Yamaha MT-03 Naked Bike

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The Yamaha MT-03, Yamaha’s 321cc ‘naked’ motorcycle, has been released in Europe with an upgraded EU5-compliant engine, as well as new colors and graphics. The engine has been modified to meet the EU5 anti-pollution standard, which is the most significant change in the current model.

Instant throttle response and eco-friendly performance are ensured by a sophisticated fuel injection system. The engine’s power delivery is smooth across the rev range, giving it an advantage over the single-cylinder, bottom-displacement competitors.

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What Are the Top Features of the Yamaha MT-03?

  • Designing an Aggressive Next-Generation MT

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The MT-03 is a sporty-looking ride that should be a good starting point for anybody interested in pursuing a career as a naked-sport bike rider. The MT-03 is obviously a member of Yamaha’s renowned Hyper Naked guitar family. Thanks to its muscular front light assembly, visible air scoops, and sculpted fuel tank, the MT-03 allows you to become a true Master of Torque and experience the most dynamic ride in the class.

  • Power Delivery That Is Smooth and Easy To Ride

The lightweight manufactured cylinders and carburized interfacing poles of this 321cc fluid-cooled two-chamber give simple to-oversee power in the low rpm zone while giving strong high-rpm power. In the city, the MT-03’s amazingly light grip makes it considerably more pleasant, while the offset chambers and imaginative fuel infusion framework guarantee smooth choke reaction.

  • Lights in two positions with a single LED headlight


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With its twin calculated position lights that improve its forceful huge bicycle appearance, the distinctive MT-03 appearance is amazing. A solitary very little however solid light-emitting diode bulb penetrates the night to enlighten the road ahead.

  • KYB® Inverted Front Fork, 37mm

The incorporation of an altered KYB® front fork highlights the MT03’s not kidding enormous bicycle determination. The front end accentuates the bicycle’s high detail with 37mm tubing and a cast aluminum upper triple brace that offers a sure and smooth ride while slowing down, speeding up, and cornering.

 Is the Yamaha MT-03 a Good Entry-Level Beginners Bike?

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Here are five reasons why the Yamaha MT-03 is an excellent entry-level motorcycle. The MT-03 features a low 780 mm seat height. Newer and shorter riders who are anxious about getting their feet on the ground while coming to a halt can gain confidence as a result of this. The MT-03 is very light, weighing only 168 kg, making it easy to handle.

What Are the Engine Characteristics of the Yamaha MT-03?

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  • Powerful Twin-Cylinder Engine

The 321cc liquid-cooled inline two-cylinder engine from Yamaha produces exceptional power and performance over the whole rpm range. The setup limits vibrations for a smooth, refined motor person, on account of a 180-degree wrench plan and consolidated offset.

  • The power that is both smooth and usable

With a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) and four-valve cam heads, the MT03 engine delivers easily controllable power at low and high rpm and offers an exhilarating ride with a wide range of power.

  • Transmission with six gears

Whether riding through congested city streets or on the wide highway, a smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox ensures the rider always has the proper ratio.

  • Injection of modern fuel

In all scenarios, downdraft induction fuel injection technology provides simple starting, high fuel efficiency, and responsive performance.

  • Construction of Advanced Cylinders

The cylinders are made of Yamaha’s DiASil, a high silicon aluminum alloy that provides excellent heat dissipation. A unique offset cylinder design lowers friction, improving efficiency, response time, and overall engine performance.

  • Forged Pistons are both strong and light.

Produced aluminum cylinders, which are a similar innovation utilized in the MT10, assist with diminishing power misfortune and vibration. Its plan produces insignificant vibration and smooth execution even at high fires up.

  • Exhaust System in a Small Package

The short suppressor configuration has a contemporary look and assists with focusing mass for super responsive taking care.

The Engine Characteristics

The engine Four-valves / DOHC / Four-stroke / 321cc-Liquid Cooled
Fuel-delivery Injection of fuel
Final drive The chain
Bore*Stroke 68mm*44.1mm
Compression ratio 11.2/1
Transmission Six speeds / Multi-Plate Clutch

Is the Yamaha MT-03 a Comfortable Bike?

