Suzuki GSX250R

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Is the Suzuki GSX250R fun to ride?

The Suzuki GSX250R ABS is a completely faired street motorcycle that delivers the exhilaration and riding pleasure of Suzuki’s sport bike history to a wider audience.

This sport bike was designed to offer Suzuki fun and dependability to new riders, and it boasts clever performance, engaging style, and comfort features that will appeal to a wide range of aficionados.

The GSX250R ABS is a completely faired street motorcycle that provides the thrill and satisfaction of Suzuki’s sport bike history to a wider audience. The GSX250R is fun to ride due to its low seat, thin fuel tank, and overall lightweight.

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This accessible street sportbike is powered by a tried-and-true twin-cylinder, fuel-injected engine housed in a sleek full-fairing bodywork. The GSX250R ABS is equally at home on the daily commute as it is on long adventures, thanks to responsive but easy-to-control performance, great fuel efficiency, agile handling, and a comfortable riding posture.

What are the Key features of Suzuki GSX250R ABS?

  • This is a completely faired, quarter-liter sportbike with an aggressive, flowing appearance reminiscent of Suzuki’s sportbike heritage. The new two-tone Pearl Glacier White and Pearl Nebular Black paint scheme for the GSX250R ABS delivers big bike quality to the 250 class.
  • The twin-cylinder, gasoline-injected engine produces a quick, wide power range while achieving class-leading fuel efficiency of about 76 mpg.
  • The GSX250R ABS has a reverse-lit LCD instrument panel and a brilliant halogen headlight, as well as unique position lighting and taillights that use surface-emitting LEDs, which are new technology.
  • The ergonomics for the rider and passenger is pleasant and spacious, with a thin fuel tank that allows the rider to comfortably plant their feet on the ground when stopped.
  • Ten-spoke cast-aluminum wheels, petal-type brake rotors, and high-quality KYB suspension components complete out a chassis that is ready for any riding challenge.

What is the engine configuration of the Suzuki GSX250R?


  • The 248cc parallel-twin engine that powers the GSX250R ABS have been fine-tuned to maximize low- to mid-range torque, resulting in a power characteristic that emphasizes ease of control.
  • Intelligent engine design and fuel-injection (EFI) tuning result in class-leading fuel economy while meeting global emission standards.
  • EFI also helps to stabilize the engine idle and provides a nearly linear throttle response for smooth, exciting performance.
  • When traveling at speeds ranging from 15 to 55 mph, the camshaft profile optimizes engine performance. This enables the GSX250R ABS to provide true, practical performance.
  • To eliminate mechanical losses, the valve train incorporates roller-type rocker arms for valve actuation.
  • To improve airflow into the combustion chamber, the intake valves feature a narrow stem profile towards the head.
  • To decrease friction, low-tension piston rings are employed, while a specific honing pattern on the cylinder wall promotes oil retention for even more friction reduction.
  • A coupling-type balancer shaft attached to the crankshaft of the engine decreases vibration and improves rider comfort.
  • To prevent frictional loss while delivering optimum engine lubrication, the GSX250R ABS has a distinctively shaped oil pump.
  • The exhaust is successfully routed via a high-flow catalyzer and into a beautiful solo muffler protected by a buffed stainless-steel shield through dual head pipes.

Engine Specs:


  • 248cc
  • 4-stroke
  • Liquid-cooled
  • SOHC
  • Parallel-twin
Start: Electrical
Fuel: Fuel injection through SDTV
Compression ratio: 11.5: 1
Bore-stroke: 2.10 Inches to 2.17 inches/ 53.5 mm to 55.2 mm
Lubrication: Wet sump

How fast a Suzuki GSX250R can go?

The Suzuki GSX250R is powered by a 248cc parallel-twin, SOHC, fuel-injected engine. It produces 24.7 HP at 8,000 RPM and 23.3 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 RPM. This twin-cylinder motorcycle has a top speed of 88 mph/ 145 km/hr.

What are the top features of the Suzuki GSX250R Chassis?

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Suzuki’s sports DNA can be found in the GSX250R ABS’s complete bodywork, which has an aggressive look with a futuristic flair. Select aesthetic influences from classic and modern Suzuki sportbikes appeal to both novice and expert riders.

  • The fairing directs cooling air to the radiator while diverting hot engine air away from the rider.
  • The motorcycle’s front end has distinctive twin LED position lights, sharp fairing-mounted mirrors, and an effective sport windscreen with gaps to decrease wind buffeting.
  • The fuel tank is elegant and sleek, holding 4.0 US gallons (15.0 liters) of gasoline for extended riding range. The GSX250R ABS has a riding range of roughly 280 miles on a full tank of fuel.
  • The rider’s seat is curved and comfy, with a low seat height of 790 mm (31.1 inches).
  • The semi-dual-cradle frame provides excellent support for the GSX250R ABS’s efficient running gear and dynamic bodywork.
  • The well-tuned telescopic front fork absorbs bumps for smooth tracking in the front, whether riding on uneven city streets or faster open highways.
  • To enhance the bike’s performance style, the rear suspension motion is handled by a mono-shock system that is hidden from view. The rear suspension may be modified for a passenger or freight with a seven-way adjustable spring preload.
  • The shape and reach of the clip-on handlebars were created to give a comfortable riding position.
  • The rider may place the front brake lever in five different positions thanks to the five-way adjustable front brake lever.

