Honda CBR500R Top Speed

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The Honda CBR500R is about to enter its ninth year of manufacturing. The upside-down front forks, updated swing-arm, extra front brake disc, radial calipers, altered styling, and a slew of other minor improvements are all part of the new model. All of this adds to the sportiness and stopping power of the vehicle, leaving just the rear suspension to be improved.

The sportiest of the Honda 500 twins is back, with performance improvements and a $200 price rise. The Honda CBR500R has a fairing and low-rise clip-on, while not being a supersport motorbike.

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When the CB500 roster was released in Europe in October, we discussed the possibility of these modifications. However, we do not always receive the identical motorcycles that are available in Europe. All of the images in this piece are of an embellished European version of the Honda CBR500R.

What are the key features of the Honda CBR500R?

  • The Honda CBR500R has two 296mm discs instead of a single 320mm disc. They have four-piston Nissin calipers and are radially mounted. ABS is the industry standard.
  • The 471cc parallel-twin is making a comeback. It’s mated to a six-speed gearbox with help and slipper capabilities, as well as a clutch with assist and slipper characteristics.
  • Grand Prix Red and Sword Metallic Silver are the two-color options for the Honda CBR500R. This month, you should be able to test ride the sport motorbike at a friendly Honda dealer.
  • A new wheel is fitted to the discs. New cast-aluminum five-spoke wheels are installed on both ends. They’re lightweight, which makes them easier to maneuver. There’s also less resistance to acceleration and less inertia to contend with while braking.
  • A redesigned swingarm houses the back wheel. Honda researchers reduced the swingarm’s weight by two pounds while maintaining its strength.
  • The new CBR500R’s front end has been updated with a new Showa SFF-BP inverted fork. For more accurate movement, the 41mm fork has distinct damping functions in each fork leg, as well as big piston damping rods.

What are the engine characteristics of the CBR500R?

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The CBR engine is mostly unchanged from previous years. The fueling and power delivery at low-medium rpm have been smoothed down to make it more versatile, and the six-speed transmission makes it simple to switch from calm cruising to wide-eyed mischief with no effort.

The clutch is light, gearshifts are positive, and things like finding neutral feel natural in a way that’s easy to ignore as a rider approaching 40 years on a bike, but is critical while you’re still learning the ropes.

The slipper clutch forgives riders who change down a gear while still at high rpm since it prevents the rear wheel from locking, and the interplay between winding up the revs and releasing the clutch means you’d have to shift down a gear while still at high revs.

Engine characteristics

Engine Features 1.      Liquid-cool

2.      Parallel-twin

3.      471cc

4.      DOHC

5.      4-VPC

Ignition Full-transistorized
Bore 67 mm/ 2.64 inches
Stroke 66.8 mm/ 2.63 inches
The induction PGM-F1

34 mm throttle-body



  • 10.7/1
  • Wet-multi-plate
Transmission-type Six-speed
Final drive 0-Ring
Fueling EFI

What is the power and torque of the CBR500R?

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It’s the ideal bike for learning how to ride sportily, relying on the rpm and all of the ratios rather than the torque and bottom-end power of a larger bike. Honda hasn’t done anything to the CBR’s engine because it was already Euro-5 compliant. Power and torque remain unchanged at 46 bhp and 32 lb.-ft., respectively.

This implies the CBR is compatible with the A2-licence, which means some riders may look down their noses at you for having ‘only’ 46bhp. Ignore them; they’re jerks because this engine delivers all it has in a way that makes every voyage delightful.

It’s simple to chug along at lower rpm. Cruising at 75 mph at 6000 RPM on the highway is both comfortable and cost-effective. However, many of those snobby power rangers are unaware of how swiftly a CBR500R can shift when the engine is kept at 8-9000rpm.

What are the chassis features of the CBR500R?

Frame features Diamond-shaped


Wheels Aluminum


Front tire

Rare tire

120/17 * 17

160/60 * 17

Suspension Front-suspension: 4.3 inches, 41 mm inverted fork

Rare suspension: 4.7 inches, spring-preload

Brakes Front brake: 296mm/ 11.66 inches

Rare brake: 240mm/ 9.45 inches


The aggressive style of the CBR500R is complemented by two outstanding color options (Grand Prix Red and Sword Silver Metallic), which maintain it at the forefront of the pack in terms of visual attractiveness. Along with a low drag coefficient and good cooling, the aerodynamic bodywork delivers substantial advantages in air management for increased rider comfort.

Is it comfortable riding the Honda CBR500R?

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A stepped two-piece seat with a low height is available on the CBR500R. It’s ideal for riding about town or on twisting roads, and it has enough room for a passenger. It’s also built to accommodate a wide variety of comfortable riders.

What are the dimensions of the Honda CBR500R?

Rake 25.5 Degree
Trail 4 inches/ 101.6 mm
Seat-height 31.1 inches/ 790 mm
Wheelbase 55.50 inches/ 1410 mm
Curb-weight 423 pounds/ 191.87 kg
Fuel-capacity 4.5 Gallons/ 17 L

A digital speedometer and tachometer, as well as a clock, odometer, trip meter, real-time and average fuel consumption meters, and lighted engine diagnostic indications, are all shown on an LCD screen.


2022-honda-cbr500r-LED-light-micramoto (5)

A set of strong LED headlights are fitted to the CBR500R. They’re small and light, yet they put off a lot of light and have a fashionable form. In addition, the design improves the engine’s intake airflow.


The CBR500R receives a redesigned swingarm that is nearly two pounds lighter but just as sturdy as the previous generations. One of the reasons the Honda 500 series handles so well is because of this.

What is the price of the Honda CBR500R? $7, 199

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