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How Do You Keep Pant Legs Down on a Motorcycle? Discover the 5 Ultimate Solutions

How Do I Keep Pant Legs Down on a Motorcycle?

Feeling the wind caress me is one of the perks of riding a motorcycle in fair weather. But while wind on my face is tolerable—even pleasant—at low speeds with my AGV AX-8 dual-sport helmet, cold air gushing up my pants is far from enjoyable. It can be downright annoying and even make me look funny with my pants sailing in the wind. Constantly having to stop and pull the legs down can also become a hazardous distraction. And so, I sought to answer the question: how do I keep pant legs down on a motorcycle? Besides tucking in, you can use boot straps, boot clips, or boot bands to effectively keep pant legs down on a motorcycle. I appreciate how affordable and convenient these options

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Can I Wear Regular Boots on a Motorcycle? Explore the Benefits of Proper Footwear and 4 Recommended Types for a Secure Ride

Can I Wear Regular Boots on a Motorcycle?

You’ve probably heard the mantra “All The Gear All The Time,” a wise saying that stresses the importance of donning the appropriate attire when cruising on your motorcycle. And don’t forget about your feet; being the closest to the ground, they deserve as much protection as your head and body. When you take an unexpected spill, proper footwear can make all the difference between keeping your toes intact or turning them into ground beef. Sandals and sneakers simply won’t cut it — they lack the grip and durability of motorcycle boots. Not to mention the lack of waterproofing, heat protection, and sturdy construction — a recipe for a disastrous ride, right? But fear not, you may be wondering, can I wear regular boots on a

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What Weather Is Too Cold to Ride a Motorcycle

What Weather Is Too Cold to Ride a Motorcycle?

Brace yourself for the ultimate showdown between man and machine in the battle against extreme temperatures! Yes, motorcycles can survive a wide range of temperatures. Some will even run at the most extreme high temperatures of 180-220 °F and cold temperatures of -25 to -34 °F if adequately tuned. But this doesn’t imply it’s safe to ride; your internal thermostat cannot match that temperature range, so worry more about pushing your limits than the bike. And this begs the question, what weather is too cold to ride a motorcycle?  Well, it’s simple—anything below 32°F (0°C or 273K) is considered too risky for a safe and enjoyable ride! You perhaps should avoid motorcycle riding when the temperature is below the freezing point of the water. During

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What Color Motorcycle Has the Most Accidents? Loud Colors Save Lives!

What Color Motorcycle Has the Most Accidents

This may sound strange, and trust me, it is! But colors speak to our thoughts and feelings in everyday experiences. And even affect the likelihood of being in an accident. Perhaps why free-spirited riders are so happy putting on a pomp and color show for their motorcycle exterior. Color psychology and associations are a part of how our brains work, and while it may be fun to express yourself with bright and varied colors, some are evidently safer than others. And so, the question inevitably arises — what color motorcycle has the most accidents? Black is the riskiest choice of color for a motorcycle due to visibility issues in low light and heat absorption in hot climates. But despite the fact that a black color

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What Is the Best Motorcycle for Rain? 3 That Won’t Slide

To answer the question what the best motorcycle for rain is. We first must ask best for what, for example best for traction, best for braking, or best for protection against the weather? There are many factors’ riders may consider. I prefer small to midsize motorcycles for riding in the rain due to their light weight and their horsepower.  In this article we will focus on the best bikes that won’t slide as much, which ones have good overall traction in the rain. However, some of these motorcycles were quite heavy and powerful, so for other reasons they might not be ideal for riding in the rain. It all depends on the rider’s experience and personal preference. Motorcycles require enough skill to ride in normal conditions, so imagine

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What Is the Hardest Motorcycle to Ride?

Motorcycles are fun vehicles to ride, although they can be hard sometimes. Some motorcycles are harder to ride than others, and some can just be downright dangerous. In this article, we will discuss some of the hardest motorcycles to ride and point out exactly what makes them hard. What is the hardest motorcycle to ride? The hardest “motorcycle” to ride is not actually a true motorcycle, it is the Honda ATC 250R all-terrain cycle. Some of the hardest true motorcycles to ride also include the Suzuki TM400, the Yamaha TZ750, the Suzuki TL 1000S, and the Honda CBR900RR Fireblade. What makes these motorcycles the hardest to ride is a combination of many factors, including their engines, their designs, and many others. If you want to learn more

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What CC Is Good for a Beginner Motorcycle? A 2-Minute Guide

So, you have decided you want to become a rider and you want to know what cc is good for a beginner motorcycle. Get a motorcycle and hit the open roads. Or you have just decided to invest in a ride that will not run you dry for gas every month or take hours of your life trying to find a space to park it. Either way, you have made a fantastic decision! Getting your first motorcycle can be as exciting as it is nerve-racking. There are so many models to choose from and, most importantly, so many speed options.  What CC is good for a beginner motorcycle? A good CC for a beginner motorcycle is anywhere under 600CC. Motorcycles that are under 600CC are

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How Much Does a Motorcycle Weigh Average Motorcycle Weights

How Much Does a Motorcycle Weigh?

How much does a motorcycle weigh? is the equivalent of asking how long is a piece of string? There is a multitude of factors that are likely to influence the answer. Regardless of the weight of the motorcycle, a degree of strength is necessary to ride a motorcycle successfully. Most people, after being trained and having practiced the basic skills associated with riding a motorbike, should have few difficulties. That said, if you’re someone who struggles with the weight of a wet towel, and given the current price of gas, it may be prudent to invest in a bus pass. Average Motorcycle Weights How much does a motorcycle weigh? The average motorcycle weighs between 400 and 500 pounds or 180 to 225 kilograms. This varies

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Tips for winterizing your bike - Do I Have to Winterize My Motorcycle

Do I Have to Winterize My Motorcycle?

As the days start getting longer, and the warm evening breeze starts to get a cold edge, it’s a sure sign, at least for those in the northern regions, that the green landscape is soon to become white. With the exception of those among us that relish these conditions, most of us will be starting to think about parking the bike up for the year (or whether a 6-month secondment to Florida is a possibility. This i when you ask yourself “Do I have to Winterize my Motorcycle now? When you’re new to motorcycles, it seems everyone has an opinion on whether you should winterize your motorcycle.  The problem is everyone’s opinion is different. So, what’s the definitive word, do I have to winterize my

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