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Chassis Specs:

Front tire: Tubeless and 110: 80-17M/C
Rear tire: Tubeless and 140: 55-17M/C
Front brake: ABS-equipped Nissin 2-piston caliper with single disc
Rear brake: ABS-equipped Nissin 1-piston caliper with single disc
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Single shock
fuel capacity: 15 L/ 4.0 Gallons


Is Suzuki GSX250R a sports bike?

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Sleek, flowing lines beckon you to board and ride into the future. Sporty style reminiscent of Suzuki’s sport bike pedigree creates an immediate sense of exhilaration. Look and feel your best no matter where you choose to spread your wings. The GSX250R is ready to take you beyond mere satisfaction.

Sporty style:

Sleek, floating lines beckon you to board and sail into the future. Sporty styling reminiscent of Suzuki’s sport bike roots creates an immediate sense of enthusiasm. Look and sound the best no matter where you want to stretch your wings. The GSX250R can drive you beyond contentment.

The GSX250R’s full bodywork features an athletic style with a futuristic flair, evoking Suzuki’s sporting essence. Select styling cues from classic and modern Suzuki sportbikes cater to both novice and seasoned riders.

2021-Suzuki-GSX250R-Silver (2)

The motorcycle’s front-end features distinctive dual-LED place lights, angled fairing-mounted mirrors, and an effective sport windshield with slots to minimize wind buffeting. The sharp tail has styling and an LED taillight like the GSX-R1000R.

What is the fuel capacity of GSX250R?

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The fuel tank is sleek and trim, holding 4.0 US gallons (15.0 liters) of gasoline for extended riding range. The GSX250R has a riding range of nearly 280 miles on a single tank of fuel.

What are the Dimensions of Suzuki GSX250R?

Curb-weight: 181kg/399 lbs (ABS)
L*W*H: 82.1 inches *29.1 inches *43.7 inches/ 2085 mm *740 mm *1110 mm
Seat-height: 31.1 inches/790 mm
Wheelbase: 56.3 inches/1430 mm
Ground clearance: 6.3 inches/160 mm

 LCD instrumentation panel with multifunction’s

2021-Suzuki-GSX250R- (13)

The GSX250R has a backlit multifunction LCD instrumentation panel that displays a variety of data. A bar-graph tachometer sits at the top of the display, and in the middle is a big digital speedometer with a convenient digital clock and digital gear location indicator.

An odometer, twin trip meter, fuel gauge readouts, and a service alert are all included in the panel. LED warning indications for turn signals, engine functions, and high beams enter a clear, programmable shift light.

What is the top speed of the Suzuki GSX250R?

The new two-tone Pearl Glacier White and Pearl Nebular Black paint scheme for the GSX 250R ABS delivers big bike quality to the 250 class. The twin-cylinder, gasoline-injected engine produces a quick, wide power range while achieving class-leading fuel efficiency.

Top speed: 88 mph/ 145 km/h
Maximum power: 24.7 hp @8000rpm
Maximum torque: 23.3 Nm @6500rpm

What are the Pros and Cons of Suzuki GSX250R?

2021-Suzuki-GSX250R-black (1)


  • Parallel Twin-Engine
  • Stylish-Design
  • Refined-Engine.
  • Comfortable-Riding Ergonomics
  • Neat Instrument Console
  • Good Quality


  • In comparison to other 250cc twin-cylinder bikes, it is underpowered.

Competitors of Suzuki GSX250R

  • Kawasaki Ninja 250SL
  • KTM RC250
  • Aprilia GPR250
  • Honda CBR250R

In the quarter-liter sports bike class, these four fully-faired bikes are the main rivals of the Suzuki GSX 250R. The KTM RC250 and Aprilia GPR 250 are true supersport motorcycles, while the CBR 250 and Ninja 250 are sports touring bikes.


This fully-faired sports bike is intended to appeal to a wider audience. It has an excellent build, an efficient and polished engine, and easy riding ergonomics. This street sportbike is suitable for both regular commuting and casual highway touring. It is an excellent option for those who want a sports bike but cannot tolerate the aggressive riding ergonomics of a super sport bike.

The Suzuki GSX250R’s twin-cylinder engine has enough fuel for daily commutes and occasional highway races. Suzuki prioritized low and mid-range performance on this quarter-liter unit. The GSX250R’s power distribution is fast and easy to use.

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