Is Aprilia GPR250R a entry level sport bike?

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At the Xi’an Auto Expo in China, Aprilia unveiled the new 2021 GPR250R fully-faired sportbike. The motorcycle has been updated with a slew of significant changes both inside and out. It continues to compete with super sportbikes such as the KTM RC 390 and the Yamaha YZF-R3.

On the exterior, this bike has a somewhat sharper body with redesigned panels for a more modern appearance. From certain perspectives, the bike looks to be inspired by its larger RSV4 sister.

It has a more angular three-piece headlight with air vents and winglet-like panels. Among the new features is a semi-digital instrument cluster with a new color TFT display.

At first glance, it’s clear to ascertain that Aprilia GPR250R has given its entry-level sportbike cosmetic enhancements which make it an ideal slot in the Noale company’s sportbike model range. It gets similar aggressive styling as its bigger siblings, the RS660 and RSV4, accentuated by race-inspired fairings and therefore the signature Aprilia three-piece split LED headlight.

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 What is the engine configuration of the Aprilia GPR250R?

At the guts of the motorcycle sits a 250cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that delivers 27.5bhp of power and 21.5Nm of torque. The engine comes fitted with a six-speed transmission. It also comes with a slipper clutch. the general power output has been somewhat increased due to the foremost recent modification.

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Model: Aprilia GPR250R
Engine displacement: 250cc
Maximum power: 27hp
The number of cylinders: Single cylinder
Gearbox: Six speeds
Engine type: Liquid-cooled

Dual camshaft

4-valve motor

Peak torque: 21.5Nm
Top speed: 140 kilometers per hour / 87 miles per hour

Aprilia GPR250R: Design

Aprilia GPR250R is based on the design of its larger siblings, the more powerful middleweight RS 660 and the liter-class RSV4. In comparison to the 2019 model, the newly released model has more angular bodywork from front to back.

It still has the triple headlight configuration at the front, but the previous iteration’s halogen lamps have been replaced by all-LED ones, which now include daytime running LEDs.

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The Aprilia GPR250R looks even more dynamic with its air intakes located below the headlights, which are aided by winglet-like lips that fit in with the side fairings on either side. The motorbike has split seating, with the pillion seat situated above the small tailpiece, which has a pointed end and an LED tail lamp at the back.

Brakes, Chassis, and suspension:

Front disc: 218mm/ 8.58inches
Rear disc: 300mm/ 11.81inches
Dual-channel ABS: Yes
Length: 1970mm/ 77.56inches
Width: 770mm/ 30.32inches
Height: 1150mm/ 45.28inches
Weight: 158kg/ 348.33 pounds
Fuel capacity: 14L/ 3.70 Gallons

What is the TFT dash in Aprilia GPR250R?

Aside from the power, the GPR250R has some impressive features, such as a full-color TFT dash, and RSV4-like triple LED headlight arrangement, winglets integrated into the fairings, and race-inspired bodywork that distinguishes this bike as an Aprilia.

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The bodywork is based on the design of larger Aprilia sports motorcycles like the RSV, however, the contemporary trend for fairing wings is removed. There were no power figures provided, however, different sources speculated on a value of 26 horsepower, which brings the GPR250R fully inside the requirements for this class.

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Is Aprilia GPR250R equipped with ABS?

The underpinnings are also quite nice. The front is supported by an inverted 41mm fork, while the rear is supported by a mono-shock with preload adjustability. Dual-channel ABS is available on both the front 300mm disc configuration and the rear 218mm disc.

If you are familiar with Aprilia’s previous single-cylinder sportbike offering, the RS125, the GPR250R may appear to be a spiritual successor. Now that 250cc-400cc bikes are the preferred vehicles for novice sport riders, it only makes sense for Aprilia to produce a competitor of its own.

Looking through accessible pictures online reveals the standard trappings we’ve come to expect from Aprilia for its sports motorcycles, such as a TFT-LCD screen and LED lighting. Other features include upside-down forks and single hydraulic disc brakes with ABS front and rear, as well as a preload-adjustable mono-shock.

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What are the most important features of GPR250R?

The rider’s cockpit vision has also been significantly improved, with the addition of a full-color TFT unit. Previously, the Aprilia GPR250R was equipped with a semi-digital instrument cluster, which now seems like a quaint notion.

Even while the full TFT device is a significant improvement, it still lacks a smartphone connection. In terms of ergonomics, the GPR250R is a purpose-built track bike with clip-on handlebars and rear-seat footpegs. The gasoline tank capacity remains unchanged at 14 liters.

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Aprilia has also modified the engine to produce more power. It retains the same 250cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, but it now generates 27.87PS at 9000rpm and 21.5Nm at 7500rpm. This increases its power by 1.37PS but decreases torque by 0.5Nm over the previous iteration.

The bike is supported by a perimeter frame that is connected to an inverted front fork, a rear mono-shock, and an asymmetrical swingarm. Disc brakes on both ends, with a radial caliper up front and dual-channel ABS as standard, provide excellent braking performance.

Aside from LED headlights and tail lamps, the Aprilia GPR250R has LED turn indicators on both the front and rear. The old model’s semi-digital instrument console has been replaced by a completely new fully digital unit in the current model.

This TFT multi-colored display now displays information such as speed, engine rpm, fuel and temperature levels, odometer, gear indication, trip meters, time, and outside temperature. However, this new display unit lacks smartphone connection and navigation, which are becoming increasingly common in current motorcycles.

The new Aprilia GPR250R retains several features from the model it replaces, including rear-set footpegs, clip-on adjustable handlebars, and a 14-liter fuel tank.

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What is the chassis configuration of the Aprilia GPR250R?

The new Aprilia GPR250R, like any other current quarter-liter sports offering, has inverted 41mm hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and a fully adjustable mono-shock with an asymmetrical swingarm at the back. The GPR250R has disc brakes on both ends (300mm front and 218mm rear), which are supplemented by a dual-channel ABS system as standard.

The 6-speed gearbox and chain drive are identical.

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Is Aprilia GPR250R equipped with the latest safety features for the riders?

To guarantee the rider’s safety, the 2021 Aprilia GPR250R has disc brakes on both the front and back wheels, as well as dual-channel ABS for improved road handling. The motorcycle’s suspension is handled by 41mm inverted forks on the front end and a mono-shock unit on the back end.

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1. Design highlights:

  • A sleek LED tail lamp unit
  • Sculpted fuel tank
  • Underbelly exhaust system
  • Contrast red accents,
  • Slanting windscreen
  • Semi-digital instrument console as the Italian manufacturer has opted for a new fully-colored TFT display showing more information than before.

2. Quick facts:

  • The 2021 Aprilia GPR250R gets a sharper bodywork with all-LED lighting.
  • It also features a new TFT instrument cluster.
  • The motorcycle is slightly more powerful than before.
  • Gorgeous and beautiful Design
  • 2-Channel ABS
  • DOHC FI Engine
  • USD Front Forks
  • Liquid Cooled Engine
  • Powerful Engine the Aprilia GPR 250 R has a maximum top speed of more than 140 kilometers per hour or 87 miles per hour

Pricing and availability for the 2021 Aprilia GPR250R

The Aprilia GPR250R 2021 is priced at 26,800 Yuan in China, which is about $4150 USD at the time of writing.

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