Cardo Vs. Sena: Which Is the Best Motorcycle Headset Brand?

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Technology’s rapid advancement has had far-reaching effects, even in the world of motorcycle riding, impacting how we communicate. And with the advent of motorcycle intercom and Bluetooth communication systems, you can now stay connected and have fun riding together.

In all of this, two firms have emerged as leaders in the creation of high-end motorcycle intercom systems: Cardo and Sena. And their pursuit of the top spot shows no signs of abating. In this post, I’ll delve further into each brand’s products to highlight their uniqueness and help you decide which one to buy when it comes to Cardo vs. Sena Bluetooth headsets.

Cardo Systems Overview

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Starting in 1999, Cardo was one of the first businesses to create Bluetooth headsets for phones in 2003. Once they got the mesh network set up, one of their employees, who rode his bike to work, came up with a brilliant idea that would make it possible for several riders to communicate simultaneously.

Ever since Cardo has been a leader and innovator in the motorcycle communication business. Their headquarters is in Plano, north Texas.

Sena Aperçu Overview

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Sena began in 1998 and not only makes wonderful motorcycle headsets but also industrial noise cancellation and work team intercoms. It has offices in Europe, China, and Korea. Their North American headquarters is in Irvine, California.

The communications technology company’s claim to fame is its technological ingenuity, especially the Bluetooth connectivity and mesh network technology. Its products are designed to meet a variety of needs and conditions for specialized riders.

Comparison Between Cardo and Sena

Let’s now compare these two brands based on security updates, mesh tech, range, voice commands, design, price, and customer support among others.

Security and Updates

Both brands produce reliable hardware. In terms of software and updates, we’d say Cardo has the edge. Both brands provide updates. But Sena releases updates and patches more regularly. It’s annoying to keep getting updates when you’re ready to go. I’ve also heard Sena “beta tests” updates on clients.

As a result, Sena has more unexpected connectivity troubles. Cardo is more consistent and trustworthy in this sense. Downloads and updates for both companies are easily accessible via their websites and proprietary applications for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Mesh Technology

Cardo and Sena are both market leaders in communications technology, notably for motorcycles. Cardo employs Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) while Sena uses Mesh Intercom.

Cardo’s DMC allows groups of riders to connect and form a network. They can also disconnect without disturbing the group. In other words, if one motorcyclist loses contact, the other maintains contact. DMC technology can also be matched with other Bluetooth brands.

Sena’s Mesh Intercom technology was created to increase motorcycle communication. The Mesh Intercom system works without headphones and can connect to 30,000 people simultaneously. If the talk is private, the motorcyclists can join and leave the group. If you leave the range, the mesh automatically reconnects.


Cardo is appropriate for intercom communication within a mile. In case of disruptions, communications up to one kilometer would work. However, Sena defeats the ‘Cardo Mile,’ and communication is possible with an extra.2 mile. Both Sena and Cardo offer mesh technology (Mesh 2.0 and DMC) for groups of six or more riders.

Sena has the edge over Cardo because it can mesh a virtually limitless number of visitors into its group. Precisely, Sena 50S has a better range than Cardo Packtalk Edge. It can go 1.2 miles between two riders versus 1 mile for Packtalk.

Voice Commands

You can simply say ‘Hey Cardo’ and give the orders. In other words, you can follow the spoken order without moving a muscle. But verbal orders must be used with care, as shouting causes voice distortion.

On new Sena devices, riders can simply say “Hey Google or Hey Siri” to activate a function. This smartphone can be easily set up.

A/V System

Cardo has paid off its association with one of the greatest audio producers, JBL. JBL is known for its superior speakers and audio quality. A proud pioneer of this new technology, music may be heard through JBL speakers, and conversations are crystal clear. Several bonus features like FM radio and intelligent audio mixing are also included. It allows you to link up to 15 riders for up to a mile.

Sena has no professional or audio speakers, but you can communicate clearly thanks to their mesh network. The speakers are also superior to other intercoms, making the communicator feel almost right next to them. The music and FM audio are good, and the volume can be increased if the bike is fast. Also, as the speed slows, the volume decreases.


The Cardo Scala Rider improved on its predecessor by simplifying the conversational unit. The smartphone can also be used as a secure remote control. The one-touch function is also remarkable, allowing for music selection, deletion, and pack member addition. A finger can also switch from Bluetooth to DMC intercom mode.

Sena’s latest equipment, however, is designed to be wise. This ease of use makes it portable. Install it on the helmet, raise the antenna, and power it up.

Waterproofing & Dustproofing

Cardo products offer superior weather protection. For example, the Cardo’s Packtalk Edge is rated IP67. The six means they’re dust-proof, and the seven means they can withstand 30 minutes in water up to a meter deep.

The company promotes its products as great for watersports and guarantees them against water damage. Cardo systems work well in the rain, unlike Sena products, which are not waterproof. A sudden storm means taking cover or risking damaging the intercom system.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Sena has a slight edge over Cardo. The latest Sena models, like the 50S, can communicate via Bluetooth for up to 14 hours and via mesh network for up to 9 hours.

Cardo Packtalk Edge has a slightly shorter battery life: 13 hours on Bluetooth and 8 hours on DMC.


Both Cardo and Sena make high-end intercom systems that can be pricey. However, Sena’s flagship systems, like the 50S, are cheaper than Cardo Packtalk Edge.

Plus, Sena has a larger product range overall, so if the Sena 50S is out of your price range, you’re more likely to find something simpler that still works.


Product warranties for Cardo are usually two years versus one year for Sena. Cardo guarantees are also more inclusive. Because Cardo’s systems are waterproof, they’re more likely to cover water damage. A better warranty means you can buy with confidence and financial security.

Customer Support

Cardo is a smaller company, so customer service is better. However, outside the U.S., Sena is more accessible. They have numbers and email addresses for offices in America, France, Germany, Korea, and China. Cardo only has U.S. and German customer support.

If you’re afraid of making phone calls, Sena has a convenient virtual assistant on their website. Both companies offer an online form to contact support via email.

Is Cardo Compatible With Sena?

Yes, Cardo can pair with Sena’s mesh mode, across multiple headsets, thanks to its DMC technology. To pair the two, you will need to put the Cardo in phone pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the power button for about five seconds until you see the red LED flash. Then press the phone pair button on the rear of the Sena to activate pairing, and the two should link up.

Final Verdict on Cardo Vs. Sena

We can all agree that Cardo and Sena are fantastic manufacturers. They’ll also meet the needs of various motorcycle riders. Cardo, in particular, has mesh technology, long battery life, auto-reconnect, and good range. Sena also fits most of them. It has unlimited users, public mode, mesh technology, and a ton of accessories.

But Sena lacks a waterproof label, which is a major flaw. Buying Sena may be risky if you plan to ride in the rain. Considering your specific requirements will help you choose between Cardo and Sena.

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