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10 Best Motorcycles for Heavy Riders According to Riding Mode: The Numbers That Matter

10 Best Motorcycles for Heavy Riders The Numbers That Matter

(The politically correct version of asking what are the best motorcycles for fat guys) Many individuals, including motorcyclists, may have concerns about their weight. The good news is that there is an exciting range of motorcycles available specifically designed to accommodate heavier riders, catering to different riding modes. Whether you prefer the heart-pounding speed of a screaming supersport, the agile performance of a sport or naked bike, the versatility of an adventure or dual sport model, the comfort of a sport touring bike, or the ruggedness of a dirt bike, there is a perfect fit for you that handles beautifully even with additional baggage. A small 300 or 400cc bike will get you moving, but riders with a heavier build (beginner or seasoned) need to

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Riding Motorcycles on Thailand’s Deadly (1)

Riding Motorcycles in Thailand – Deadly Roads

Riding motorcycles in Thailand is something that most people consider exciting, cool, romantic, adventurous, and convenient amongst other nice adjectives. However, there are some negative adjectives that people do not like to talk about even though they shouldn’t be ignored. The adjectives include lethal, dangerous, and deadly amongst others. More lives continue to be lost on the roads in Thailand and it’s time to talk about this menace. Here, we look at the facts and figures about how riding motorcycles in Thailand’s deadly roads can be life-threatening. Stats that Kill – Riding Motorcycles in Thailand Do you like riding a scooter or a motorcycle in Thailand? Statistics show that over three-quarters of road deaths involve riding motorcycles in Thailand. According to a recent survey by

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5 Things to Do With a Dropped Motorcycle

5 Things to Do with a Dropped Motorcycle

Dropping your motorcycle happens to every rider at least once, and while it can be embarrassing, it’s important to realize that a dropped motorcycle can cause damage to your bike. Before you get back on the bike, there are a few things that you should check out to ensure you’re going to be safe when you roll out again. 5 of The Most Common Ways to Do with a Dropped Motorcycle There is a number of ways to deal with a dropped motorcycle, but most can be avoided with a little thought. Understanding the ways, a bike can be dropped is key to avoiding these situations in the future. Five of the most common ways to drop a motorcycle are: 1. Ride a Bike That

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How to Use Biker Code Hand Signals on a Motorcycle

Best 6 Tips for When, Why, and How to Use Biker Code Hand Signals on a Motorcycle that Might Save Your Life!

Did you know that motorcycles manufactured before 1973 generally did not come equipped with turn signals? If you own one of these renegades, then you may also know that depending on your state, they may be exempted from the legal requirements to have blinkers. But how was grandpa able to survive a cruise through the instance streets at a time when crack use was at its peak and drivers of lesser finesse; or should we say the motor vehicle was not quite the intelligent computer rig on wheels we have today that can do all kinds of magic tricks to save a rider’s life! The answer is hand signals. The question is When, Why, and How to Use Biker Code Hand Signals on a Motorcycle?

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Tips for Riding Heavy Motorcycles

Tips for Riding Heavy Motorcycles

It’s somewhat of an irony that as many motorcycles get lighter, there are bikes out there that are heavier than ever before, there is a whole range of factors to consider when buying a motorbike, including the purpose for which you intend to use it and your riding style. Heavy bikes present many challenges, especially if you aren’t used to them. They perform differently and have different response times which means the way that you ride them is often different from a lightweight motorcycle. The following tips aim to help keep you safe on a heavier bike. Tips for Riding Heavy Motorcycles Master a Light Motorcycle First Heavy motorcycles are ideally suited to the open road, weaving in and out of traffic on a heavy

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how-cold-is-too-cold-to-ride-a-street-bike-micramoto (1)

How Cold is Too Cold to Ride a Street Bike?

Although it’s not so much of an issue for those in the southern antipodes, for those motorcyclists living in the northern hemisphere, the winter months are not a friend. Like the bear, most motorcyclists in the northern regions of the world go into hibernation over the winter months. While there will always be that one guy who rides at below-freezing temperatures, for most of us when the days start getting shorter, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to put the motorcycle away for another year. So, How Cold Is Too Cold to Ride a Street Bike? The General Rule There’s no hard and fast rule of when it’s too cold to ride a street bike motorcycle. To a large degree, it comes down to

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What-is-the-Best-Motorcycle-Intercom-micramoto (1)

What is the Best Motorcycle Intercom?

Imagine riding with a passenger on your motorbike, but you are forced to shout or turn your head to communicate. Not only is it tiring, but you also risk your safety. Also, most times, when driving, you can’t focus clearly on the city GPS and still drive at the same time. So, you can easily get lost, especially when traversing a new city. While these are common occurrences among bikers, they shouldn’t be as there is a solution. Technological advancements have made our lives much easier, and the biking world hasn’t been left behind. The market has motorcycle intercom systems that make riding safer and enjoyable. Using these systems, you can listen to music, communicate with other riders, and even stay on track while riding

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How-to-Handle-a-Heavy-Motorcycle-micramoto (1)

How to Handle a Heavy Motorcycle?

Many new riders often ask about how to handle a heavy motorcycle. In 2019, 5014 motorists lost their lives to motorcycle crashes. 30% 0f these did not hold valid licenses. Studies also indicate that most accidents involved cruisers which are relatively heavy motorcycles. We have been handling all kinds of motorcycles for over three decades, and we are aware of the challenges that come with different types of bikes. Handling a heavy motorcycle requires practice on the clutch, throttle, and brakes. Skills in stopping, turning, steering, braking, and parking are critical. The positioning of your body on the bike also affects your ability to control the bike and safety. Heavy bikes are superior to lighter ones as they have more features. If you are experiencing

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The Right of Way Rules

The rules relating to the right of way determine who has to give way and who has right of way on the road. If you’ve got a car or motorcycle license then you must have learned them to pass. But like all things memories fade and it never hurts to brush up on the basics. So, here is a quick refresher on the right of way rules. Right-of-way rules help to ensure the free flow of traffic. It’s the concept that governs how vehicles move on the roads and who yields in different scenarios. The right of way rules helps ensure that those using the road act consistently. Whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle, the right of way rules applies to you.

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