Honda CB500F Horsepower, Specs, and Images

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The Honda CB500F ABS naked bike is ideal for individuals who enjoy the dynamic look of a motorbike with minimum bodywork. For the new version, it receives an inverted 41mm Showa SFF-BP fork, much as the CB500X. It also features lighter wheels and dual front disc brakes with radial-mounted Nissin 4-piston calipers.

The curb weight has dropped from 4 pounds to 416 pounds. The CB500F ABS has a 31.1-inch seat height and a fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons. If there’s one bike in our portfolio that stands out in terms of flexibility and value, it has to be the CB500F. It’s always been a winning mix, resulting in a vehicle that’s equally at home on a daily commute as it is on a weekend getaway.

It has a smooth twin-cylinder engine that gets great mileage. A new 41mm Showa upside-down SFF-BP fork, twin front brake discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers, new, lighter wheels, and more are among the many modifications and additions this year. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) and a new color option, Matte Gray Metallic, are both standards. The Honda CB500F is a mid-size bike with colossal features.

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Key features of the Honda CB500F

CB500F DOHC Twin-Cylinder Engine

The Honda twins are known for their adaptability. This parallel twin gives approachable performance throughout all RPM levels, thanks to ample low-end horsepower and torque.

Is the Honda CB500F a good starter bike?

The Honda CB500F is small enough for a complete novice, but it’s still entertaining and capable for more experienced riders. Honda CB500F is a good starter bike. The twin-cylinder 500cc engine produces useful torque. Ergonomics are superb thanks to a comfortable, upright riding position and a step seat.

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Honda CB500F Programmed Fuel Injection

The injectors on the CB500F add to the bicycle’s expanded power yield in the crucial 3000-7000 RPM band. The PGM-FI on the bicycle continually screens numerous factors to guarantee that the right fuel blend is given for the ongoing riding and air conditions, bringing about fresh choke reactions in a wide scope of riding circumstances.

When you are on a Honda as soon as you climb on the CB500F and start the engine. Everything is easy to control with your hands and feet, regardless of your height (or lack thereof, as in my case), and the ’22 CB500F is no exception. Don’t be misled into thinking this is a simple, low-cost entry-level bike; every Honda bike has all of Honda’s knowledge and know-how, and it shows as soon as you start the CB. Everything works in unison and flatters you as a rider: the clutch is light and positive, the gear shift is seamless and quiet with no false neutrals, and the engine is free-revving and hungry.

Handling of Honda CB500F

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Ani-Lock Brake System (ABS) of Honda CB500F

Every CB500F comes with standard equipment to assist you to perform smoother, more controlled stops in less-than-ideal situations.

Upside-Down Fork of Honda CB500F

The upside-down fork on the CB500F is perhaps the most important modification. The front end is substantially more stiff as a result of the inverted design, allowing for more accurate steering input and feedback. The fork is a 41mm Showa SFF-BP model, which is among the best in its class.

What are the engine characteristics of the Honda CB500F?

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Engine DOHC / 471cc / Parallel-twin

Valve; 4/cylinder / Drive; O-Ring (Sealed-Chain)

Maximum Torque 43Nm/31.7 lb-ft/ 6500rpm.
Maximum Power 49.6bhp/35kW/ 8600rpm.
Cooling system Liquid-cool
Bore And Stroke 67mm and 66.8mm / 2.64 inches * 2.62 inches
induction PGM-FI
Ignition Electronic
Transmission Six-Speed.

 Style of Honda CB500F


When it comes to the CB500F, less is more. The CB500F is a motorbike with a slim, progressive styling that looks amazing while yet giving exceptional value and performance. This year’s new Matte Gray Metallic paint keeps things looking fresh.

Small Exhaust!

The exhaust framework on the CB500F has a twin-outlet suppressor and huge measurement pipes for additional power and an extraordinary exhaust clamor each time you ride.

Is Honda Equipped With Slipper Assist Clutch?

Yes, Honda CB500F is equipped with a slipper assist clutch. The slipper assist clutch grasp diminishes grip switch exertion by 45% while consequently securing tight when delivered.