Mt-03 is a perfect comfortable bike as the tank is made to precisely accommodate your knees. The handlebar is of reasonable width, allowing for consistent steering control. The grips are simple to grasp and comfortable, being somewhat broader than my shoulders. The seat is 30.7 inches high, and the sat posture is comfortable.

What Are the Chassis Features of the Yamaha MT-03?

  1. Standard ABS provides powerful braking.

The 298mm drifting plate brake at the front, supplemented by a 220mm circle brake at the back, offers uncommon halting power. The non-freezing stopping mechanism of the ABS variation MT03 increments driver certainty and keeps the wheels from securing in low-footing circumstances.

  1. Diamond Lightweight Frame

The lightweight and colossal strength of the rounded shape of a little jewel frame ensure unbiased handling and essential skills in rush hour traffic jams. Thanks to its rearranged front fork and matching rear wheel, the MT03 is well-equipped to tear through the corners and get your adrenaline pumping.

  1. KYB® Front Fork with Inversion

When compared to bikes with conventional front forks, the MT-03 features an inverted KYB® fork with improved spring and damping settings, providing more stable handling.

  1. Rear Shock for Mono cross

The seven-step preload-adjustable single-shock design is optimized to create a balance between ride comfort and dynamic performance, making it suitable for a variety of applications ranging from urban commuting to long rides through winding gorges.

  1. Swingarm with a long reach

A 22.6″ long asymmetrical swingarm on the MT-03 ensures a grounded ride during braking, turning, and acceleration.

The Chassis Features of the Yamaha MT-03


1.      Front

2.      Rare


110: 70-R17

140: 70-R17



  • Front: 298mm / Single disc / Hydraulic / ABS
  • Rare: 220mm / Single disc / Hydraulic /ABS
  • Front: KYB / 37mm / Inverted fork / 5.1 Inches Travel
  • Rare: 7 steps / Preload-adjustable / Single shock / 4.9 Inches Travel

The Most Prominent and Stylish Features of the Yamaha MT-03?

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  • Riding Position That Is Ergonomic

The MT-03 is a thrill to ride, whether you’re avoiding traffic or having a ball out on the open road, thanks to its compact body and low 30.7″ seat height. A carefully shaped knee region and fuel tank cover work in tandem with the high-mounted handlebars to give a nimble and ergonomic riding posture behind the aggressive bodywork.

  • LCD Instrumentation (Digital)

Yamaha has added a sleek LCD meter that gives easy-to-absorb information to match the MT-03 Hyper Naked’s aggressive aesthetics.

  • LED Turn Signals in a Fashionable Design

Both the front and back blinkers have light-emanating diode parts. In addition to the fact that LEDs have a long life expectancy with low power utilization, they likewise give astounding enlightenment to expanded certainty and permeability whenever of the day or night. An ideal supplement to the MT03’s strong stylish, Drove signals to add to the bicycle’s dynamic picture.

  • Mass Forward Design with Dynamic Mass

The strong looks of Yamaha’s Hyper Bare bikes make them effectively conspicuous. Slight air admissions work on the presence of the front-mass body plan and build up the unique look of the MT family. A shaped tank cover is intended to fit the rider impeccably, while lightweight air admissions upgrade the presence of the high-level efficiently manufactured body plan and accentuate the powerful look of the MT family.

What Are the Dimensions of the Yamaha MT-03?

Length 82.30 inches/ 2090.25mm
Width 29.70 inches/ 754.38mm
Height 49.10 inches/ 1247.14mm
Clearance from ground 6.30 inches/ 160mm
The wheelbase 54.3 inches/ 1379.22mm
Rake/caster angle 25
Trail 3.7 inches/ 93.98mm
Height of seat 30.70 inches/ 779.78mm
Fuel capacity 3.7 Gallons/ 14 Liters
Wet-weight 373 Pounds/ 169 kg
Fuel-economy 56 mpg

 What Is the Price of the Yamaha MT-03?

  • Cyan-Storm: $4,799
  • Matte-Stealth-Black: $4, 799
  • Team-Yamaha-Blue: $4, 799


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Michael Parrotte began his illustrious career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the U.S. market. He then went on to become the Vice President of AGV Helmets America for 25 years, during which time he also consulted for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

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