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A new engine with a greater 10:1 compression ratio boosts power and improves the bike’s nimble handling. Digital instruments have been updated. There’s also an extra gear in the transmission-now it’s a five-speed.

A thicker, flatter seat is also available, which is more comfortable and better suited to taller riders. The Honda Grom’s new body panels, though, are the biggest news of all. They give the Grom a new aesthetic, and they’re simple to take off if you want to customize your ride.

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There’s also fuel injection, a larger gasoline tank, and optional anti-lock brakes. So, bring on the Gromance! It’s comfier, more powerful, more easily customized, and has an unrivaled enjoyment factor.

What are the top features of the Honda Grom?


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The Grom will get a new engine with increased compression. Nobody can beat Honda’s engine reputation, and despite its small size, the Grom is a powerhouse in terms of performance and dependability.


Single disc brakes measuring 220mm in front and 190mm in back provide superb stopping power on the Grom.


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With a length of under 30 inches, the Grom is easy to flat-foot in parking lots or at stoplights. In addition, the redesigned seat is flatter and has ample cushioning, making it more comfortable for taller riders.


The appearance of a Grom is part of the appeal of owning and riding one. So, for the new model, we’ve updated the Grom’s appearance. It’s also simple to delete if you want to make it even more personal. For an edgy aesthetic, the engine, exhaust, wheels, and swingarm are all blacked out.

What are the convenient features of the Honda Grom?

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Do you want to bring a buddy along for the ride? No problem—the Grom makes it simple to transport a passenger.


Who says being frugal can’t be enjoyable? You can go far and cheaply with its 1.6-gallon gasoline tank (which will be larger next year).

 Honda Grom Handling attributes

  1. Rear single shock

Even on bumpy pavement, the Grom’s single hydraulic rear shock provides a comfortable ride.

  1. Suspension with an inverted fork

The Grom has an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension for control and road feel, just like a top-of-the-line sportbike.

  1. Wheels with 10 spoke in 12 inches

These cast wheels and broad tires are tough and durable, precisely what the urban cyclist requires.

What are the engine features of the Honda Grom?

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The engine now has a slightly longer stroke and smaller bore, as well as a higher compression ratio of 9.3:1 to 10.0:1, which increases torque and engine responsiveness. Despite claims of decreased average fuel usage and considerable improvements to the bike’s gearing, this is the case.

Updated gearbox

The Grom’s gearbox and end drive have been redesigned to provide for a greater range, with a fifth gear added and the rear sprocket diameter increased from 34 to 38 teeth (the front remains unchanged at 15T).

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The Honda feels faster off the mark because of the freshly adjusted sprocket gearing ratio, but the extra fifth gear and a broader range of ratios in the gearbox allow the Grom to attain a greater peak speed without over-revving the engine.

The new fifth gear was more of overdrive in real-world testing. The fourth gear is required for any serious acceleration, however after the bike has reached cruising speed, the fifth gear is used to lessen the engine’s speed.

Honda Grom Engine Characteristics

Model ·        Grom 125
Engine features ·         Single cylinder

·         Air-cooled

·         Four-stroke

·         123.9cc


Final Drive

·         Five-speed

·         Chain (15T/38T)

The induction ·         PGM-F1

·         Automatic-enrichment

The ignition ·         Electronic-ignition
Compression-ratio ·         10: 1


·         50mm/ 1.97 inches

·         63.1mm/ 2.49 inches

Valve-train ·         Two valve/cylinder

·         SOHC

What are the chassis, suspension, and brakes features of the Honda Grom?

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  • Suspension

The suspension is totally acceptable at low and mid speeds, say up to 45 mph. However, when you approach the bike’s peak speed, it rapidly runs out of stroke, imparting larger bumps to the rider.

Since I approached any hurdles or potholes, I found myself standing, practically bunny hopping the bike to avoid them, as the soft suspension seemed likely to be overwhelmed. On acceleration, there was no noticeable weight transfer, but severe braking resulted in a noticeable fork dip; leaning back in the seat helped a lot.

  • Suspensions feature Honda Grom

Front-Suspension 31 mm/ 1.22 inches

3.9 inches travel

Telescopic inverted fork


Single shock

Steel box

4.1 inches travel

Is it easier to customize the Honda Grom?

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The Grom’s four bodywork panels were designed to unbolt fast and readily for modification. You can change the entire look of your bike in a matter of hours by laying down some newspaper and spraying it with that easy-peel rubberized paint.

The cheap overall cost, the use of plastic panels, and the simplicity with which those panels may be swapped remove the fear of modification. And if you make a mistake, it won’t be the end of the world; the panels are considerably less expensive than a whole metal gas tank.

What are the brakes and tire features of the Honda Grom?

Front-brake 220mm/ 8.67 inches

Single disc

Dual-piston caliper

Rare-brake 190mm/ 7.48 inches

Single disc

Single piston caliper

Front-tire 120: 70-12
Rare-tire 130: 70-12

What are the dimensions of the Honda Grom?

Trail 3.3 inches/ 83.82mm
Rake 25
Seat height 30 inches/ 762 mm
Wheelbase 47.2 inches/ 1198.88 mm
Fuel capacity 1.6 gallons/ 6.02 Liters

What are the available colors of the Honda Grom?

  • Matte Black-metallic
  • Pearl-white
  • Queen-Bee-Yellow

What is the price of the Honda Grom? $3, 399

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