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What Are The Different Types of Motorcycle Tires?

You’ve just brought your first used motorcycle, and it’s been around the block more than a few times, judging by the wear on the tires. While you’re no expert, you know that worn tires can be a safety risk, so you’re anxious to replace them before you head out for some serious riding. Types of motorcycle tires When you head down to the store, there are what seems like a multitude of different tires to choose from, so how do you know what tire is best for your bike and the type of riding you intend to do. There are four main types of motorcycle tires, including: 1. Tube type As the name suggests, tube types are those that have a rubber tube inside them,

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How to Check if Your Motorcycle Helmet Has Expired?

Are you aware that your motorcycle helmet has an expiry date? No, well neither are a lot of motorcyclists, but motorcycle helmets do in fact expire. Now that you know that your helmet has an expiry date, I imagine the next question you have is, “how do I check if my motorcycle helmet has expired?” We can help you out with that one. How Do I Know If My Motorcycle Helmet has Expired? Degrading expanded foam layer Your helmet looks exactly the same as it did when you bought it several years ago, not a scratch on it, so why on earth would you replace it? The reason motorcycle helmets expire isn’t really anything to do with the outer shell, it’s because of the layer

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Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist-7 Tips For Newbies

When the days start getting longer and the landscape begins to change from white to green, motorcyclists start dusting off their bikes ready for the summer months. Before you head out onto the road this spring, it’s important to give the bike the once over and make sure it’s all in working order. Maintenance helps ensure that your motorcycle is safe on the road and keeps. It performs at optimal levels. Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist – 7 Tips For Newbies There are a few things that you should be checking before you head out for the new season, including: 1. Battery First up is the battery. You want to be sure that it’s ready to go and not going to give up on you half

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Why “Loud Pipes Save Lives” Is a Misconception?

Why are motorcycles so loud? You may ask! That could have to do with the size of the mufflers on them, the overall length of pipes, the lack of sufficient air and exhaust residence times, and the fact that motorcycle engines are exposed with no casing to muffle the sound. People also frequently modify their bikes to be intentionally loud, and that makes the subject of this post. Is it legal or even safer as most proponents swear? Let’s find out. Why “Loud Pipes Save Lives” Is a Misconception? Are Loud Exhausts Legal? High muffler loudness is not a correctable offense under most states’ “Loud Exhaust Law,” as of this writing. Operators of overly loud motorcycles can and will be punished, with no chance to

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Top 3 Best Rattle Spray Aerosol Can Paint for Motorcycle Frame Painting (For Longevity and Look)

Whether you’re trying to save money or simply enjoy the challenge of doing everything yourself, you’ll undoubtedly contemplate painting your own motorbike at some time. However, not everyone has a home air compressor, a spray booth, or a good spray gun. But who says you can’t use the best rattle spray cans to paint a motorcycle in your garage? To be sure, and with the right paint, you will obtain almost similar results as a professional painter using a spray booth. It’ll also be quite as long-lasting as current two-part automotive paint. And you’ll very certainly save time and money. Top 3 best rattle spray can paints we found in use by experts and a quick guide to painting your motorcycle frame at home. Rust-Oleum

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13 Popular Types of Motorcycle Handlebars

A motorcycle’s handlebars are an integral aspect of its ergonomics and optics. They impact the overall look and influence how the bike handles and how pleasant it is to ride. Each handlebar type is intended to look a certain way and to tweak your grip to facilitate a specific handling characteristic. And so, in this post, I’ll go over all the popularly recognized motorcycle handlebars, how they appear, and what sort of bike mods they’re used for. But before I dive into the finer details, first let’s discern a general guide on how to choose the best pair for your requirements. How Do I Choose the Right Motorcycle Handlebars?

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How Much CCA Does a Motorcycle Need? Ultimate Guide to Cold Cranking Amps and Bikes

If you forget to inspect or replace your motorcycle battery on a regular basis, you may find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. So, when it’s time to replace the battery, there are a few things you should know to ensure you not only acquire the proper unit for your machine but also for easy and stress-free maintenance. A good motorcycle battery gives the engine the power it needs to start regardless of the weather. It’s the foundation of your bike’s performance. Nevertheless, not all batteries are created equal. You need a battery that’s designed specifically for your bike and gives the optimum performance. How Much CCA Does a Motorcycle Need? Our ultimate guide will shed light on the meaning of CCA specifications and

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Best Motorcycle Zip Ties You Need For Your Ride

Naturally, you would want to stock on the best motorcycle zip ties around, and ideally, they should be strong and reasonably long and should be able to withstand different weather conditions. If there is one little accessory that bikers would be wise to always have on hand, it’s zip ties. Despite being lightweight, this piece of plastic is sufficiently strong and can help you in a multitude of ways. For instance, you can use it to measure the sag, straighten the wheel of the bike, like a bolt replacement, as a makeshift lock, and for sticking things like cameras and lights onto your bike. Those are only some of the uses and as any experienced biker would know, zip ties are as versatile as they get and

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Best 10 Gas Can For Motorcycle And 5 Carriers To Hold It

Having the best gas can for you on hand is beneficial whether you’re storing gasoline for your power equipment or preparing for an emergency. Filling your machinery with high-quality gas is simple, and it also provides a safe, leak-proof container for storage or transportation. Choosing the best gas can for motorcycles be difficult with so many alternatives available. It’s critical to select one that’s not only simple to fill and pour, but also safe and long-lasting. Types of Gas Cans Before you start looking for the best gas can, you should be aware of the various types of gas cans available. They all have advantages and disadvantages, so choose the can style that best suits your needs. Standard: The cans you find in garages and

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