Best Beginner Motorcycles For Women 400cc And Under

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Just like everything else that we learn to do in life, learning how to ride a motorcycle is also one of them. Thankfully, manufacturers know how to please the consumers by creating motorcycles that are also the best beginner motorcycles for women.

With technology growing at a high rate and manufacturers creating many more girls’ motorcycles, every skill set will be able to continue to enjoy a nice bike ride down the highway.

Best Beginner Motorcycles For Women 400cc And Under

1. Kawasaki KLX250S


The Kawasaki KLX250S is another one of the best starter bikes for girls that has a 249cc displacement that is powered by a 4-stroke, DOHC engine that is liquid-cooled.

Kawasaki’s KLX250S is a staple and is capable of turning an owner into a lifetime Kawasaki rider. Being a dual-sport allows beginners to remain adventurous as they ride. It is less than 300lbs and can legally kick up the mud, get washed, and then enjoy a night on the town.

The rider will also love that the bike does not shudder as compared to the many other sportbikes.

Brand: Kawasaki KLX 250S
Peak Horsepower: 24 crank hp
Seat height: 35.0 in
Wheel size: 80/100-21 (110/70-17 on the SF version)
Wheel size: 100/100-18 (130/70-17 on the SF version)
Top speed: 85 mph
Weight: 304 lbs wet weight
Crank Torque: 15 lbs-ft
Price: $5,399/$5,599 (camo)

2. Honda CB300R

2021-Honda-CB300R-ladies-riders-micramoto The Honda CB300R pumps out 286cc from its single-cylinder with ease and can glide down the road easily thanks to its suspension from Showa. As you ride, you’ll notice how receptive the bike is while steering. With acceleration, its 286cc’s give you a confident ride whether it be on the highway or through the countryside.

The design of the CB300R now allows every rider, including the newbie, the capability of growing and becoming a part of the bike so as to be one while riding. This will let them be seen as a more experienced rider despite the fact.

Brand: Honda CB300R
Anti-Lock brakes: ABS (2021 Version)
Peak Horsepower: 30.5 horsepower at 8,500 RPM
Seat height: 799 mm (31.5 in)
Wheel size: Front:-431.8 mm,
Wheel size: Rear:-431.8 mm
Fuel consumption: 10 L (2.2 imp gal; 2.6 US gal)
Top speed: 90 mph
Weight: 143 kg (315 lb) (claimed) (wet)
Torque: 27.5 N⋅m (20.3 lbf⋅ft) @ 7,500 rpm (claimed) 25.38 N⋅m (18.72 lbf⋅ft) @ 6,550 rpm (rear wheel)
Price: The CB300R was available in the U.S. for $4,649, and the ABS version was $4,949

3. KTM 390 Duke


The 390 Duke from KTM provides a nice displacement of 313cc from a single-cylinder engine. If you are familiar with KTM, then obtaining a 390 Duke will be right up your alley. The torque is lower and it’s designed for riding upright.

The KTM brand is well-known for its high amount of efficiency, which makes them perfect for the beginner and all the way to advanced motorcycle riders.

Brand: Bajaj Auto and KTM
Anti-Lock brakes: Yes
Peak Horsepower: 32 kW (43 hp) @ 9,500 rpm (claimed) 30.04 kW (40.29 hp) @ 9,600 rpm
Seat height: 800 mm (31 in)
Wheel size: Metzeler Sportec M5 17-110/70 x 17-150/60
Wheel size: Front:-431.8 mm, Rear:-431.8 mm
Fuel consumption: 4.7 L/100 km; 50 mpg‑US (60 mpg‑imp)
Top speed: 174–182 km/h (108–113 mph)
Weight: 139 kg (306 lb) (claimed) (dry): 154 kg (340 lb) (claimed); 153 kg (338 lb); (wet)
Torque: 35 N⋅m (26 ft⋅lb) @ 7250 rpm (claimed) 32.92 N⋅m (24.28 ft⋅lb) @ 7,000 rpm
Price: $5,499.

4. Kawasaki Z400


The Kawasaki Z400 displaces 399cc of power via its parallel twin and beginning female riders will love how addictive the ride can really be. It does have competition from Honda, but as long as you are a dedicated Kawasaki rider, you won’t have to worry about which brand is better because this is the best first motorcycle for ladies.

