What Is the Hardest Motorcycle to Ride?

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Motorcycles are fun vehicles to ride, although they can be hard sometimes. Some motorcycles are harder to ride than others, and some can just be downright dangerous. In this article, we will discuss some of the hardest motorcycles to ride and point out exactly what makes them hard.

What is the hardest motorcycle to ride? The hardest “motorcycle” to ride is not actually a true motorcycle, it is the Honda ATC 250R all-terrain cycle. Some of the hardest true motorcycles to ride also include the Suzuki TM400, the Yamaha TZ750, the Suzuki TL 1000S, and the Honda CBR900RR Fireblade.

What makes these motorcycles the hardest to ride is a combination of many factors, including their engines, their designs, and many others. If you want to learn more about these motorcycles, keep reading. 

What Is the Hardest Motorcycle to Ride?

motorcycle accident

Plenty of motorcycles on the market are harder to ride than others, especially for beginner riders.

Some motorcycles have even been taken off the market due to how hard or dangerous they were to ride. Even the most experienced riders could not handle some of these motorcycles.

The absolute hardest motorcycle to ride was the Honda ATC 250R. This motorcycle has been taken off the market and labeled as dangerous as it was simply too fast and unsafe for motorcyclists of any skill level to ride

We will discuss just how dangerous it is below.

The 5 Hardest Motorcycles to Ride

We have come up with a list of 5 of the hardest motorcycles to ride, some of which have been taken off the market because they were so dangerous. 

List of the hardest motorcycles to ride:

  1. Honda ATC 250R (ATV ATC all terrain cycle, all-terrain vehicle)
  2. Suzuki TM400
  3. Yamaha TZ750 Flat Tracker
  4. Honda CBR900RR Fireblade
  5. Suzuki TL 1000S

What Makes (or Made) Them the Hardest Motorcycles to Ride?

There are several reasons why each of these motorcycles is so hard to ride. Whether or not they have been taken off the market, riders have issued their complaints and opted for more desirable and safe vehicles.

So, let’s take a closer look at what makes (or made) each of these motorcycles hard to ride.

1. Honda ATC 250R (all-terrain cycle)

the Honda ATC 250 R is probably the hardest motorcycle to ride

The hardest “cycle” to ride of all is the Honda ATC 250R which is not a true motorcycle but a three wheeled all-terrain cycle. There are two main reasons why this bike made it to the top of our list. 

The first reason that made this bike dangerous was how badly it turned. Usually, when riders were riding this bike, they would often crash while taking corners.

Honda noticed how dangerous this motorcycle was and immediately took it off the market. It was simply too dangerous for anyone to ride, regardless of how good they were at riding and controlling motorcycles.

The second reason this motorcycle was so dangerous to ride was that it was advertised as a toy for teens. These three wheeled cycles were already hard enough for adults, so advertising it for teenagers worsened things. 

2. Suzuki TM400

Suzuki TM400

The Suzuki TM400 is another example of one of the hardest motorcycles to ride. 

The main reason this bike is too hard to ride is that it simply has too much power. Its rudimentary frame and suspension were too much for any motorcyclist to handle, whether they were experienced or not.

3. Yamaha TZ750 Flat Tracker

Yamaha TZ750 Flat Tracker

The Yamaha TZ750 Flat Tracker was a custom fabricated racing motorcycle produced in the mid ’70s. The motorcycle became famous, or more accurately, infamous on Saturday, August 23, 1975, when defending flat track champion Kenny Roberts Road, a custom-made Yamaha TZ750 Flat Tracker to victory at the first mild event at Indianapolis.   Kenny is quoted as saying after the events ““The first time I came out of Turn 4 on the first lap, I moved on the handlebars to get some grip and the thing jumped into the air. And I damn near looped it! I thought holy shit, this thing is going to hurt me if I don’t pay attention. From that point on I paid a little bit more attention.”   

This motorcycle was so dangerous because it could generate 125 horsepower from 2 strokes and had no front brakes. These gave racers almost no control over their bikes. In fact, the motorcycle was so difficult to ride and dangerous that the American motorcyclist Association voted to ban it from competition only a few months after its debut.

4. Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

The Honda CBR900RR Fireblade was actually one of the most popular motorcycles in the ’90s.  It was different from most bikes because of how lightweight it was, yet just as powerful as many other heavy bikes. 

