Kawasaki Versys-X 300ABS

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Kawasaki Versys-X 300ABS, is an agile dealing with lightweight cruiser with a little and speedy 296cc twin-chamber motor that is prepared to take on any size experience. The Versys-X 300 ABS is a solid companion whether you’re driving or touring. We center solace and adaptability so all you should do is unwind and relax.

The low seat level and tightening seat shape consider a speedy reach to the ground during quits, upgrading solace and certainty. Both the rider and the traveler benefit from steady and comfortable seats. The front cowling and level windscreen give extraordinary breeze and climate insurance, bringing about superior solace.

Engine-management characteristics of Kawasaki Versys-X 300ABS

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  • Assist and Slipper clutch

The Assist-Slipper Clutch joins two cams to push the grip center point and activity plate together or separated, in view of information from hustling activities. The help cam goes about as a self-servo instrument in typical activity, drawing the grip center point and working plate together to pack the grasp plates. This considers a decrease in the general grasp spring frog, bringing about a lighter grip switch feel while working the grip.

  • Economical Riding Indicator

Kawasaki models may reach excellent levels of fuel efficiency thanks to high-precision electronic engine management. The usage of the throttle, selection of gear, and remaining factors controlled by the riders, however, have a significant impact on fuel consumption.

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The Economical Riding Indicator is a feature that indicates how little gasoline is consumed when riding under current conditions. Notwithstanding vehicle speed, motor speed, choke position, or other riding conditions, the framework persistently examinations fuel use. An “ECO” marker shows on the instrument board’s LCD screen when fuel utilization is low for a specific speed (for example eco-friendliness is high).

  • Dual Throttle Valves

To create high levels of power, late-model sport motorcycles sometimes feature large-bore throttle bodies. However, when a rider abruptly opens the choke over a considerable distance across the choke, the unrestrained force reaction might be significant. The double choke valve was created to improve execution while limiting motor responsiveness.

There are two gag valves for each chamber on models with twofold gag valves, notwithstanding the essential valves, which are straightforwardly associated with the stifling grasp and constrained by the rider, the ECU opens and closes the second set of valves that definitively control the consumption wind stream to ensure a consistent, straight reaction.

  • Engine specification

Engine DOHC / TWO-Cylinder / FOUR-Stroke / Liquid-Cooled
Displacement 296cc
Transmission Return shift / Five-speed
Compression Ratio. 10.6/ 1
Torque (maximum). 19.20lb-ft.




Fuel-System DFI / Throttle Body (32mm)

Chassis management technology


For rider comfort and control, proper fit is essential. However, based on the rider’s physical proportions and riding style, the perfect fit differs from rider to rider. ERGO-FIT® is a riding position interface device that allows cyclists to determine their perfect riding posture.

A blend of replaceable parts and parts with customizable areas might be utilized to adjust different places of the frame interface. This allows a wide range of cyclists to choose a comfortable and controlled riding posture.

  • ABS

Front and rear tire sensors are used by Kawasaki ABS systems to continuously monitor wheel speed. Assuming information from the two sensors shows that a wheel lock has occurred, the ABS ECU, guides the ABS units direct to adjust slowing down fluid strain (conveying and reapplying strain to recapture balance) until typical action resumes. ABS provides rider comfort, resulting in increased riding enjoyment.

  • Chassis and suspension features

Frame Tubular / Diamond
Curb weight 385.9 pounds
Front suspension Telescopic-fork
Front-wheel travel 5.1 inches
Rare suspension Uni-Track Swingarm
Rare wheel travel 5.8 inches
Front brake Single-disc, 290 mm; ABS
Rare brake Single-disc, 220mm, ABS
Front tire; 100/ 90-19M.
Rare tire; 130/ 80-17M.

Versatile features of Kawasaki Versys-X 300ABS

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  • Street WARRIOR:

From rustic country roads to wide thruways, the Versys®-X 300 is a lightweight, simple to-deal with a motorbike that can take you anyplace.


Ergonomic solace empowers a wide scope of riders for solo and 2-up riding.


A casual, upstanding riding position simplifies it to get on and off, and it’s additionally agreeable in unpredictable city traffic, as well as on country roads and interstates.

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A huge fuel limit considers ceaseless significant distance riding with fewer stops.


With a lightweight chassis and long-travel suspension, you’ll be able to handle a wide range of road and riding situations. The twin-cylinder engine, which is adapted from the Ninja®, is more responsive and powerful than single-cylinder competitors.


Length (L) 2169.4mm/85.4 inc.
Width (W) 861.06mm/33.9 inc.
Height (H) 1389.33mm/54.7 inc.
Wheelbase 1450.30mm/57.1 inc.
Fuel capacity 4.5 Gallons
Ground-clearance 180.4mm/7.1 inc.
Seat-height 815.34mm/32.1 inc.
Rake 4.3 inches/24.5

What is the price of  Kawasaki Versys-X 300ABS? $6, 099

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