Top 16 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Reviews & Recommendations

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In with the hot, out with the cold. The weather is warm, and the skies are clear! But when motorcycling in temperatures exceeding 95 F (35°C) for more than 2 hours, the symptoms might become severe. Fortunately, reputable apparel brands, like AGVSPORT, have found innovative ways to allow you to ride without the risk of overheating (hyperthermia), which significantly increases the risk of vehicle accidents.


In fact, 13% of all motorcycle fatalities happen in June, followed by July and August. Understanding this, we urge all summer riders to use caution, be alert, and dress for the fall, not for the ride. But with so many options available, deciding which protective jacket is breathable and lightweight can be difficult. It’s totally possible to balance safety and style all while staying cool with these top 16 best summer motorcycle jackets we’ve selected for you.

In today’s post, we’ll separate our best picks into two material segments: Leather and Textile.

Best OverallBest LeatherBest TextileHonorable Mention
AGVSPORT AscariAlpinestars SP-1AGVSPORT MojaveDainese Prima72
Price: $409.99Price: $439.95Price: $279.99Price: $629.95

What Makes a Good Summer Motorcycle Jacket?

Individual preferences and financial constraints influence the choices but learning how to focus your attention is critical to making an informed selection. Let’s look at the basic criteria to consider while selecting a summer riding jacket.

  • Foremost, a motorcycle jacket for any weather should also provide a substantial level of protection. That is why shoulder and elbow protection are required. Make sure there are protection inserts in the rear as well (or at the least a space available for them to fit).
  • A good summer motorcycle jacket should allow as much ventilation as possible. They commonly do this by using perforated holes (leather jackets) or breathable mesh material (textile jackets).
  • It should be adjustable to have well-fitted clothing for diverse body shapes. Velcro fasteners, buckles, or buttons on the waist, wrists, arms, and neck are commonly used.

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Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Reviews


When selecting a summer jacket, you must decide if you prefer the qualities and appearance of a textile or leather jacket. Besides offering abrasion and impact resistance in case of an accident, a good motorcycle jacket should provide comfort, freedom of mobility, and breathability during the warmest part of the day, as riding in the heat with your gear on can be challenging.

To make it easier to compare similar valued items, we’ve divided our best summer motorcycle jacket picks into two material categories: Leather and Textile, and consequently low to high price orders.  

Textile: Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

The best textile jackets contain three layers (including a waterproof membrane and cushioning), making them suited for riding in a variety of climates. There are situations where you can have scorching hot afternoons and freezing cold mornings on the same day; under these conditions, a textile jacket with numerous detachable inner thermal layers can be quite useful while weighing negligibly to the tune of a couple of tens of grams.

1. BILT Blaze 2 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket, $119.99




Material: Ultra-Flow Mesh Reinforced with 600D Textile Panels Armor:


CE Approved Shoulders and Elbow Armor. CE Rated Back Armor (Sold Separately)
Ventilation: Airflow Mesh Inner Lining Liner: Mesh Lining for Maximal Airflow
Waterproofness: No Size: XS-5XL

So, is it true that you can obtain a good motorcycle jacket for around $100, or is it just a myth? Yes, you certainly can! Durable models no longer have to be costly. Just look at the entry-level BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.

The mesh construction of this jacket allows air to flow freely through it when you’re riding down your favorite motorcycle road, giving you a lot more breathability than a leather jacket while still providing enough protection.

Abrasion resistance from the 600D protective panels, as well as memory foam impact pads, are all part of the protection package. This jacket isn’t the most armored on the market, but it has plenty of safety features for the cautious rider. Its mesh structure allows air to easily flow through it, providing similar breathability too, say, Alpinestars Men’s Brera Airflow while yet providing adequate protection.

2. Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket, $169.99




Material: FreeAir Poly/Mesh Shell Armor: CE Approved Shoulders and Elbow Armor. CE Rated Back Armor (Sold Separately)
Ventilation: Mesh Panels Liner: Removable Waterproof Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: SM-5XL

This racing-style jacket is designed for performance bike riding and offers plenty of ventilation (due to its mesh structure) without sacrificing safety. The shell is strengthened with CE-approved shoulder and elbow protection, and a removable spine pad with a compartment for additional back armor is included.

Like the Joe Rocket Velocity, the Phoenix 5.0 has pockets for hand warmers, sunglasses, and other items. While the protection and breathability make this a fantastic summer jacket, it also comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match it to your bike and other riding accessories.