Chassis, suspension, brakes, and tires features of Honda CB500F

  • Frame made of steel tube

The foundation for a motorcycle’s handling is the frame. The CB500F’s precious frame molded 35mm steel-tube centralized server connects to the engine through four mounts, offering an unshakable starting point for further developed riding and taking care.

  • New wheels made of cast steel

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The CB500F’s aluminum wheels are strong and attractive, with a new five-spoke design this year that is lighter than our previous wheels. This enhances handling while also reducing tire inertia.

  • Rear suspension with PRO-LINK®

A complicated undercarriage with Honda Pro-Link® back suspension, nine-stage flexible preload, 4.7 crawls of movement, and a huge measurement shock gives a smooth ride over little knocks while likewise retaining greater knocks for more noteworthy riding solace and taking care of.

  • Disc brakes

The CB500F now has double front disc brakes. Twin four-piston radial-mount calipers hold the two 296mm discs. You get powerful, consistent stopping power when you pair the front 240mm disc with it. For a precise fit, the front-brake lever may also be adjusted.

  • A light Swingarm

The swingarm of the CB500F is nearly two pounds lighter than the previous one, yet it’s just as sturdy. One of the reasons the Honda 500 series handles so well is because of this.

Chassis Features of Honda CB500F


Frame ·         Steel-diamond
Front ·         41mm/1.62 inches SFF-BP fork

·         4.3 inches/109.22mm of travel

Rare ·         Pro-Link, single shock

·         4.7 inches/ 119.40mm of travel

Tires (Radial):
Tires/Front ·         120: 70R-17
Tires/Rare ·         160: 60-17
Brakes/Front ·         ABS

·         296mm/ 11.66 inches

·         Four-Piston Twin Caliper

Brakes/Rare ·         ABS

·         240mm/ 9.45 inches

·         Single-caliper

 Headlight with Leads

The dual-lens LED headlamp on the CB500F offers the front-end a modern design while projecting enough light into the road for visibility.

Easy Transmission

The shift dogs in the transmission were profiled by our engineers to help you get smoother shifts every time. These pieces will never be seen, but their impacts will be felt.

Digital Instrumentation

A digital speedometer, tachometer, clock, odometer, trip meter, real-time and average fuel consumption meters, and lighted engine diagnostic indications are all shown on a contemporary, easy-to-read LCD screen.

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Is the Honda CB500F comfortable for riding?

Yes, the Honda CB500F is comfortable for riding because of the step-seat with low height and perfect passenger hand-holders.

Seat on the step

The CB500F features a low-height step seat. It’s ideal for riding about town or in the canyons, and it has enough room for a passenger. It’s also carefully built to accommodate a wide variety of riders.

Passenger handholds

Sturdy passenger handholds provide additional security for your passenger or serve as tie-down points for smaller things.

What is the seat height of the Honda CB500F?

The seat height of the Honda CB500F is 31.1 inches

Quick facts of Honda CB500F

  • The Honda CB500F has been put on a diet. With the 4.5-gallon gasoline tank full, it dropped four pounds to 416 pounds.
  • The front suspension of the Honda CB500F is handled by an inverted 41mm Showa SFF-BP fork. The Split Function Fork-Big Piston unit, although being non-adjustable, makes the most of the Honda engineer’s preset factory settings. The inverted fork also has less flex, so handling should be more accurate.
  • In the front, twin 296mm discs replace the single 320mm disc. Nissin’s four-piston calipers grab the discs in the rider’s direction. The calipers are now radially positioned for improved feel and power.
  • On the CB500F, there are new aluminum wheels that are lighter. The five-spoke configuration should make handling easier.
  • There’s a redesigned swingarm in the back that’s lighter without compromising stiffness. It was possible to save two pounds of unsprung weight.
  • The Honda CB500F ABS MSRP is $6699. The single-color option is Matte Gray Metallic.

What are the dimensions of the Honda CB500F?


Length 2080mm/ 81.88mm
Width 800mm/ 31.50mm
Height 1060mm/ 41.72mm
Caster angle/Rake 25.5 degree
Wheelbase 55.5 inches/ 1410mm
Trail 4 inches/ 101.6mm
Curb weight 416 pounds
Fuel capacity 4.5 gallons

 What are the available colors for the Honda CB500F?

The only available color for the Honda CB500F is Matte Gray Metallic.

What is the price of the Honda CB500F? $6, 699

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