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Tips for winterizing your bike - Do I Have to Winterize My Motorcycle

Do I Have to Winterize My Motorcycle?

As the days start getting longer, and the warm evening breeze starts to get a cold edge, it’s a sure sign, at least for those in the northern regions, that the green landscape is soon to become white. With the exception of those among us that relish these conditions, most of us will be starting to think about parking the bike up for the year (or whether a 6-month secondment to Florida is a possibility. This i when you ask yourself “Do I have to Winterize my Motorcycle now? When you’re new to motorcycles, it seems everyone has an opinion on whether you should winterize your motorcycle.  The problem is everyone’s opinion is different. So, what’s the definitive word, do I have to winterize my

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Is An Adventure Bike Good for Touring

Is An Adventure Bike Good for Touring?

Touring is one of the most rewarding experiences for motorcycle lovers. Going on these long adventures requires the perfect bike to provide comfort and quickly take on different grounds. The issue of the ideal motorcycle for touring has always been out of contention. I would say that an adventure bike is the best choice for traveling, but it is not always the case. Adventure motorcycles provide a more comfortable touring experience thanks to their design. They are versatile and have a better performance for long-distance traveling. And besides, if you don’t like particular aspects, you can easily customize them. Adventure motorcycles such as the 2022 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R have specific features which make them ideal for the most challenging terrains. These include long

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Is It Hard to Ride a Sport Bike

Is It Hard to Ride a Sport Bike? Unlock the Secrets with These Tips and Bikes

For the majority of people, owning a sport bike is a long-awaited dream come true. These road sportsters deliver supercar-level performance without costing more than a commuter. And the best part? Today’s models come with advanced rider aids, making them incredibly safe. You no longer need to be fearless or experienced to hit the road on these powerful two-wheelers. Yes, they’re in no way tame, but modern sport bikes are much more approachable. Yet the question still remains — is it hard to ride a sport bike? Yes, sport bikes are harder to ride because the riding position is much more cramped and compact than a standard motorcycle, resulting in discomfort for some riders, including wrist pain or a sore back. You’ll also have to

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Tools to Lift a Fallen Motorcycle

Tools to Lift a Fallen Motorcycle – Some Tips for You

Motorcycles are fun. The thrill you experience balancing on two wheels while cruising at over 100 miles per hour and taking turns and twists is mind-blowing. But then again, motorcycles fall off, and getting them up is difficult because they are heavy. It’s even more difficult if your motorcycle is loaded.  Most riders have mastered how to lift a fallen motorcycle but then think of what would happen if the rider is injured or the motorcycle is too heavy for them. Well, they could get help from well-wishers, but what if they were somewhere lonely? To ease the strain of solo motorcycle lifting, inventors have come up with tools to lift fallen motorcycles. Let’s have a look at these tools: There are two main tools

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Downshifting a Motorcycle 101

Motorcycles have a sequential gearbox, and by definition, you have to drop down a gear or two to make the most out of your bike’s power band at higher RPMs without everything feeling twitchy and gut-wrenching. Simply going fast and taking excessive risks are the hallmarks of a wannabe biker. In contrast, real proficient bikers have fast reaction time but calm and steady hands with exceptionally good mortal control of all limbs to keep everything smooth. But wait, there’s more! Get ready to learn about the technique that has the potential to improve both your bike’s longevity and your own safety. Downshifting a motorcycle can be done in three ways: First, clutchless shifting entails applying pressure to the gear selector to drop into the lower

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How Often Should I Start My Motorcycle in

How Often Should I Start My Motorcycle in Winter? Debunking Myths About Proper Off-Season Storage!

When winter comes around, Canadians know it’s motorsports season. Snowmobiles simulate the joy of riding motorcycles. Of course, there are snow conversion kits for motorcycles, but they can cost an arm and a leg, not to mention they are useless if you plan to commute in the city. The truth is — there are limits to what a motorcycle can do in cold weather and those limits are imposed only by the rider’s tolerance and skill. And so, inevitably, we reluctantly park-in our KTM in for the winter and hope it still runs come spring. This begs the thousand-dollar question, how often should I start my motorcycle in winter? Start and run your motorcycle for at least 15 to 30 minutes once a week during

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How Long Can a Motorcycle Sit Without Starting

How Long Can a Motorcycle Sit Without Starting?

Whether you are worried about resting your motorcycle for a couple of off-season months or want one that has been sitting for years, the thousand-dollar question is, will it run? Well, it obviously depends on each bike’s temperament, but there are limits that must not be broken, or just about any machine won’t run! And so, the question remains — how long can a motorcycle sit without starting? A motorcycle can generally sit idle for up to 4 weeks (a month) or so without any tweaks, but when properly winterized and stored in an ideal space, it can sit for between 90 days (one season) up to two years (24 months). The devil is always in the details, or in this case, the waiting. Let’s

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Motorcycle Slow Riding Techniques You Should Know

Do you find it hard to balance your motorcycle while riding slow? Do you experience weaving and wobbling? Do you find it hard to turn while slowly riding? If this sounds like something you are familiar with, then you are in the right place. First, let’s start by saying that speed creates stability because of the gyroscopic effect of the wheels. You lose stability as you reduce speed, but we can’t always be riding at speed. Sometimes, we must ride slowly at the traffic lights, on the busy streets, or even in the parking zones. However, riding slowly is not easy. It needs expertise. In this article, we will share some fantastic motorcycle slow riding techniques to help you figure out your riding skills fast.

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Obey traffic rules - Motorcycle Riding Tips

Motorcycle Riding Tips and Tricks

Motorcycle Riding Tips and Tricks Relating to Safety First and foremost, on your mind when riding should be safety. Here are some tips and tricks that will help to keep you safe on the road: 1. Take a Safety Course If you’re new to motorcycling or even if you’ve been around a while, the skills taught at most safety courses make them a worthy investment. For new riders, the courses teach the rules of the road, but for motorcyclists of all skill levels, they teach the best way to react in an unpredictable situation. 2. Check the Weather Before you head out on your motorcycle, check the weather. If the weather’s not looking promising, especially if heavy rain or snow is forecast, don’t be afraid

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