Honda CB500X Vibration

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The Honda CB500X Vibration, which appeared with the exposed CB500F and completely faired CBR500R in 2013, adds hybrid experience pizazz to Honda’s tomfoolery shone twin-chamber ‘light middleweight’ threesome in 2013. A motorbike discreetly continues ahead of being extraordinarily proficient and adaptable for a wide scope of riders.

The CB500X’s utility depends on a straightforward equation: a peppy, all-around respected twin-cylinder engine that produces genuine force, drives from low rpm, and fires up hardtop, joined with a frame that gives a remarkably agreeable ride both around and on the open street, all enveloped with unmistakable experience styling.

Vibrations above about 60mph mainly come through bars but generally quite buzzy all around. Your crashbars are the biggest problem of vibrations, that’s why Honda make their OEM ones with soft GUM mounting. Drop Your shit rails from this bike and drive. There would be any of vibrations. Aftermarket shit is too stiff with totally bad mounting points.

For everyone who is getting lots of vibration and can’t physically handle it for an extended time try adding a throttle lock if you’ve already added anti vibration risers and grips. With a throttle lock you can give your hand a very nice break on the straight stretches of road which helps tremendously. Basically, loosen the bolts of the crash guard. Run the engine for 2 minutes. Tighten the bolts from front to back. By the way, the bike must be on center stand or paddock stand.

 It easily advances from short-bounce suburbanite to end-of-the-week sightseer mode. Long travel suspension smoothes out obstacles, while expansive handlebars give influence, and an upstanding riding position gives solace and a wide field of view for the rider. To put it another way, the CB500X is a genuine all-rounder in every sign of the world.

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Quick Facts of Honda CB500X

  1. The construction quality is excellent.
  2. Equipped with all essential features
  3. Excellent Ergonomics
  4. The Riding Experience Is Improved by Sharp Brakes
  5. Highways are a place where it feels at ease.
  6. Riding in the City Is Simple
  7. This Motorcycle Doesn’t Shine Off-Road
  8. It Has Among the Best Fuel Efficiency in the Segment
  9. The Gearbox Is Sleek and Smooth
  10. The Parallel Twin Engine Produces Enough Grunt for Quick Overtakes

Honda has always been committed to attracting new riders to the sport, as seen by the CB500 series of motorcycles. The naked CB500F, completely faired CBR500R, and adventure-styled 500X are the three bikes featured here. It’s easy to argue that the CB500X is the most practical and adaptable of the bunch.

The “light-middleweight” explorer has an upright riding posture, a tall and protective windscreen, dual 296mm disc brake configuration upfront (with standard ABS), adventure-oriented wheel sizes (19-inch front and 17-inch rear), dual-purpose-style tires, and a tractable parallel-twin engine.

What Are the Engine Features of the Honda CB500X?

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The liquid-cooled 471cc parallel-Twin with PGM-FI and DOHC with four valves per cylinder powers Honda’s middleweight adventure bike. The CB500X ABS loses 5 pounds in weight owing to a lighter front wheel and swingarm (curb weight is 439 pounds). A new inverted 41mm SFF-BP fork and twin front disc brakes are among the other modifications.

Twin-cylinder Engine

The CB500X has a 471cc fluid cooled equal twin motor that produces bunches of force and force in the center. It observes the right blend of what a medium-sized bike motor ought to be: light, flimsy, and strong.

PGM-fi Fuel-Injection

The injector bodies help the CB500X in delivering considerably more pull. The PGM-FI on the bicycle continually screens numerous factors to guarantee that the right fuel combination is given for the ongoing riding and air conditions, bringing about fresh choke reactions in a wide scope of riding circumstances.

Clutch with Slipper-Assist

When contrasted with before frameworks, the shoe/help grasp permits us to decrease grip switch exertion by 45% while yet securing tight when delivered.

Honda CB500X Engine-Characteristics

Model CB500X
CB500X Engine:
  • Displacement is 471cc/ 28.7 cu-in.
  • Parallel-Twin
  • Liquid-Cooled
  • Valvetrain: DOHC
  • Valves: 4/Cylinder
  • Wet-multiplate cultch
The Induction: PGM-F1 / 34mm long / Throttle Body
CB500X Bore-Stroke: 67mm * 66.8mm
CB500X-Compression Ratio: 10.7/1
Ignition-Type: Electronically advanced computer-controlled digital transistorized
Transmission-type: 6-Speed / Number: 520 / O-Ring, 15T/41T


The CB500X comes included with ANTI-LOCK BRAKES ABS, which assists you with making smoother, more controlled stops under ideal riding circumstances.


On the CB500X dual mufflers, we supplied the muffler. It’s a minor detail, but it’ll bring a grin to your face every time you ride.

Key Handling Features of Honda CB500X

Fork Turned Inside Out

The CB500X’s long-travel upside-down fork is perhaps the most important modification. The front end is substantially stiffer as a result of the inverted design, allowing for more accurate steering input and feedback. The fork is a 41mm Showa SFF-BP model, which is among the best in its class.

Transmission That is Easier to Use

To assist you to make smoother shifts every time. These pieces will never be seen, but their impact will be felt.

Frame Made of Steel Tube

The casing of a motorbike is the establishment for its dealing with. The precious stone-formed steel-tube centralized server of the CB500X is associated with the motor by four mounts, giving an unshakable premise to improved riding and taking care. It likewise assists with making sense of the CB500X’s 7.1-inch ground freedom.