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3. Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket, $239.95




Material: 600D Polyester Fabric Armor: CE Approved Nucleon Flex Plus Shoulders and Elbow Impact Armor.  CE Rated Back Armor (Sold Separately)
Ventilation: Extended Mesh Panels on the Torso and Arms Liner: Full Mesh Lining
Waterproof: Yes Size: SM-4XL

If you’re looking for a sporty cut jacket to wear mostly during the warmest days of spring and summer, the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V2 Air model is a good option. This jacket ensures excellent air circulation thanks to big mesh panels across the chest and arms after removing the inner thermal layer.

The elbow and shoulder protectors are CE Level 1, but CE Level 2 protectors may be inserted in the back, which is unquestionably the most essential portion of the body to protect. However, the jacket is not waterproof, but it is water repellent, so if you are caught in a deluge, you can rely on them entirely watertight inside pockets to keep everything dry.

You will be spending a premium figure on this product designed for performance and unmistakable style noticeable even by people with the least fashion sense.

4. Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry Motorcycle Jacket, $239.95




Material: Boomerang Fabric and QuickDry Fabric Armor: Composite Protectors at the Shoulders and Elbows with Sot for G1 and G2 Back Protectors
Ventilation: Perforated Mesh Shell Liner: Removable Liner with Breathable Waterproof D-Dry® Membrane
Waterproof: Yes Size: XS-4XL

Hydra Flux is an excellent quality, water-resistant jacket that is great for summer. It’s functional, stylish, and comes in a variety of sizes. In fact, the Hydra Flux D-Dry is the most popular model in Europe and is ideal for both men and women besides being suitable for all seasons and all sorts of physiques.

This jacket is really nicely crafted. It’s extremely light in weight yet provides excellent protection when riding your motorcycle, especially during the warmest portion of the day. It contains a detachable D-DRY membrane that provides comprehensive waterproofing for any situation.

Get the Dainese Hydra Flux for ideal ventilation for maximum comfort and an air channel to keep you cool. It’s a great option if you are a fashionista who also wants first-class protection.

5. Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V3 Air Jacket, $249.99




Material: Abrasion Resistant 600D Polyester Fabric Liner: Full Mesh Lining
Ventilation: Large Mesh Panel on the Chest, Back, Upper Sleeves Armor: Nucleon Flex Plus CE Level 1 Shoulder and Elbow Armor. Optional Nucleon KR-Ci chest and Back Protection (Sold Separately)
Waterproof: Yes Size: S-4XL

The Alpinestars T-GP Plus V3 Air Jacket is one of the most comfortable jackets on the market, if not the most comfortable. The rear of the shoulders and the upper outer elbows have accordion stretch strips with a comfort lining below. When your arms are extended out in front of you all day, this makes a tremendous impact.

This jacket is good for summer traveling since it considerably lowers tiredness over lengthy periods of time. If you require a windbreaker or waterproof lining, you must purchase one separately. In the vast majority of cases, this is not a concern. However, having a waterproof liner on hand is useful in case you will be riding in places known for dramatic weather.

Get this jacket for your daily commute because it is reliable and will offer you great protection from slow-speed falls, slides, and impacts.

6. REV’IT! Airwave 3 Motorcycle Jacket, $259.99




Material: 100% Polyester 600D Liner: Full Mesh Lining
Ventilation: PWR|Mesh Panels at the Chest, Back, and Sleeves Armor: Seesoft CE-Level 1 Shoulders and Elbows Armor. Divided Chest and Back Protectors (Sold Separately)
Waterproof: Yes Size: XS-6XL

For optimal ventilation when riding, the REV’IT! Airwave 3 has big mesh panels — like what we have on its elder brother REV’IT! Eclipse — in all essential areas: chest, back, and arms. The rest of the jacket is made of high-density 600D polyester, with abrasion resistant Ripstop panels on the chest for increased strength and flexibility.

What’s more, the Airwave 3 is equipped with CE Level 1 Seesmart shoulder and elbow armor, as well as compartments for extra back and chest protection. It has a short connecting zip for use with REV’IT! trousers and is adjustable at the upper arms and waist.

7. Dainese Air Frame D1 Tex Motorcycle Jacket, $269.95




Material: Quick Dry Fabric Chassis Armor: Composite Sleeve Protectors Certified to EN 1621.1 Standard. CE Rated Back Armor (Sold Separately)
Ventilation: Perforated Fabric Liner: Removable Windproof Liner
Waterproof: No Size: XS-4XL

The Dainese Air Frame D1 Tex is the ideal jacket to keep you cool in really hot temperatures, and it also offers unmatched good bang for your buck. Thanks to its light and perforated fabrics, this summer jacket is extremely breathable and helps you to keep cool without overheating.