Brand: Kawasaki Z400
Anti-Lock brakes: Yes
Peak Horsepower: 44.8bhp (33.4kW) @10000
Seat height: 785 mm (30.9 in)
Wheel size: Front:-431.8 mm,
Wheel size: Rear:-431.8 mm
Fuel consumption: 73 mpg (tested)
Top speed: 100+mph
Weight: 168 Kg
Torque: 28ft-lb (38Nm) @ 8000rpm
Price: From £4999 (£5499 as tested)

5. Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha-MT-03-Black-micramoto The Yamaha MT-03 provides a Parallel twin that puts out 321cc of power. Although the US market had yet to obtain an MT model, the introduction of the MT-03 was a great relief for riders. 

Now, you just need to get out there and find yourself one to learn so that you can enjoy all of the torque it has to offer in terms of being one of the best beginner motorcycles for women.

Brand: Yamaha MT 03
Anti-Lock brakes: Yes
Peak Horsepower: 41.4bhp (31kW) @ 10750rpm
Seat height: 780 mm
Wheel size: Front:-431.8 mm,
Wheel size: Rear:-431.8 mm
Fuel consumption: 93 g/km  (CO2 emission)
Top speed: 180 km/hr
Weight: 168 KG
Torque: 21.8ft-lb (29.6Nm) @ 9000rpm
Price: £4999

6. BMW G310GS

bmw-g-310-gs-black-yellow-micramoto The BMW G310GS is a single-cylinder bike that provides a 313cc displacement. It also will not take away from its capability or design. Plus, with a great warranty, it is able to pay for itself if a beginner needs to take it in for repair more often than not.

With that, the bike is able to perform soundly and gives a great start if you plan to advance to their R1250GS model.

Brand: BMW Motorrad, TVS Motor Company
Anti-Lock brakes: The G310GS comes equipped with a switchable 2-channel BMW Motorrad ABS
Peak Horsepower: 33.5 bhp @ 9,250 rpm
Seat height: 1230 mm
Wheel size: 19-inch front
Wheel size: 17 inch rare
Fuel consumption: 65mpg
Top speed: 143 Km/ph
Weight: 169.5 Kg
Torque: 28 Nm @ 7,500 rpm
Price: The G 310 GS starts at $5,695, while the older G 310 R has a lower price tag of $4,750.

7. Yamaha YZF-R3


With the Yamaha YZF-R3, its 321cc displacement from the parallel-twin boosts out a lot of power. With many great bikes on the market for beginners, you may end up falling in love with this one. You will easily enjoy this ride thanks in part to its suspension and the comfortable position that the rider sits in.

The YZF-R3 is another great learning tool and is one of the best first motorcycles for ladies that will have them mastering track turns in no time flat.

Brand: Yamaha YZF-R3
Anti-Lock brakes: Yes
Peak Horsepower: 42 hp
Seat height: 780 mm
Wheel size: Front:-431.8 mm
Wheel size: ,Rear :-431.8 mm
Fuel consumption: 4.2–4.9 L/100 km; 67–58 mpg‑imp (56–48 mpg‑US)
Top speed: 180 km/h (110 mph) (Estimated) 166 km/h (103 mph)
Weight: 167 kg (368 lb) (wet)
Torque: 21.8 lb⋅ft (29.6 N⋅m) @ 9,000 rpm (claimed) 19.8 lb⋅ft (26.8 N⋅m) @ 9,100 rpm (rear wheel)
Price: $4999 MSRP.

$5299 MSRP

8. Suzuki GW250


Suzuki’s GW250 has a 248cc displacement that’s powered by SOHC, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that allows this beginner’s bike to perform with style and grace. The GW250 incorporates a low seat that is beyond comfortable. It is also a manageable bike that makes it one of the best beginner motorcycles for women riders.

Being a forgivable bike, the GW250 provides a sleek appearance with a good amount of quickness. The beginner will also love that they can easily learn shifting due to it being a 6-speed transmission.

