Yamaha SR400 Retro REVIEW

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The Yamaha SR400 is powered by a 399cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve engine that produces plenty of torque and is a thrill to ride. The outstanding motor responsiveness and modern practicality are provided by fuel injection.

The Yamaha SR400’s simple-to-start kick-starter is triggered by a handlebar-mounted compression out, making it quick and easy to start with minimum effort. The torquey single-cylinder engine adds to the Yamaha SR400’s pleasure factor by providing “thumper” appeal and engine character, as well as a sensation of direct power connection to the rear wheel.

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The Yamaha SR400 weighs only 384 pounds and features a thin chassis with a comfortable riding posture and a low 30.9-inch seat height. This combination results in a motorcycle that is well-suited to both novice and experienced riders. The only way to start the engine on the Yamaha SR400 is with a simple kick starter. This will bring smiles to old-school motorbike fans and pique the curiosity of more current motorcycle enthusiasts who seek authenticity.

The Yamaha SR400 is the ideal motorbike for both custom bike builders and riders who like customizing their rides. Only the designer’s creativity limits customization and personalization. The Yamaha SR400 has a slim, small, semi-double-cradle steel frame that allows for outstanding rider mobility.

With an estimated 66 miles per gallon*, the Yamaha SR400’s 3.2-gallon fuel tank provides a perfect touring range. When the roads twist, the Yamaha SR400’s short 55.5″ wheelbase allows for quick, light handling for joyriding.

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A one-piece seat with a traditional design provides enough space for both the rider and the passenger. The front disc brake provides maximum stopping power, while the rear sealed drum brake maintains a vintage appearance. The rear wheel receives excellent power transmission thanks to the chain final drive.

In Japan, Yamaha officially unveils the new SR400, a classic-style motorcycle. This iron horse is unique in that it not only smells old but also has the character and attributes of an ancient engine. Driving the SR400 may transport you back in time like a time machine.

You’ll feel nostalgic just by gazing at it. The SR400 has spherical lights, a body with no corners, and spokes on the rims. A unique 40th Anniversary color option inspired by Yamaha legendary guitars is also available.

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What Are The Engine Features of The Yamaha SR400?

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The Yamaha SR400 is powered by a 399cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. At 6500 RPM, the engine generates 22.9 BHP and 27.4 NM at 3000 RPM. Electronic fuel injection is included as a standard for improved performance and mileage, further refining the fundamental spirit of the vintage motorbike.

  • Air-cooled
  • Four-stroke
  • Two-valve
  • SOHC
Engine displacement: 399cc
# of cylinder: 1
Bore * Stroke: 87mm * 67.2mm
Ignition type: TCI
Max. Power: 22.9 HP @6500rpm
Max. Torque: 27.4 NM @3000rpm
Compression ratio: 8.5/1
# Of Gear: Five
  • Multiple discs
  • Wet
  • Chain drive

What Is The Suspension Features Yamaha SR400?

  • 5.9 inches of travel
  • Telescopic fork
  • 4. inches of travel
  • Dual shock swingarm

The Brakes And Tires Feature of Yamaha SR400

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The front brake on the Yamaha SR400 is a 298 mm hydraulic disc brake, while the rear brake is a normal 150 mm drum brake. Traditional telescopic forks with a travel of 150 mm handle the suspension duties, while the rear has a twin shock system for the greatest riding experience. The Yamaha SR400 appears to be costly since you can get a lot more for the money you spend on a classic motorbike, but as they say, “love has no price,” and those who like retro aesthetics would go crazy for this one.

Brakes: Front: Single disc / 298mm / Hydraulic

Rare: Drum / 150mm

Tires: Front: 90: 100-18

Rare: 110: 100-18

 What Are The Dimensions Of The Yamaha SR400?

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The analog twin-circle instrument console keeps the classic aesthetic alive. A speedometer with an odometer on the left side and a tachometer on the right side is housed in the completely chrome-encased bowls of science. The high beam, neutral gear indicator, and turn indicators are all illuminated by LEDs below the rpm needle. After so many decades, Yamaha has managed to keep the inner beast alive.

Yamaha SR400-Dimensions

Length * Width * Height: (82.1 * 29.5 * 43.1 ) inches
Ground-clearance: 5.1 inches
Seat-height: 30.9 inches
Wheelbase: 55.5 inches
Fuel-capacity: 3.2 Gallons
Trail: 4.4 inches
Wet-weight: 384 pounds

 The Yamaha SR400 is a vintage classic motorbike with a mid-capacity engine that has been on the market for 43 years. It comes in two different versions: final edition and final edition limited. This vintage beauty is powered by a single-cylinder engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. The SR400 pricing in India, as well as its specifications, mileage, and peak speed, can be seen here.

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Key Features of Yamaha SR400:

  • Fuel-Injected Single-Cylinder Engine in a Premium Retro-Classic Design
  • Fender Final Edition Badge, Chrome Plated
  • Semi-Double Cradle Frame with Manual Kick Start and Classic Spoke Rim Wheels
  • Turn Indicators and a Round Headlamp
  • Exhaust Muffler with Long Chrome Finish Twin-Pod Analogue Instrument Cluster

What Are The Pros And Cons of The Yamaha SR400?

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  • Retro Classic Design Is Appealing
  • Torque of a Fuel-Injected Engine Premium Fit and Finish Rich Performance
  • Exceptional Construction


  • Availability is limited.
  • Underpowered to a degree

Comfort Features of Yamaha SR400

Seat-type: Single-seat
Pillion-seat: Yes
Pillion-grabrails: Yes
Pillion-footrest: Yes
Electric-starter: Yes
Engine-kill switch: Yes

What Is The Price of The Yamaha SR400? $5, 999


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