Honda Monkey 125cc Accessories

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The original-1968 Mini Trail-50 sparked a firestorm of interest in tiny bikes in the United States. The Monkey, Big Red’s spiritual descendant, was released in 2019. With a more powerful engine, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission, a greater peak speed, and standard ABS, the Honda Monkey 125cc ABS is now available.

The Monkey emanates tomfoolery and appeal in a small bundling, making it a #1 with both amateur riders and nostalgic riders searching for an excursion through a world of fond memories; its parentage dates to 1961 when the main form was used in a Honda-possessed Japanese event congregation called Tama Tech.

A 5-speed gearbox (up from 4) has been added, as well as a more extensive scope of stuff proportions and a 37-tooth last drive sprocket (beforehand 34). The changes result in faster speed increases from low velocities and a higher pinnacle speed. The air-cooled 125cc Single elements a more under the square plan, with a smaller drag and longer stroke, and has two valves and an upward cam.

What are the key features of the Honda Monkey 125cc?

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Fuel-injected 125cc engine

The Monkey ABS receives a new engine with increased compression, much like our Grom. Nobody can beat Honda’s engine reputation, and despite its small size, the Monkey is a powerhouse in terms of performance and dependability.

Capacity of fuel

Do you have a limited gasoline budget? The Monkey will make it appear enormous. Every fill-up will take you further than you ever imagined possible, thanks to the 1.5-gallon tank and exceptional fuel economy.

Parking is easy

Because of the Monkey’s small size, it’s simple to park in the city and store when not in use. A Monkey may always be found!

While the Monkey has been popular in the United States since its reintroduction for the 2019 model year, buyers have voiced a need for more comfortable cruising and greater acceleration, according to Brandon Wilson, American Honda’s Sports & Experiential Manager. “Now, we’re pleased to provide that capability by providing the Monkey with the same 5-speed engine that has received fantastic reviews in the all-new Grom.” It’s a reflection of Honda making not just the diversified, but also the most capable mini MOTO range.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance of the Powertrain

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The Monkey is mechanically better than the first 49cc Mini Trail. Despite the way that its 125cc motor has a flat chamber, air cooling, and a solitary upward camshaft, two-valve head, it has electronic fuel infusion and a five-speed gearbox with manual grasp expressed previously. The first Mini Trail was said to have created 3 pull, a long cry from the ongoing Monkey’s assessed 9.7 torque.

Engine characteristics

Honda-Monkey Engine 1.     MONKEY-125AN2.      Four stroke3.      Air-cooled4.      Displacement: 125cc5.      Single cylinder6.      SOHC7.      Two valves/cylinder
The Induction PGM-F1 (Automatic)
The Bore and Stroke 50mm and 63.1mm
Drive-Train Features
Clutch Wet with multiple options
Drive-final The chain
Transmission-type / Compression-ratio Five-speed10/1

 Honda Monkey 125cc Technology

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Transmission with five-speed

Although the Monkey is adorable, its new five-speed gearbox provides all of the durability, control, and efficiency of a traditional motorbike. In addition, this year’s additional gear enhances peak speed for highway driving.

Taillight with LED

Forget those huge taillights; the Monkey’s LED lighting shines brightly and clearly.

What are the chassis and suspension features of the Honda Monkey?

Frame Type ·         Steel tube with backbone chassis
The front suspension of the Honda Monkey ·         3.9 inches travel·         Inverted-fork 31mm
Rare suspension of Honda Monkey ·         4 inches travel·         Twin-shock
Front tire ·         120: 80-12
Rare tire ·         130: 80-12
Front brake ·         220mm·         Single Hydraulic disc (ABS)
Rare brake ·         190mm·         Single Hydraulic disc

Honda Monkey 125cc Ergonomics: Convenience and Comfort

The Monkey ABS is easy to ride on account of its standard handlebar, expressed low 30.5-inch seat, and 231-pound check weight. The cockpit is little for bigger riders (the expression “a monkey riding a coconut” rings a bell), yet this Monkey will accomplish for anybody remaining somewhere in the range of 5 and 6 feet tall.

Furthermore, it’s a tired old act, on the grounds that the performance seat, which is amiably framed and extravagantly padded, is just implied for one rider; there are no traveler stakes.

What are the pros and cons of the Honda Monkey 125cc?


  • Minimal size, maximum pleasure
  • A new take on a traditional design.
  • New 125cc long-stroke engine
  • Standard ABS and a new five-speed gearbox


  • A highway flyer does not come from a little engine.
  • At first, the short 45-inch wheelbase seems strange energetically.

Handling of Honda Monkey 125cc

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Absolutely normal

The Monkey ABS features an Anti-Lock Braking System that aids in controlled stopping in less-than-ideal situations. Whether you’re riding on wet pavement that’s as slick as a banana peel or on slick road surfaces, the Monkey ABS keeps you safe.

Suspension with an inverted fork

Here’s how it compares to the original Monkey bike: The Monkey has an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension for control and road feel, just like a top-of-the-line sportbike.

Shocks in the rear

The Monkey is equipped with dual rear shocks. They smooth up the toughest ground in the city jungle when combined with the large tires and plush seat.

What are the dimensions of the Honda Monkey?

Seat-Height 30.5 inches
Fuel-capacity of Honda Monkey 1.5 Gallons
Curb weight of Honda Monkey 231 Pounds
Ground-clearance 6.9 inches
Caster angle/Rake 25-Degree/ 3.2 Inches
Trail-Honda Monkey 3.2 inches
Wheelbase-Honda Monkey 45 inches

 Is the Seat height of the Honda Monkey comfortable for riding?

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The Monkey’s super-low 30.5-inch seat makes it comfortable and easy to manage and ride, whether you’re flat-footing it into a parking space or merely waiting for a lengthy light.

Additional features of the Honda Monkey

  • CHUNKY TIRES are a type of tire that has a lot of chunks

The Monkey’s high-aspect-ratio tires are useful in more ways than one. They’re also quite functional, providing enough grip while also cushioning bumps and harsh road conditions.

  • Digital instruments with many functions

In the Monkey’s instrument cluster, vintage meets modern. The spherical casing is reminiscent of the 1960s, and the display includes a speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, and low/high beam indication. It even greets you as you get on the bike for the first time!

  • Headlight with round chrome LED

Although the Monkey’s circular headlamp has a vintage appearance, it is completely modern and delivers outstanding lighting and visibility.

  • Handlebar with a high rise

Although the Monkey is tiny, it was designed to suit adult riders. Take, for example, the high-rise handlebar, which allows you to sit up and see about while riding.

Competition of Honda Monkey?

The Benelli TNT 135, Kawasaki Z125 Pro, Yamaha TW200, and even Honda’s Grom are among the Honda Monkey’s rivals.

What are the available colors of the Honda Monkey 125cc?

  • Pearl-Black
  • Bana-Yellow

What is the price of the Honda Monkey?

$4, 199

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