Yamaha MT 15

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The aggressive and futuristic Yamaha MT 15 is developed from the structural and mechanical base of the Yamaha R15, so it takes advantage of all its technology and high performance with specific aspects of its own to become one of the most exclusive urban Naked of the moment.

With a high-tech engine, compact body, and next-generation MT line design, this new motorcycle packs an aggressive look, new dual position lamps give this ultralight Hyper Naked the most intimidating look in its class. The sturdy, forward-thrown body looks ready to strike at any moment.

Sometimes great motorcycles are not determined by their displacement or their power. The Yamaha MT 15 is a clear example of how to make a motorcycle well so that it is fun, versatile, and pleasant without going to high-displacement models.

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Taking a logical step towards the maturity of a model aimed at an audience between 16 and 20 years old, the MT-15 offers a further level of sportiness with a daring naked, with a good 125 cc engine, a solvent cycle part, and some finishes above average.

Its 155-cubic-centimeter single-cylinder engine offers a maximum power of 19 hp thanks to advanced devices such as electronic injection, double overhead camshafts, liquid cooling, forged aluminum piston, and variable geometry distribution on both intake valves.

The Yamaha MT 15 is the entry point to the Masters of Torque family. It may seem like a minor model, but it is not at all. This, together with its sister MT-03, which we will talk about shortly, form the entry-level motorcycle duo to a range that since the appearance of the MT-09 in 2013 has managed to sell more than 235,000 units

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In addition, it has a 6-speed transmission and an exclusive anti-skid clutch among motorcycles of its displacement, showing that it is at the level of competing beyond its segment.

On the other hand, the structure of the motorcycle does not disappoint either thanks to the Deltabox steel double-beam chassis and the high-quality suspensions, with aluminum rear swingarm with progressive mono-shock and 41-millimeter inverted front bars and gold-plated glass finish, which are the most noticeable technical difference with respect to the Yamaha R15 with conventional telescopic bars.

From a global perspective, the MT 15 is a motorcycle that after its arrival in 2014 has managed to place more than 36,000 units in Europe and monopolize 25% of the segment in which it competes. It is not surprising that the Iwata people have paid special attention to such a representative model.

The technology is also quickly noticeable, thanks to its full backlit LCD digital instrument cluster, meaning the graphics are illuminated instead of the background of the frame for clearer visibility.

It offers information regarding speed, fuel level, revolutions, and gear indicators, this box stands out for its welcome message, which is fully configurable and can even greet you by name.

Designed with the purest MT DNA, this lightweight sports motorcycle is the ultimate introduction to the Hyper Naked experience. Its introductory price is $ 73,546.

Spectacular Looks

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From the outside, the Yamaha MT 15 looks spectacular. Compared to the previous generation, this sporty naked has taken a giant leap forward using a much more elaborate and radical design language, but at the same time familiar with that new triple-optic LED front end that is extremely striking both on and off. standing still.

The rest of the body has been modified adopting more thrown forms on the front end. The tank is shorter, the tail has been sharpened and the result is a visually more compact motorcycle.

The bodywork is well finished with quality plastics, paint with good finishes, and correct controls.

The dashboard for its part is a completely digital unit that does not lack any information with a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, time clock, partials, gear indicator engaged. A simple and effective configuration in equal measure.

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Braking System

Yamaha Motos has equipped this model with a front brake system that includes a 292 mm floating disc on which a radial brake caliper with ABS is mounted as standard, while the rear is 230 mm in diameter.

The 17-inch wheels on the Yamaha MT 15 are made up of 6 Y-shaped spokes, shod with a 100 / 80-17 front tire and a generous new rear tire that rises to 140 / 70-17 at the rear.

One of the aspects in which most work has been done on these 125 naked motorcycles has been in the riding position, being this sporty, but upright, which makes its daily use not demanding, both for the rider and for the rider. companion. The MT 15 has an on-brand weight of 140 kg and a seat height of 810 mm.

Is there any change in the new version of Yamaha MT 15?

  1. Front of Motorcycle

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The front of the MT 15 features a new dual optics design with dual position lights and low, a there is an LED headlight. New, more aggressive front, with air intakes, giving it a naked motorcycle look with a greater displacement.

A good design proof of the work done by the brand’s engineers and how good opinions it aroused since its launch.