It’s constructed of Quick Dry fabric, which lets air circulate. The detachable windproof liner promotes optimal body thermal adaptation to summer temperatures, while different standard-compliant protective measures offer optimum safety when riding a motorcycle or scooter.

Dainese got the Air Frame right by striking a balance between a lightweight and durable design. It lacks a back protector, but it is conveniently compatible with the Wave D1 G2.

8. AGVSPORT Mojave Motorcycle Jacket, $279.99




Material: Cordura Polyester Ventilation: Air Vents
Armor: CE Certified EN 1621 Level 2 Smooth Ways Soft Armor in the Shoulders, Elbows, & Back Liner: Removable and Comfortable 75g Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: 40-60

The AGVSPORT Mojave Jacket can take you anywhere from Barstow to Vegas, or Palmdale to St. George. With standard Smoothways CE Level II soft armor, full-length sleeve and chest vents, detachable ventilated back, and ample but not too many pockets, the Mojave does not disappoint.

This jacket is a top-of-the-line ADV jacket for a fraction of the cost. In warmer regions, air vents allow air to flow freely via zipper vents, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Waist adjustment is required to obtain a proper fit. Large internal storage compartments for media devices, like phones and cameras, are connected, similar to what we have on the AGVSPORT Flex Tex Motorcycle Jacket. It’s ideal for both men and women.

Other motorcycle jackets for hot weather in this category include the Klim Induction Summer Jacket ($379.99), RST Pro Series Ventilator-X Summer Jacket ($239.99), and Rev’it Cayenne Pro Summer Jacket ($559.99), and Oxford Dakar Dry2Dry Air 1.0 ($237.99).

Leather: Best Perforated Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

The notion of wearing a big leather jacket on a hot and humid summer ride is not very enticing. Furthermore, you will be unable to feel the breeze, and the leather may adhere to moist skin. But all is not lost, fashionistas!

Before you call it quits, consider the engineering marvels of the motorcycle gear industry. Perforated leather jackets combine the benefits of leather (very tear-resistant and safe) with the benefits of textile/mesh jackets (airy). It’s like a whole different material altogether!

9. AGVSPORT Crosswind Perforated Jacket, $289.99




Material: 1.3-1.4mm Perforated Soft Leather Armor: CE Certified EN 1621 Level 2 Smooth Ways Soft Armor in the Shoulders, Elbows, & Back
Ventilation: Perforation on the Front, Chest, and Sleeves Liner: Removable and Comfortable 75g Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: 40-60

With the AGVSPORT Crosswind Jacket, you’ll never have to make the difficult choice between protection and cooling off while riding in the heat of summer. It’s made from 1.3.-1.4mm soft leather, which makes it an optimally flexible and easy-fitting garment that also cools as you move along. This is further aided by a standard perforated mesh at the front, which is also CE standard compliant, and an ultra-light 75g inner thermal lining layer that you can shed for warmer days.

Buy this jacket to enjoy a bang for your buck than other manufacturers will struggle to match as exemplified in AGVSORT’s trusted multi-layered Advanced Safety Stitching Construction (ASSC), YKK zippers, and a soft neck collar construction that makes the jacket even cozier. The technical textile ventilation keeps you cool, while race-quality leather and Smooth Ways CE Level 2 soft armor in key areas provide optimal comfort and protection.

10. REV’IT! Sherwood Air Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $349.99




Material: 1.1mm Perforated Cowhide Armor: Seesmart CE Approved Shoulders and Elbow Armor. Seesoft CE Rated Back Armor (Sold Separately)
Ventilation: Lots of Perforation on the Surface Liner: Detachable Thermal Body Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: 44-60

The REV’IT! Sherwood Air leather jacket is particularly highly ventilated, with perforated cowhide leather for excellent airflow and abrasion resistance. It has CE Level I shoulder and back protection, as well as a SEE SOFT CE-Level 2 back protector pocket. The back protection, on the other hand, is not included.

This jacket features pre-curved sleeves, which are ideal for leather coats. It keeps the cloth from stretching out, making this jacket exceptionally comfortable on both short and long rides. Furthermore, while leather jackets are often not recommended for summer riding, the holes in this material assist to enhance ventilation and keep you cool.

In high-risk places, there is also extra safety stitching. This keeps the jacket from ripping in vital areas. Cowhide leather is not too shabby for abrasion resistance and ages well, SO YEAH, this is a good buy even for the tall price point!

