Kawasaki D TRACKER X250

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Kawasaki is just putting its game to the next level of the automotive industry with its products like Kawasaki Ninja and D trackerKawasaki is now top-notch in the industry with having the best of the machines under their name.

If we discuss the power of the Kawasaki how we can forget about noticing the new Ninja H2 Carbon which is all carbon fiber and with a supercharger on its head putting out 210 BHP with 0 to 60 in 2.4sec only.

Kawasaki has also built features in it like Kawasaki engine brake control (KTBC), Kawasaki Traction Control (KTC), and Kawasaki launch control (KLC). Now if you come towards the sport-tourer category Kawasaki owned the best of the tourer motorcycles which is no other than the 1400GTR which owned 14 races in the sport-tourer category in the last 3 years.

Kawasaki also has scooters that are way cooler than its competitors the J series scooters of Kawasaki are way more aggressive-looking than others and are more reliable for driving experiences.

If you want to cover distances at a faster pace with the comfort of a luxurious motorcycle then a sport-tourer is the best available option provided by Kawasaki.

If you want to enjoy on-road as well as off-road experiences then Kawasaki D Tracker X250 is the right choice which is dual-purpose and can be used by beginners as well as a pro which means that Kawasaki offers a versatile range of specs in its motorcycles range.

Kawasaki D Tracker X250 Aesthetic

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If you look at the D TRACKER X for the first time you will get confused as it looks like a big brother of KLX 250 with more of the size like wheels look bigger than the KLX 250 and the height which D Tracker more possess than its brothers in the same categories.

The indicators are just ok with the design with the white accent on the glass whereas when running shows a brighter look. Whereas D-tracker has a small but efficient radiator at the front so max air could be utilized to cool down the engine at the highest RPMs and looks good from the front.

Side mirrors are aesthetically perfect for driving and their shape is more agile for the aerodynamics of the bike as they have diamond cuts on them too. Coming to the front rim which is alloy black and brake rotor which is huge and the design of the rotor is way cooler in the latest versions of the D TRACKER.

You can say it is an off-road motorcycle with a tire of an on-road motorcycle on it. The tire of the D tracker is perfect for multi terrains.

Diamond cuts headlight design and a big mud flapper on the front make it look meaner and more beautiful. Whereas huge off-roader shock absorbers also complement their designs and style for both off-road and on-road usage.

Matt’s black chassis with a 250cc blackout engine looks more like a beast captured in a cage whereas when you see from the side the vinyl’s on the tank and fender sections make it more attractive when you see it in a black color scheme.

Whereas it is a liquid-cooled engine so you have a small water compartment that can be visible from the side front but can be seen when you are left back of the motorcycle.

The D tracker X exhaust is partially covered at the lower back of the motorcycle to reduce the heat effect when riding and looks prettier.

Tank and the seats are aligned in a position so the driver can shift its weight ratio when utilizing the motorcycle on off-road terrains which makes D Tracker X more agile.

When you look at the D tracker from the back you see a well-heightened beast with a thick tire on the back with midsize mudguards on it and on the top of the mudguard, you see the tail lamp that is diamond-boxy in look which makes it look like old school trail motorcycles.

The back with the prominent and attractive mono-shock makes it look big and buffy.

The best thing that you would like is the speedometer which is now fully digital and comes in two color schemes one is orange and the other is blue both of them look outstanding.


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The fuel injection system of the tracker 250 uses an ultra-fine atomizing injector having ten holes of fuel injection at the same time to provide outstanding efficiency. The effect is a rather smooth character of the engine, especially in the rpm range most used for day-to-day riding.

The engine revs rapidly and easily from the middle-range onwards. In addition, fuel injection leads to lower emissions, smoother start-ups, and better fuel economy even at higher RPMs.

There is a 16-way compression damping adjustment for the 43 mm inverted cartridge-style front fork. By minimizing the aeration of the fork fluid, the cartridge delivers consistent damping force.

The inner tubes are covered from rocks and weeds by KX-style fork guards. The Unitary rear suspension has outstanding power for road keeping and bumps absorption.

The remote reservoir gas-charged shock has 16-way compression and rebounds damping with fully adjustable preload adjustability.

