5 Best Sportbike Tires for Rain (From Experienced Rider)

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If you own a sportbike, you should understand that your safety is paramount during rides, especially in harsh weather conditions such as when it rains. Not all tires are suitable or designed for rain or wet weather.

The technological advancement in the motorcycle industry has led to the production of tires with better traction and stability for all weather. As a rider who rides all year round, you need all-weather tires that have the quality to withstand any harsh conditions.

As a motorcyclist with several years of riding experience, I will guide you to choose the best sportbike tires for rain. You will also learn the qualities that make a good tire for rain and how long sportbike tires are good for before replacing them.

The table below is a quick summary of the best sportbike tires for rain:

ProductCategoryGet Yours
Michelin Road 6 TiresOverall best performanceRevZilla | Amazon
Metzeler Sportec M9 RR TiresBest budget-friendlyRevZilla | MotoSport
Pirelli Angel GT TiresBest for speed and handlingRevZilla | Amazon
Michelin Pilot Road 4 GTBest for stabilityRevZilla | Amazon
Michelin Road 5 TiresBest MileageRevZilla | Amazon

Our Top 5 Best Sportbike Tires for Rain

After thorough research coupled with my experience in the industry, I was able to come up with my recommendation of the 5 best sportbike tires for rain. Several factors such as performance (warming up quickly, handling, traction, etc.) and durability were highly considered in my selection process.

1. Michelin Road 6 Tires

Michelin Road 6 Tires

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If you are in search of great tires particularly for rain, it’s hard to find one that beats the Michelin Road 6 tire. While the Road 5 tire has a good wet grip capacity, the Road 6 tires offer even better grip, thanks to the advanced tech tread compounds.

Another feature that makes the Michelin Road 6 Tires one of the best sportbike tires for rain is that you can ride for a longer period and still have a good amount of tread life left.

For sportbikes, cornering stability is something to pay close attention to when choosing tires. Fortunately, the Road 6 tire offers sufficient stability when cornering, especially under heavy braking or strong acceleration. The tire is pure proof of innovation and you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it because of its amazing features for wet weather.


  • Has a solid grip in wet conditions
  • It has good tread life and wears slowly
  • Quiet on the road
  • Offers excellent performance and durability
  • It comes in different sizes and fits multiple models of sportbikes


  • A few riders think the tire is a bit pricey, and the price doesn’t quite match their lifespan.

2. Metzeler Sportec M9 RR Tires

Metzeler Sportec M9 RR Tires

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The Metzeler SPortec M9 RR tire made it into my list of the best sportbike tires for rain because it gives you the pleasure of riding without needing to worry about a change in weather conditions. The tires warm up quickly, making it ever ready to make the first maneuvering in wet weather.

The supersport tread design of the tires allows for better performance in terms of water drainage. This feature helps your bike have outstanding stability no matter how bad the weather or road conditions could be.

Whether you are riding straight or are at full lean, the tire offers plenty of grip to keep you going with confidence. In all, outstanding handling and pleasurable riding are what you will enjoy with the M9 RR tires, regardless of how terrible the road condition might be.


  • Versatile tire for different road conditions
  • Excellent quality and longevity
  • Metzeler’s first 100% silica blend tire
  • Warms up quickly
  • Has better mileage than the M7 RR
  • Solid grip and handling
  • Gives riders confidence during rides


  • If you are a superfast rider, you may find the tires a bit slow

3. Pirelli Angel GT Tires

Pirelli Angel GT Tires

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The three key features that qualify the Angel GT tires to be on my recommended list of the best sportbike tires for rain are; the ability to withstand very long-distance riding, high performance, and the comfort and pleasure of riding in it. Pirelli tires are often known for their excellent grip and handling capacity, and the Angel GT is designed with extra features that make it perform outstandingly in wet conditions.

If you decide to go for this tire, expect to enjoy consistency in performance until the tire reaches its useful lifespan, which of course, will take some time before that happens.

Overall, this tubeless tire has what it takes to compete with other brands of tires designed for rain. It is perfect for riders who prioritize speed and at the same time crave good traction and handling.