11. AGVSPORT Aragon Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $349.99

AGVSPORT-Aragon Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket-micramoto



Material: 1.3-1.4mm Perforated Soft Leather Armor: Removable CE-Level 2 Smooth Ways Soft, Armor in the Back, Shoulders & Elbows
Ventilation: Perforated Main Surface Liner: Removable and Comfortable 75g Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: 40-54

The “greatest track in the world,” according to many, the AGVSPORT Aragon Jacket, as its name suggests, is one of the finest bargains in racing. Protection and comfort are provided by the 1.3-1.4mm racing skin, Smoothways CE Level 2 soft armor, sufficient perforation, pre-curved arms, and neoprene neck.

The AGVSPORT Aragon comes with soft and flexible shoulder armor, giving a perfect balance between comfort and CE-approved EN 1621 protection. Shoulder, back, and elbow armor are removable and adjustable for easy access.

I would buy this jacket just for the multi-stitched and triple stitched for guaranteed reliability. Other likable features include a 75g thermal liner, which is also removable in the heat of summer and a blessing in the colder months. It’s available for both men and women.

12. AGVSPORT Ascari Men’s Motorcycle Jacket, $409.99




Material: 1.3-1.4mm Perforated Soft Leather Armor: CE Certified EN 1621-Level 2 Smooth Ways Soft Armor in the Shoulders, Elbows, & Back
Ventilation: Perforated Main Surface Liner: Removable and Comfortable 75g Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: 40-54

The AGVSPORT Ascari Jacket is a top-tier offering by the gear powerhouse that seems to be the highest trim of jacket and the best protection money can buy for a leather summer riding jacket. It is emulated closely by their Aragon (discussed above) with CE-certified EN 1621-Level 2 Smoothways soft armor for the shoulders, elbows, and back.

It also has a 75g thermal layer that you will not be needed for summer riding and superior ventilation and perforations that keep you cool without compromising on strength. Additionally, you have larger inner pockets for storage of personal items and media attachments away from the occasional downpour.

I would get this jacket just for the quality of build and longevity of the Mil-spec Nylon 3 ply bonded thread as acclaimed by most riders. Reliable YKK zippers, all trusted AGVSPORT’s Advanced Safety Stitching Construction (ASSC); all assurances that the product works for better or for worse.

13. Alpinestars SP-1 Airflow Motorcycle Jacket, $439.95




Material: 1.3mm Premium Leather Liner: Fixed Mesh Lining
Ventilation: High-Density Perforation Panels on the Torso and Back. Internal Mesh Inserts on the Collar and Cuffs Armor: Removable CE Approved Shoulder & Elbow Protectors. CE-Level 2 Approved Alpinestars Nucleon Back Protector (Sold Separately)
Waterproof: Yes Size: XS-5XL

The SP-1 V2 jacket is made of fine leather and has strategically placed leather accordion and poly-textile stretch sections for an outstanding sport riding fit while providing comfort and flexibility. The detachable full-sleeve thermal lining allows it to be worn in a range of weather situations.

It’s made with 1.3mm genuine leather and includes stretch panels around the shoulder blades that further increase its fit and feel. You can get Alpinestars Nucleon chest and back inserts as an add-on to make the jacket more worthwhile in a crash. It also has a water-tight inner pocket and a thin thermal lining you can lose for warm summer riding.

I would buy the SP-1 V2 just for the level of protection that it can provide, especially combined with the shoulder and elbows Bio Armor and Level II Nucleon back protector, which make the garment a fully PrEN17092 Category II A class certified garment.

14. REV’IT! Ignition 3 Motorcycle Jacket, $539.99




Material: Dynax Mesh and Monaco Performance Cowhide Armor: SEEFLEX™ Armor in the Shoulders and Elbows. Optional SEESOFT™ CE-Level 2 Back Protector
Ventilation: Fully Ventilated Mesh, Air Outlet on Upper Back, & Zippers on Lower Arms Liner: Detachable Thermal Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: 40-60

It’s the REV’IT! It’s the Ignition remix, hot and fresh from the studio. This is the third remix of the Ignition jacket, and it features a fresh style with Seeflex CE Level 2 armor sewn to the outside shell of the jacket rather than the mesh lining. The shell of the jacket is made of the same Dynax mesh and Monaco performance cowhide that provides both air flow and protection.

The Ignition 3 Jacket includes a removable thermal layer and a removable waterproof liner, allowing you to customize it to meet the weather forecast. It’s the weekend, baby, and I’m about to have a good time!