There were some downsides to having this much power, though. When this motorcycle came out, it did not have as many electronic aids as the ones that come out now. So, riding this bike was fatal in the hands of someone who did not know what they were doing.

5. Suzuki TL1000S

Suzuki TL1000S

Suzuki wanted to be creative when they made this motorcycle. 

Motorcycles usually have coil-over, but instead, the Suzuki TL1000S was made with a rotary damper with pushrods and a separate spring. 

These new features made this bike rather dangerous because they caused the oil to overheat when the bike was used frequently. They also caused tight bends, and the rear weakened quickly. 

What Is the Easiest Type of Motorcycle to Ride?

If you are a beginner rider, you are looking for the easiest type of motorcycle to ride. 

There are several types of motorcycles to choose from, including standard, cruiser, sport bike, touring, sport touring, dual sport, scooter, moped, and off-road.

The type of motorcycle that beginners usually go for is standard. This type of motorcycle usually has a straightforward design and is a common favorite among many. It has from 125cc to up as high as 1,000cc. It can also fit a bag and has comfortable types of seats that you can change to your liking.

This type also does not usually come with a large front fairing, if any. It is also usually either rearward-reclining or very forward-leaning, which makes it so much easier for beginners to learn. Not only that, but the seat height is at the perfect position for all types of riders.

An excellent choice for a standard motorcycle would be the Yamaha SR400. This motorcycle has all the basic features you will need but is still sturdy, fast, and, most importantly, safe. It is also not too big for a beginner to use and not too small for a more experienced rider.

Mopeds are also one of the easiest types of motorcycles to learn. That is because they have lighter frames and are more based on bicycles. 

They also contain a small engine, about 50cc or less, which makes them easy to control. But, of course, you could also find an electric motor instead.

They are lightweight and have limited power but are easy to control if you are looking for a casual motorcycle to ride. They do not have fairings that block the wind or weather, but with their speed, a Moped is easy to control.

Many brands do not often make authentic mopeds, so make sure you look for a real type of moped. We recommend the Titan 50, which is a great type of bike for beginners with a 50cc engine. It has little storage but is safe and easy to ride.

What Is the Hardest Type of Motorcycle to Ride?

When it comes to the hardest type of bike to ride, we would say the sport bike ranks highest. 

The reason for that is that sports bikes are usually made for speed and agility and have forward-leaning ergonomics, which can make it hard for beginner riders to handle.

Something that makes this type of motorcycle stand out is its weight. This type of bike is usually very lightweight. It is made of aluminum and other materials that are light enough to make it easy for bikers to maneuver quickly. More advanced bikers might see this as an advantage.

Another thing that makes this type of bike the hardest to ride is the seat height. The seat height is usually higher, and that is to allow experienced riders to lean smoothly without scrapping the bottom of their bike.

This type of bike can be hard for most people, but we recommend the Suzuki GSXR600. This bike is powerful enough to do what you want it to do. In addition, it has some advanced accessories that advanced bikers will appreciate.  

Another type of bike that can be considered one of the hardest is touring. This type of bike is larger than many types of bikes and offers large storage space. 

It also contains a larger engine, which is perfect for highways and long journeys. For this type, we recommend wearing extra protective gear and clothing to ensure your safety since you would be driving your bike at really high speeds.

We recommend checking out products by AVG Sport, as they offer the best motorcycle gear that will keep you protected throughout your entire journey on those sturdier, faster bikes.

Related Questions

What Type of Motorcycles Have the Most Accidents?

Cruisers have the most accidents. About half of the motorcycles that you see on the road are classified as cruisers. This explains why cruisers have the most accidents. Another reason may be that motorcyclists who ride cruisers are often what is referred to as Sunday riders and have less experience. Unfortunately, cruiser writers usually wear less protective gear, which makes them more prone to injury from motorcycle accidents.

What Is the Fastest Motorcycle?

At 226.50 mph (364.4 km/h) the Kawasaki Ninja H2R is considered one of the fastest motorcycles in the world, if not the fastest. It has 998cc, a 16-valve engine, four strokes, a double overhead camshaft, and so much more. This bike is used by experienced riders and should not be used by beginner riders due to its extreme power.


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