  • Fits a wide range of motorcycle models
  • Increased wear time
  • Perfect for all weather
  • Warms up fast and provides excellent grip during rain
  • Inspires your confidence during rides
  • Great value for the price tag


  • May not be the best when it comes to how long it can last.

4. Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT

Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT

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The Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT has garnered thousands of positive reviews from users, thanks to the company’s reputation of producing trustworthy and reliable products. The Pilot Road 4 GT is designed to provide maximum safety, especially on wet roads and when braking. This tire embodies Michelin’s commitment to producing high-performance tires with an extended life span.

The Michelin Radial-2AT Technology employed in this product makes for outstanding handling and stability. If you care about having solid rubber underneath you as you ride, then this is one of the best sportbike tires for rain you should consider buying for your machine.

Whether you decide to ride solo, two-up, or with luggage, the Pilot Road 4 GT tires will give you the comfort and confidence you desire when riding. These tires are best suited for heavier, touring, or sport bikes and they have what it takes to deliver the stability needed for heavier bikes.


  • Offers excellent grip while leaning or stopping during wet or dry weather
  • Reliable handling and good durability
  • Provides the best mileage among other tires in the series
  • Offers absolute comfort and amazing maneuverability


  • You may not get maximum lean from it if you usually ride on the edge of your tires

5. Michelin Road 5 Tires

Best Sportbike Tires for Rain


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The Michelin Road 5 Tires sums up my list of the best sportbike tires for rain for a couple of reasons. First, these sport touring tires build upon the success of the Pilot Road 4. 

The design of the Road 5 tires takes into account different riding styles that make it suitable for both wet and dry conditions. The standout feature of the Road 5 tire is its wet-weather longevity. The water evacuating siping system of this tire is a great innovation that makes Michelin remain one of the best in the industry.

Unlike most other tires, the Road 5 wears evenly without creating any negative space where water can disperse, which means you will have more confidence when riding in wet conditions.


  • Designed for wet and dry conditions
  • Excellent lean angles
  • Superb grip and handling
  • Suitable for road and track


  • Not the cheapest tires but offers excellent value for the money spent on it

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How to Choose the Best Sportbike Tires for Rain

When choosing sportbike tires for rain, the first thing to check out is whether or not the tire is designed to withstand harsh conditions such as rain, snow, etc.

Not all tires are made equally. While some are made for wet conditions, others are only suitable for dry weather. Understanding this is the first step to choosing the best sportbike tires for rain.

After finding out that a particular tire is designed for rain, the next step is to make sure you choose the right tire that is compatible with your sportbike rim size. Going for a size that’s not suited for your bike could compromise handling and safety.

Another quality to look out for in tires for wet conditions is the tread pattern. For riding on wet roads, you need tires with aggressive tread patterns. Also, consider the rubber compound of the tire. Softer compounds offer better grip but may wear out faster, while harder compounds provide better durability but may not have the best grip.

Consider the brand you are buying from. You want to choose tires from brands that have built good reputations over the years. You can read reviews or seek assistance from other riders to recommend a solid tire to you.

Lastly, set a budget that works fine for you and at the same time offer the best value. Investing in high-quality tires provides optimum safety and performance.

How long is a Sportbike Tire Good for?

Typically, sportbike tires are designed with about 4,000 to 8,000 miles in mind under regular riding conditions. However, different factors such as road surfaces, riding styles, maintenance, and tire quality can have a significant effect on the longevity of the tire. Environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature also affect how fast a tire can wear.

Close observation is essential to know when to replace your tires. You should start considering replacing your tires when the tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch or after every 5000 to 6000 miles to ensure that you get the best performance and safety while on the road or track.

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

The best sportbike tires for rain are those designed for all weather. These tires offer good performance in dry and wet conditions. Also, they can be used to ride on different road surfaces.

The listed sportbike tires in this article were carefully selected based on the performance and the safety level they offer to riders. Choose the one that best meets your specifications and enjoy your sportbike in any weather condition.

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