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Can a Cafe Racer Go Off-Road? 9 Features Working Against It

Can a Cafe Racer Go Off-Road?

Cafe racers are not meant to go off-road mainly due to their crouched riding position, clinging onto a pair of low handlebars with pronounced pullback and negative height, both of which make you prone to flipping over every time you encounter even the slightest obstacles. Yes, the true adventure of a two-wheeler starts where the road ends, but these customized, classic lightweight standard motorcycles fall a bit short because they also lack the fenders, suspension, ground clearance, and tires for it. The truth is that cafe racers are purposefully built for urban street riding (but, personally, I wouldn’t choose to ride a cafe racer for more than 3 hours as aesthetics take precedence over comfort), emphasizing power, speed, and agility reminiscent of sport bikes, with

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How Cold is Too Cold to Ride a Street Bike?

Although it’s not so much of an issue for those in the southern antipodes, for those motorcyclists living in the northern hemisphere, the winter months are not a friend. Like the bear, most motorcyclists in the northern regions of the world go into hibernation over the winter months. While there will always be that one guy who rides at below-freezing temperatures, for most of us when the days start getting shorter, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to put the motorcycle away for another year. So, How Cold Is Too Cold to Ride a Street Bike? The General Rule There’s no hard and fast rule of when it’s too cold to ride a street bike motorcycle. To a large degree, it comes down to

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What is the Best Motorcycle Intercom?

Imagine riding with a passenger on your motorbike, but you are forced to shout or turn your head to communicate. Not only is it tiring, but you also risk your safety. Also, most times, when driving, you can’t focus clearly on the city GPS and still drive at the same time. So, you can easily get lost, especially when traversing a new city. While these are common occurrences among bikers, they shouldn’t be as there is a solution. Technological advancements have made our lives much easier, and the biking world hasn’t been left behind. The market has motorcycle intercom systems that make riding safer and enjoyable. Using these systems, you can listen to music, communicate with other riders, and even stay on track while riding

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Best Motovlogging Audio Recorders for a Professional

GoPro motorcycle helmet cameras have built-in microphones for capturing audio. They work practically well until it gets windy. In such a situation, you’ll need an external microphone to improve audio quality and add professionalism to your videos. Most external mics have synthetic fur covers—commonly known as a dead cat or wind muff—to help filter out the wind noise. You need a microphone connector to complete the setup. Already Know How to Set Up? Here Are Our Best Picks Motovlogging Audio Recorders Selection   Best Microphone Adapters Best External Microphones More of these are below, but first! What GoPro Cameras Accept External Microphones? Not all GoPros accept external mics. Here’s a quick roundup of the models that are compatible with external mics. HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black

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The Must-Have Adventure Riding Gear for Every Ride

When the rubber meets the dirt and branded kits drench in mud, that is when adventure riding gear looks its best. The best ADV riding gear is not designed on the factory floor but out in the wild where dirt, goat trail climbs, river crossings, and desert blizzards must be allowed to mold the garments for survival in the harsh wild. The market for ADV apparel is now booming, and there is no shortage of obscenely priced garments dubbed “adventure” that might be tempting to touch but wildly inappropriate for any type of adventure touring on a motorcycle. Of course, there are other brands out there who are making legit strong quality gear that is duly expensive but that does not mean you should break

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Can You Wear AirPods While Riding a Motorcycle? Here Is Your Answer!

Depending on your state laws, you can legally wear AirPods Pros or wear AirPods while riding a Motorcycle. The AirPod Pros are better since they cancel noise and have unique tips that keep them from falling out, but neither is ideal for riding a motorbike, at least not for every rider! Nothing beats riding the open roads with the wind screaming in your ears and the buzz of your engine beneath. However, excessive riding noise may be unpleasant and even dangerous. Many bikers use in-ear headphones like AirPods to solve this issue. If you have ever wondered if you could get a ticket for wearing earbuds, you are not alone. Is it Safe to Ride with AirPods? Our aim is not to discount the significance

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Where to Store Your Documents on a Motorcycle?

When you’re out on your motorcycle, there are a couple of documents that you need to carry with you at all times. These documents include your driver’s license, registration details, and proof of insurance. Although not compulsory, it’s a good idea to carry an emergency identification card with your details and an emergency contact in the case of an emergency. The thing is there aren’t too many places to put documents on a motorcycle. So Where to Store Your Documents on a Motorcycle? 1. Under the seat The most obvious place is under the seat, with a number of motorbikes having compartments built-in. Even if there is not one of these compartments, there is often a space beneath the seat where you can keep your

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What Is the Best Adventure Motorcycle?

The uptake of adventure motorcycles has seen exponential growth, a renaissance of its kind as the once-popular two-wheelers make their comeback. Manufacturers have responded by making even more lightweight machines (both in terms of actual bike weight & size of the engine) with the awesome power-to-weight ratio for a thrilling off-road experience. To help simplify this increasingly bursting segment, we highlight the best lightweight adventure motorcycles, in ascending pound weight figures: KTM 390 Adventure – 348.3 lbs./162 kgs BMW G 310 GS – 362 lbs./169.5 kgs Kawasaki Versys-X 300 ABS –9 lbs./175 kgs Royal Enfield Himalayan –7 lbs./199 kgs Honda CB500X ABS – 439 lbs./199.1 kgs More on the above awesome rides in a bit, but first let’s demystify adventure touring!  What Is the Best

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Best Lightweight Motorcycle For Touring On And Off-Road? 

When it comes to motorcycles, weight is a pretty important consideration, especially when you’re in the market for an on and off-road touring bike. There’s no denying that these bikes have been getting bigger and heavier over the last few years. High-performance power and torque come at a cost, like increased weight. There’s also been a trend towards accessorizing, with manufacturers adding features that, despite being cool, aren’t necessary and only add to the bike’s weight. A lightweight bike is more agile, accelerates faster, and generally handles and maneuvers better. Still, in the world of touring, it’s also important to consider the mileage and the luggage to be carried, which adds weight to the bike. It all comes down to balance. These Are Our Top

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