Disc Brakes 

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The CB500X now has double front disc brakes. Twin calipers hold the two 296mm discs in place. You receive powerful, consistent stopping force with the 240mm rear disc brake. For a precise fit, the front-brake lever may also be adjusted.

Rear Suspension with Pro-Link®

A refined frame with Honda Pro-Link® back suspension consolidates a shock with nine-stage movable spring preload and 5.3 creeps of movement for a smooth ride over minuscule knocks while additionally equipped for engrossing bigger knocks for further developed riding solace and taking care of. Internals with enormous breadths are utilized in the safeguard for much more noteworthy hosing and a smoother ride.

A Lighter Swingarm

The CB500X receives a redesigned swingarm that is nearly two pounds lighter but just as sturdy as the previous generations. One of the reasons the Honda 500 series handles so well is because of this.

Chassis and Suspension Features of Honda CB500X

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USD forks with a 41mm Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) – Nissin two-cylinder calipers are matched with new twin 296mm circles. – New front haggle that are lighter in weight – Improved high/low pillar and position lights LEDs in the headlights The CB500X’s 35mm breadth steel jewel tube centralized computer has an adjusted level of yield that conveys adequate of contribution to the rider as street surfaces fluctuate. It’s light, durable, and unaltered for the new model.

Vibration is additionally diminished by the plan and position of the motor mounts, as well as the solidness equilibrium of the casing. A brand-new front-end setup is immediately noticeable. The previous design’s 41mm telescopic forks have been replaced with spring preload-adjustable forks to improve all-around handling performance. New top and base burdens brace Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks with 135mm pivot travel (150mm pad stroke).

The responsiveness and ride quality are both upgraded by isolating the capacities – Big Piston pressure partition damper in one leg, and spring system in the other. With its enormous measurement cylinder and 135mm hub travel (60mm pad stroke), the single-tube back safeguard (found on bigger limit sports bicycles) guarantees superb reaction and temperature on the board; it additionally includes a 5-stage preload change and recently improved spring rate and damping settings.

Chassis Features

Front-suspension: Travel: 5.2 inches / Fork: 41mm
Rare suspension: Travel: 5.3 inches / Pro-Link

Single shock / Nine-position adjustable spring

Wheel-type: Multi-spoke Aluminum
Front-tire: 110: 80-19
Rare tire: 160: 60-17
Front-brake: Two-piston / 296mm/11.66 inches / ABS: 2-Channel
Rare brake: 240mm/9.45 inches / Disc / ABS: 2-Channel

The revised, lighter swingarm improves handling even further. It now uses a hollow cross member and is firmer rotationally and more flexible laterally to enhance handling. It is now made of 2mm steel (rather than 2.3mm) and has a hollow cross member. The fresh style is completed with a crisply redesigned chain guard.

Is the Seat of the Honda CB500X Comfortable for Riding?

The CB500X seat gives a wide, comfortable, agreeable, unlimited riding position that is great for both visiting and driving while as yet taking into consideration a traveler. At stoplights or in parking garages, the thin shoulders of the seat make it simpler to put your feet down. The windscreen of the CB500X gives great breeze security. Traveler handholds Sturdy traveler handholds give extra security to your traveler or act as secure focuses for more modest things.

Design Features of Honda CB500X

A Style That is Unique

The CB500X, like your number one set of pants, simply looks right — extreme, able, and straightforward. Also, very much like your pants, the experience bicycle stance and seating position permits you to move around without any problem.

Instrumentation in Digital Format

An advanced speedometer, tachometer, clock, odometer, trip meter, constant and normal fuel utilization meters, and lit motor symptomatic signs are completely shown on a simple to-peruse LCD board.

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Cast Multi-Spoke Wheels

The CB500X’s lightweight multi-talked cast-aluminum wheels — 19-inch front and 17-inch back are solid and alluring, simple to keep clean, look lovely, further develop taking care of, and are another CB500X highlight that checks out. The current year’s front wheel is likewise 100 grams lighter.

Lighting with LED

The CB500X’s LED headlamp and multi-layer reflector have a perfect, crude but effective appearance and illuminate the street for permeability.

How Much Does the Honda CB500X Weigh?

The curb weight of the Honda CB500X is 439 pounds.

What Are the Dimensions of the Honda CB500X?



27.5 degrees

4.30 inches/ 109.22mm

CB500X Seat Height 32.8 inches/ 833.12mm
CB500X Wheelbase 56.9 inches/ 1445.26mm



84.8 inches/2155mm

32.6 inches/830mm

55.5 inches/1410mm

CB500X Fuel-capacity 4.7 gallons/17.80 liters
Curb-weight 439 pounds/199.13kg

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Honda CB500X?


    • torque and vivacious motor
    • Comfort trumps distance and the build quality is excellent.


    • Little protection is provided by the low and non-adjustable screen.
    • Handguards, heated grips, and a center stand are not included as standard.
    • The instrument panel is a touch on the pricey side.

What is the Price of the Honda CB500X Vibration?

$7, 199


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Michael Parrotte began his illustrious career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the U.S. market. He then went on to become the Vice President of AGV Helmets America for 25 years, during which time he also consulted for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

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