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Top 6 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Without a doubt, leather is the best choice when it comes to motorcycle jackets, but over the summer months, it can get mighty warm on the back of a motorcycle. This begs the question is leather the choice for the best summer motorcycle jackets over the summer months when the temperature is getting up towards the 90s. Leather Alternatives – What to Look for In the Best Summer Motorcycle Jacket? When it comes to crash protection and safety, you can’t beat leather, but the disadvantage with leather is that it doesn’t really accommodate the hot summer months. Although many manufacturers have tried to incorporate things that will make the jackets cooler like vents and perforations, they still remain a heavier option than many textile jackets.

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Top 16 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Reviews & Recommendations

In with the hot, out with the cold. The weather is warm, and the skies are clear! But when motorcycling in temperatures exceeding 95 F (35°C) for more than 2 hours, the symptoms might become severe. Fortunately, reputable apparel brands, like AGVSPORT, have found innovative ways to allow you to ride without the risk of overheating (hyperthermia), which significantly increases the risk of vehicle accidents. In fact, 13% of all motorcycle fatalities happen in June, followed by July and August. Understanding this, we urge all summer riders to use caution, be alert, and dress for the fall, not for the ride. But with so many options available, deciding which protective jacket is breathable and lightweight can be difficult. It’s totally possible to balance safety and

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Womens Motorcycle Fashion

What’s hot and what’s not when it comes to womens motorcycle fashion. If you’re out on the bike it’s important that safety is always your primary concern. That’s not to say you can’t look good as well, but in the past, the gear that looked good and was safe has been a little thin on the ground. Fortunately, this is slowly changing and there is a range of products out there that are designed especially for women, that not only look good but have your safety at their heart. What Should Women Wear on a Motorcycle? – Womens Motorcycle Fashion If you want to stay safe on a motorcycle then the only gear you should be wearing is appropriate motorcycle clothing, which includes: 1. Helmet

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The Best of Both Worlds: Top 15 Best Modular Helmets You Can Buy Today

We know better – having worked and consulted for helmet giants since 1985, besides being a rider myself. The best modular helmets offer the right combination of safety, function, performance, features, and price. For this post, we will categorize our best picks into three value sections: Entry Level, Mid-Range, and High End. More on these helmets are down below. In the meantime, let’s delve into the definition, safety, and criteria for picking the best modular helmet for your specific riding style and needs.  What Is a Modular Helmet?  A modular helmet is a hybrid of open-face and full-face helmets with a hinge system that allows the chin bar to easily lift open with a simple touch of a button transforming into an open-face lid for

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What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle?

The Proper Riding Gear for Motorcyclists to Protect Your Head and Body. We have all seen motorcyclists riding without a helmet and gloves in a T-shirt with shorts and tennis shoes, sandals, or flip flops. Ease riders are a great income source for the skin graft industry! To be able to enjoy the experience of riding your motorcycle for many years to come you should protect every part of your body as much as is reasonably possible. You can aid in preventing injury or even death and you will also reduce little things like being pelted by rain, bugs debris, prevent sunburn and burns to your legs from exhaust heat, etc. Most motorcyclists ride because there is a certain freedom that comes from motorcycling that

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The Must-Have Adventure Riding Gear for Every Ride

When the rubber meets the dirt and branded kits drench in mud, that is when adventure riding gear looks its best. The best ADV riding gear is not designed on the factory floor but out in the wild where dirt, goat trail climbs, river crossings, and desert blizzards must be allowed to mold the garments for survival in the harsh wild. The market for ADV apparel is now booming, and there is no shortage of obscenely priced garments dubbed “adventure” that might be tempting to touch but wildly inappropriate for any type of adventure touring on a motorcycle. Of course, there are other brands out there who are making legit strong quality gear that is duly expensive but that does not mean you should break

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Best Motorcycle Jacket Leather for Longevity and Protection 

Motorcycle jackets are a staple for anyone who loves to ride. Being out in the open air, feeling the wind rush past, and conquering the road ahead are all made better when you’ve got the perfect leather jacket for your ride. If you love to ride, you may be wondering what the best leather for a motorcycle jacket is.  In general, for most people the best motorcycle jacket leather is made of cowhide, which is strong, durable, wind proof and not outrageously expensive compared to some other types of leather.  However, there are plenty of different leathers to try.  If you’re looking to find the perfect leather motorcycle jacket that you can use for years to come, read on. Best Types of Leather for Longevity

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Are Boots Good for Motorcycle Riding?

To a majority of people, a boot is a boot. Anything that covers the foot and ankle, or sometimes the lower leg, is fine, right? Well, we beg to differ. And in this post, we will tell you why. When motorcycling, it is important to wear the right gear – remember, we dress for the slide, not the ride. But most riders frequently overlook their feet, and our feet, like the rest of the body, require suitable protection. In fact, about 30% of the more than 80,000 annual motorcycle injuries are to the leg and foot. It is a nail-biting statistic, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a good ride. The truth is, it is possible to ride out for adventure and the

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Top 16 Lightest Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth

Your head is by far the most vulnerable part during a crash, which makes wearing a helmet the most effective way to stay safe. Failure to wear a helmet accounts for over 50 percent of motorcycle crash fatalities, so it should be the first item on your mind when planning to ride. Today, it is possible to ride out on your motorcycle in the current digital society and remain connected with a built-in Bluetooth technology integrated into your helmet. The sophisticated technology allows you to receive and make calls or listen to music without worrying about your safety while you drive. Even so, with the wide range of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets on the market, finding an efficient, budget-friendly yet light option can prove to be

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