set-up.

Frame: Diamond shape / Steel tube
Front suspension: 4.3 inches of travel / 41mm SFF-BP fork
Rare suspension: 4.7 inches of travel / Single shock PRO-LINK
Front tire: 120: 70r-17 / Aluminum five-spoke.
Rare tire: 160: 60r-17 / Aluminum five-spoke.
Front brake: 296mm / ABS / Four pistons
Rare brake: 240mm / ABS / Single-caliper

 Handling of Honda CBR500R

  • New-cast wheels

Solid and trendy, the CBR500R’s aluminum wheels include another five-talked plan this year that is lighter than our past wheels. That further develops dealing with and reduces wheel idleness as well.

  • Supportive of LINK® REAR SUSPENSION

The CBR500R highlights extraordinary shock settings for further developed ride solace. Its mind-boggling outline uses Honda Pro-Link® back suspension; the nine-stage adjustable preload and 4.7 downers of development give you a pleasing ride over little thumps, while capably immersing more prominent thumps to augment riding comfort and managing.

  • Frame made of steel tube

The edge of a motorbike Frame is the establishment for its taking care. With four mounts, the CBR500R’s jewel molded 35mm, steel-tube centralized server associates, with the motor, giving an unshakable base for improved riding and taking care.

  • Fork turned inside out

The upside-down fork on the CBR500R is perhaps the most important modification. The front end is substantially stiffer as a result of the inverted design, allowing for more accurate steering input and feedback. The fork is a 41mm Showa SFF-BP model, which is among the best in its class.

Dimensions of Honda CBR500R

Seat height 790mm /31.1 inches
Wheelbase. 1409.7mm/ 55.5 inches
Rake/ trail. 25.5/4 inches
Fuel-capacity. 4.5 gallons/ 17 L
Curb-weight. 423 pounds/ 192kg
Miles per gallon. 72 MPG

Is Honda CBR500R seat height comfortable for riding?

A stepped two-piece seat with a low height is available on the CBR500R. It’s ideal for comfortable riding about town or on twisting roads, and it has enough room for a passenger. It’s also built to accommodate a wide variety of riders.

Electronics and Instrumentation

Clock, Water Temp, Gear Position, Shift Up Indicator, LCD Meter with Speedometer, Bar Graph Tachometer, Dual Trip Meters, Fuel Level and Consumption Gauge, Clock, Water Temp, Shift Up Indicator.

Headlight and taillight: YES 


HISS (Honda Intelligent Security System).

What are the available colors for the Honda CBR500R ABS?

  1. Sword Silver-Metallic
  2. Grand Prix-Red

What is the price of the Honda CBR500R ABS? $7, 199

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