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What to Check on a Motorcycle Before Riding?

Motorcycles are quick, agile, versatile, lightweight and there aren’t too many downsides to riding a motorcycle for speed and performance.  But one disadvantage is not being able to carry many


10 Quietest Gas-Powered Motorcycles

If you asked a random stranger to describe motorcycles, chances are the word ‘loud’ might be used. However, not all motorcycles are loud – you’re just more likely to notice


How Long Do Motorcycles Last?

Motorcycles have a special place in culture today especially when you consider the practicality and the swagger that comes with owning one. But, just like anything that comes with mechanical

motorcycle-control-cables (3)

Motorcycle Cables

Proper motorcycle maintenance is vital in order to ensure optimal performance. Some of the basic maintenance activities include; cleaning and oiling the chain, maintaining good tire pressure, changing oil as

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