Brand: Suzuki GW250
Peak Horsepower: 21.2 hp at 8,200 RPM
Seat height: 78 cm
Wheel size: Front: 110/80-17M/C 57H.)
Wheel size: Rear: 140/70-17M/C 66H (Both IRC
Fuel consumption: 3.8 L/100 km / 26 km/l / 62 US mpg / 74 Imp mpg
Top speed: 75 mph
Weight: 170 kg (374.8 lb) (dry)
Torque: 14.8 foot-pounds of torque at 6,600 RPM
Price: $4,099

9. Hyosung GT250


With a 249cc displacement and V-twin, 8-valve, 4-stroke engine, the GT250 makes you think that it should have a higher displacement. However, looks are not everything when it comes to the best starter bike for girls.

As one of the top beginner bikes, the GT250 from Hyosung provides dual braking in the front. Although it performs like a 600, it is a lot slower, which allows it to be a great teaching tool for beginners. The GT250 is quick and light and is a more lenient model as compared to the other Hyosung models.

Brand: Hyosung GT250
Anti-Lock brakes: Yes
Peak Horsepower: 28 bhp (21 kW)
32.1 hp (23.9 kW) @ 10,500 RPM
Seat height: 780 mm (31 in)
Wheel size: Front: 110/70-17 54H
Wheel size: Rear: 150/60-17 69H
Fuel consumption: 3.8 L/100 km; 74 mpg‑imp (62 mpg‑US)
Top speed: 180 km/h (110 mph)
Weight: 188 kg (414 lb) (claimed) (dry); 187.7 kg (414 lb) (wet)
Torque: 16.7 lb⋅ft (22.6 N⋅m) @ 8000 rpm (claimed)
Price: $4,199.

10. Suzuki DR 200


The DR 200 from Suzuki provides a 199cc displacement powered by an OHC, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine. With a new design, DR 200 has become a great offering for women as one of the top motorcycles for women.

It remains reliable and tries hard to copy what its RM-Z is capable of doing. With a newly designed seat, every beginner rider will enjoy the comfort as they make their ride.

Brand: Suzuki DR200
Anti-Lock brakes: NO
Peak Horsepower: 20 HP @ 8500 RPM
Seat height: 81 cm
Tire: 70/100-21 M/C 44P, tube type
Tire: 100/90-18 M/C 56P, tube type
Fuel consumption: 88 mpg
Top speed: 70 mph
Weight: 249 lb (113 kg) (dry); 276 lb (125 kg) (wet)
Torque: 13.3 ft-lbs @ 7000 RPM
Price: $4649

11. Yamaha SR400


Yamaha’s SR400 provides a 399cc displacement than its air-cooled, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine is able to provide.

When Yamaha went to the drawing board they listened to what the consumer suggested for girls’ motorcycles. With 399cc, the SR400 is gorgeous in all of its styles. Along with its kick start capability, it is also fuel-injected for a faster get up and go.

The Yamaha SR400 is what every new beginning rider should be riding if they are looking for a classic feel but minus all of the mechanical failures.

Brand: Yamaha SR400
Peak Horsepower: SR500: 23.5 kW (31.5 hp) @ 6,500 rpm
Seat height: 810 mm
Tire: F: 3.50-19 or 3.50-18
Tire: R: 4.00-18
Fuel consumption: 4.8 L/100 km (59 mpg‑imp; 49 mpg‑US)
Top speed: SR500: 146 km/h (91 mph)
Weight: 158 kg
Torque: SR500: 36.3 N⋅m (26.8 lbf⋅ft) @ 5,500 RPM


When it comes to determining the top beginner bikes, the list can seem long. However, when you break down each of their capabilities, you will be able to determine the best to suit your needs.

Not only does the engine size or displacement play a deciding factor, but the individual rider’s preferences as well. The best beginner motorcycles for women will suit the preferences perfectly so you just need to enjoy the ride.

About the author:  Michael Parrotte was the Vice President of AGV Helmets America, and a consultant for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, Sparx Helmets. In addition, he is the founder and owner of AGV Sports Group.

About the Author:

About the Author:

Michael Parrotte began his illustrious career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the U.S. market. He then went on to become the Vice President of AGV Helmets America for 25 years, during which time he also consulted for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. And for over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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