Get this jacket if only for the grade of the Monaco high-performance cowhide and Dynax mesh with the VCSI zippers tailored for perfect fit and ventilation.

15. Dainese Prima72 Perforated Leather Jacket, $629.95




Material: Soft Natural Open Grain Leather


Armor: Removable Pro-Armor Soft Protectors Certified to Standard EN 1621.1 in the Shoulders and Elbows. Slot for G1 and G2 Back Protector
Ventilation: 2 Air Vents on the Chest Liner: Advanced Technical Lining
Waterproof: Yes Size: S-4XL

The Dainese Prima72 is brilliantly designed to provide the same protection as a full leather jacket while still being far more breathable, owing to its perforation and sophisticated technology lining for optimal ventilation in even the hottest conditions. It’s a minor adjustment, but it may be the difference between sweating in discomfort and riding pleasantly.

The natural grain leather lends a distinct timeless feel to this jacket, so it’s not only the easy repair that makes it special. Pro-Armor protection ensures your safety and comfort on even the longest journeys.

The Dainese Prima is our choice for honorable mention because it has high-grade soft cowhide leather; comfortable to the touch, and the design incorporates breast pockets (which conceal perforated leather inserts); in which to put your everyday carry goods

16. Dainese Fighter Perforated Leather Jacket, $699.95




Material: D-Skin 2.0 Leather Armor: CE Approved Shoulders and Elbow Armor. CE Rated Back and Chest Armor (Sold Separately)
Ventilation: Mesh Back and Vent on Torso Liner: Thermal Removable Liner
Waterproof: Yes Size: XS-4XL

The Fighter, being a somewhat thick leather jacket, should have the most difficult time keeping a rider cool of all the options on this list. But Dainese employed holes throughout the whole front and back of the jacket to promote airflow; there are even additional perforated panels on the underside of the arms for better circulation. Plus, if the weather turns chilly, the detachable thermal lining may be reinserted for added warmth.

The Dainese Fighter Perforated Jacket is the best buy this summer if you are a fashionista out for sleek style but don’t want to sweat to death before you get there. You get the perks of buying from a reputable brand and greater durability for choosing a thicker leather with bold stitching.

It’s not a match for AGVSPORT’s stitching, but it should hold out for the next several thousand K’s provided you are not a tumbleweed when you ride the desserts.

In Summary: Top 16 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Recommendations

Best OverallBest LeatherBest TextileHonorable Mention
AGVSPORT AscariAlpinestars SP-1AGVSPORT MojaveDainese Prima72
Price: $409.99Price: $439.95Price: $279.99Price: $629.95
Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V3Dainese FighterDainese Air Frame D1AGVSPORT Crosswind
Price: $249.99Price: $699.95Price: $269.95Price: $289.99
Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0AGVSport AragonREV’IT! Airwave 3BILT Blaze 2
Joe-Rocket-Phoenix-5.0-Mesh-Motorcycle-Jacket-micramotoAGVSPORT-Aragon Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket-micramotoREV’IT!-Airwave-3-Motorcycle-Jacket-micramotoBILT-Blaze-2-Mesh-Motorcycle-Jacket-micramoto
Price: $169.99Price: $349.99Price: $259.99Price: $119.99
Dainese Hydra FluxREV’IT! SherwoodAlpinestars T-GP Plus R V2 AirREV'IT! Ignition 3
Price: 239.95Price: $349.99Price: $299.95 Price: $579.99

The winners for the leather and textile category seem to be both from the same maker, AGVSPORT for their exemplary performance.

The AGVSPORT Mojave Jacket leads the pack of textile jackets, which are breathable on a micro-level and can feel considerably cooler under the scorching sun and still remain considerably warm with shut vents in the extreme cold of a desert.

On the other hand, you may still want the sleek style of leather jackets, which is still hard to beat with the best textile available. In this case, you have the AGVSPORT Ascari taking the lead from excellent look and protection and a range of Dainese and Alpinestars jackets that are not too far behind on protection and arguably better looking than the entry-level Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0.

A motorcycle rider who understands that the trip is more important than the destination should buy from this list. During the warmest part of the day, you’ll need a motorcycle jacket that provides comfort, flexibility of movement, and ventilation, since it might be tough to go around in the searing heat with your gear on. If your jacket accumulates a lot of heat, natural thermoregulation may be disrupted.


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About the Author:

Michael Parrotte began his illustrious career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the U.S. market. He then went on to become the Vice President of AGV Helmets America for 25 years, during which time he also consulted for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

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