 Any of the front-rear pitching motion of the bike is minimized by all-new attachment and updated damping settings, resulting in improved straight-line stability and a more rooted feeling in the corners.

The seat design makes it an easier approach for riders to hit the ground when they stop the motorcycle as it is well heightened.

A modified handlebar is straighter and changes the position of the hand up and in. The more comfortable posture makes riding and handling the bike smoother.

For a slim riding position suitable for both on and off-road riding, Footpads are mounted along the centerline of the bike. It is simpler to adjust the seating angle with a new seat shape.

A compact, lightweight kit produces the tracker’s box- and tubular-section high-tensile steel perimeter structure. The 26.5-degree caster and short wheelbase lead to rapid handling while maintaining straight-line stability due to the high rigidity of the chassis.

The new lightweight, extremely stable swing arm in the D-section of aluminum leads to a reduction in unsprung weight. The new KX racing-type chain adjusters allow for accurate chain slack adjustment, helping to minimize the loss of power transfer from the drivetrain.

When a rider abruptly opens the throttle, the wide diameter throttles, the uncontrolled torque response is anything but soft, and sometimes more than the rider can bear. The technology of dual throttle valves was developed to tame engine reaction while leading to results.

Usually, throttle bodies only have one throttle valve per cylinder on fuel-injected versions.

There are two throttle valves per cylinder on models with dual throttle valves: in addition to the main valves, which are physically attached to the throttle grip and operated by the rider, the second pair of valves, opened and closed by the ECU, accurately controls the airflow intake to ensure a normal, linear reaction.

With the air going through the throttle bodies becoming cleaner, there is better combustion efficiency and increased power. They are used on many Kawasaki models, much as other Kawasaki engine control technologies.


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With its unusual mix of dual-sport engineering and exclusive street-smart parts, the all-new D-Tracker X motorcycle is ready to conquer. To have a greater throttle response for larger, smoother power and improved fuel economy, the D-Tracker X adds a 10-hole fuel injector.

You will master city streets with 17-inch tires, bigger front disc brakes, radial sportbike tires, and lower suspension. Add pavement-friendly gear and aggressive modern bodywork to the pavement, and the D-Tracker X is just about the perfect way to cope with everyday life and have fun doing it.

As Kawasaki believes in reliability and quality it is obvious that this will be the best available option in the off-road and on-road motorcycle market.

  •  Technical Specifications:

Name: D TRACKER X250
Strokes: 4 stroke
Capacity/Output: 249 cc
Range/liter: 40 km/L
Tank capacity: 7.7 L liters
Engine type: Water-cooled / 4-stroke / Single Cylinder / DOHC / 4 Valve
Starter: Self-starter
Weight: 139 kg
Power: 24.1 HP (16 kW)) @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 21.0 Nm (2.1 kg-m or 15.5 ft.lbs) @ 7000 RPM
  •  Chassis, brakes, and tire features:

Frame Type Perimeter / High-tensile steel
Front Suspension ø43mm, Inverted fork, Adjustable damping
Rear Suspension single shock, Uni Trak, Adjustable damping, compression, spring preload
Front Wheel


9.05inches/230mm/ 110/70

8.07inches/205mm/ 130/70

Rear Caliper piston Single
Front Caliper piston Dual
Brakes Rear brake= 240mm/9.45inches and petal disc

Front brake=300mm/11.05inches and petal disc

Rake / Trail 25.5° / 73 mm/ 2.88inches
  •  Other details:

The Wheelbase 1420mm/ 55.90inches
Length (L) 2130mm/ 83.85inches
Width (W) 795mm/ 31.30inches
Height (H) 1140mm/ 44.90inches
Height of seat 860mm/ 33.85inches
Road Clearance 225 mm/8.86inches
Seat Height 860 mm/33.85inches
  • Best offers:

You can get your D Tracker X250 from any of the KAWASAKI franchises in the USA at a budgeted price at your nearest dealership.

Whereas Australia has 8 main dealerships where you can get your D Tracker X and you can simply search them on your internet and can even directly deliver them to your doorstep.

If you want to get your D Tracker in Malaysia then the GT showroom is the best place to get one as they are providing a 10% discount on the Kawasaki almost products.

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