Kawasaki Z125 Pro Mininaked Motorcycle

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The Kawasaki Z125 PRO motorbike is a nimble streetfighter that says something wherever it voyages, in spite of its little size. It’s your solicitation to the defiant side of tomfoolery, with a 125cc motor, upstanding riding position, and smart road tires. A bicycle’s generator produces the electric power required for lights and gas siphons.

The voltage is kept up at a predictable level by the controller, which takes this power. The Kawasaki Smart Regulator for little relocation models has an inherent chip that permits control of the charging capacity as well as the front light.

This control permits charging to occur even out of gear speeds, when the voltage produced is at its most reduced (expecting that any remaining boundaries are met and no extras are used), which is beyond what current controllers can deal with.

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Also, when the battery is completely energized or the choke is quickly opened, the shrewd controller stops the charging capacity, in a split second bringing down the generator’s electrical obstruction. This allows the energy consumed to operate the generator to be conserved, which is generally a significant loss for a small-displacement engine. The Smart Regulator helps to improve fuel efficiency by reducing power loss.

Is the Kawasaki Z125 Pro a Street-Legal?

Yes, it’s a legal motorbike for the streets. It has a four-speed transmission and a solitary chamber four-cycle motor.

Is the Kawasaki Z125 Pro and Entry-Level Streetfighter?

The latest generation of Kawasaki’s entry-level streetfighter, the Z125 pro, has been released. In this year’s model, the company has offered two new color schemes. A 125cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, two-valve engine powers this streetfighter. It has a four-speed gearbox and throttle bodies that are 24 mm in diameter. The Kawasaki Z125 Pro starts at $3,399 in the United States.

What are the Engine Features of the Kawasaki Z125Pro?

A 125cc; single-cylinder and four-stroke, the engine powers the Z125Pro. The engine is a SOHC 2-valve unit with liquid cooling. This 125cc bike comes with a 4-speed return shift transmission and a TCBI ignition system with an electronic advance. With 24 mm throttle bodies, it has a direct fuel injection system. It provides smooth acceleration and greater economy thanks to its fuel injection technology.

Kawasaki Z125Pro Engine ·         Model: Z125Pro

·         Model #: BR125JNFNL

·         Displacement: 125cc

·         Air Cooled

·         SOHC

·         Cylinder: 1

·         Stroke: 4



7.1 lb-ft/ 6000rpm

9.2hp/ 7500rpm

Final drive and ignition Chain-sealed and electric
Bore * Stroke 56mm*50.6mm
Transmission 4-speed
The compression ratio of the Kawasaki Z125Pro 9.8 to 1
The fuel system of the Kawasaki Z125Pro DFI®. / 24mm Throttle-Body.

 What is the Kawasaki Z125 Pro’s Top Speed?

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The Kawasaki Z125 Pro has a peak speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The top speed of a motorcycle is determined by several factors, including road conditions, tire pressure, engine oil, fuel quality, and engine condition.

Handling of Kawasaki Z125 Pro

  • The smallest streetfighter: Intended for sports execution and basically taking care of.
  • Smaller and customizable: Counterbalance laydown single-shock with 4-way preload adapts to solo or 2-up riding and adds to the frame’s minimal plan.
  • Low seat level and great ergonomic plan: The low seat level and agreeable ergonomics take into consideration simpler dealing with and expanded rider solace.
  • Responsive slowing down: A 184mm back petal plate brake and a 200mm front petal circle brake help to give strong moderate halting power.
  • Low profile: For deft taking care of, 12″ cast wheels with little profile road tires are utilized.

Performance of Kawasaki Z125 Pro

The front wheel of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro has a single 200 mm petal-type disc brake, while the rear wheel has a single 184 mm petal-type disc brake. This streetfighter is not equipped with an anti-lock brake system, and Kawasaki does not sell an ABS variation as an option in the United States. It has a front tire of 100/90-12 49J and a rear tire of 120/70-12 51L.


Power and execution are the same for beginners and expert riders.

  • Straightforward and practical: With the Z125 PRO cruiser’s electric starting component, the fun begins with a push of a button.
  • Ride for a longer time: The two-gallon gasoline tank, along with excellent eco-cordiality, allows you to travel further and see more.
  • Small but powerful: The single-chamber, fuel-mixed 125cc engine delivers robust power for miles of joy.
  • Transmission of power: The addition of a four-gear manual transmission enhances speed increase and rider-dynamic control.

What Are the Chassis and Suspension Features of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro?

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This streetfighter’s design is attractive, and it is based on the larger full-size Z125. The current model comes in three hues, the funkiest of which is the pearl dazzling yellow. On the Z125 Pro, Kawasaki employed a backbone style high tensile steel frame. It has a 30 mm inverted telescopic front suspension and a rear shock absorber with an offset laydown. It also has preload adjustable in the rear suspension.

Chassis and Suspension Features of Z125 Pro

Type of frame Backbone
Front suspension. 3.9 inches/ 99.6mm travel / Telescopic fork
Rare suspension. Swingarm / Single shock / 104.14mm/4.1 inches-travel
Front brake. 220mm / Petal-style single-disc.
Rare brake. 184mm / Petal-style single-disc.
Front-tire. 100; /90-12
Rare-tire. 120; /70-12

Styling of Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Intense Z STYLING:

The Z125 PRO bicycle with intense streetfighter styling is minimal in level yet enormous for not an obvious explanation. Light up the streets with the Z125 PRO bicycle’s intense front light arrangement. The Z125 PRO bicycle’s specific covers and sharp lower cowl add to its strong streetfighter look.

Powerful LOOK:

A sharp LED taillight and enthusiastic signals convey a striking declaration constantly.

Current and SLEEK:

Advanced LCD screen and straightforward tachometer with an integrated fuel measure and stuff position marker.

What Are The Dimensions of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro?




66.9 inches/ 1699.26mm

29.5 inches/ 749.30mm

39.6 inches/ 1005.84mm

Z125 Pro Seat-Height 31.7 inches/ 805.18mm
Ground clearance 6.1 inches/ 154.94mm
Wheelbase 46.3 inches/ 1176.02mm
Curb weight 224.8 pounds/ 102kg
Trail/rake 2.7 inches/ 26 degree.
Fuel-capacity 2.00 gallons/ 7.58 L

What Are the Colors Available in the Kawasaki Z125 Pro?

  • Metallic- flat-Spark; Black.
  • Pearl- Robotic; White.
  • Canady- Plasma; White.
  • Pearl-shining; yellow.

Top Highlights of Kawasaki Z125 Pro

  • Steel frame with a backbone that is light and compact.
  • Inverted front forks in a golden color
  • A single rear shock absorber is coupled to the swingarm.
  • A single petal-style disc brake with a diameter of 200 mm is used.
  • 12-inch front and rear alloy wheels with a single 180 mm petal-type disc brake
  • The design is aggressive and reminiscent of a streetfighter.
  • LCD instrument console that is fully digital
  • Indicator of gear location
  • System for managing the chassis
  • 4-speed return shift gearbox on a single-cylinder four-stroke engine
  • TCBI ignition with electronic advanced fuel injection system

What are the Price and Competitors of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro?

The most recent and improved version of the Z125 pro has already been released. In the United States, it costs $3,399 dollars. The new model’s price has been increased by $100 by the brand. It comes in three color variations, all of which are priced the same.


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