Another novelty is the design of the instrumentation by means of a negative LCD screen of the Yamaha MT 15 with a digital odometer and tachometer by bars with all the information that the user may need. A keel is fitted as standard at the bottom that enhances the aggressive front design.

  1. Rare of Motorcycle

The rear of the MT 15 stands out for its sharp tail, very much in the style of streetfighter motorcycles, and which as a result offers a very aggressive design. The motorcycle’s design is also accentuated by the placement of the LED taillight at the top of the tail, fully showing off the enlarged rear wheel.

  1. In and out of city performance

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In the city, the smallest of the MT feels like a fish in the water. Traveling with it in urban traffic is a piece of cake thanks to a really narrow set, a tight turning radius that allows us to maneuver in a span, and a very contained weight of only 140 kg in running order.

It is a perfect option for those who enter the world of gear motorcycles, whether with an A1 motorcycle license or a B car license plus three years of experience.

The only negative point that can make it somewhat uncomfortable for newcomers not too tall is the seat located at 810 mm high, although the lightness and narrowness of the set allow us to reach the ground with both feet and a lot of confidence.

But it is not only an urban motorcycle because the MT 15 also knows how to defend itself beyond the city and offer good behavior on clearer terrain. Going out onto the highways, the single-cylinder engine is capable of decisively gaining speed despite its small displacement.

The sixth gear is designed to allow the small engine to turn rested from high-speed laps within the legal limits and reduce consumption.

It is in twisty areas where the Yamaha MT 15 shows its best side. On the most mousetrap roads in the area, you can have a great time alone or accompanied by other users of 125 cc motorcycles. There the MT 15 shines with some interesting dynamic capabilities.

Is Yamaha using the same engine as in previous versions of it’s something new?

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This power unit has been taken directly (like the rest of the cycle part) from the Yamaha YZF-R125. It is a small block that is possibly one of the most advanced in its class to which in this generation the intake has been modified, the combustion chamber modified and internal friction reduced.

It also has a variable distribution system that changes the opening times of the intake valves to 7,400 rpm. The steel Deltabox chassis together with well-balanced suspensions leave us with a good taste in the mouth, without being able to put it across when we press the rhythm.

The KYB set of inverted front forks with 41mm bars and rear mono-shock is simple but effective, although the front end is uncomfortable and there is too much transfer of weights.

What are the improvements in Yamaha MT breaks?

As for the brakes, the same thing happens, since the team has been equipped with a large 292 mm disc in the front-end bit by a radial anchor caliper. The handle of the handle is perhaps excessively hard, but in return, it offers us a powerful and progressive bite.

The MT 15’s sophisticated 155cc liquid-cooled 4-valve engine is equipped with Yamaha’s exclusive Variable Intake Valve (VVA) system, featuring two intake cams.

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This unique technology enables the engine to deliver outstanding performance with very high torque at low engine speeds, making the Yamaha MT 15 one of the highest-performing motorcycles in its class.

Specification of Motorcycle (Engine, Power, and Performance)

Emission Type: BS6
Gearbox Transmission: 6-speed
ABS: Single Channel
Wheels Type: Alloy
Engine Displacements: 155cc
Max Power: 18.5 PS @ 10000rpm
Fuel Type: Petrol
No. of cylinders: 1
Tire Type: Tubeless
Mileage: 48 km/pl
Starting Mechanism: Self-Start
Ignition: Fuel Injection
Speedometer: Digital
Tripmeter: Digital
Techno meter: Digital
Odoo meter: Digital
Fuel Gauge: Yes
Drive Train: Chain Drive
Compression Ratio: 11.6:1
Chassis Type: Delta Box
Body Type: Sports Naked Bikes
Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
Headlight: LED
Tail Light: LED
Turn Signal Lamp: LED
Battery Capacity: 12 V, 4 Ah
Low Oil and Fuel Indicator: Yes
Tire Size: Front: -100/800-17 Rear: -140/70-17
Tire Type: Tubeless
Wheels Type: Alloy
Front and Rear Brakes: Disc


This Yamaha MT promises to bring the most to the Yamaha and it is very fuel-efficient yet it is rider-friendly too. Due to the new engine, it’s gaining new heights of performance in the current- markets around the world.

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