Tekken 250 Motorbike BY Fuego

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The motorbike Fuego Tekken 250 was manufactured by Fuego and is part of the Fuego TEKKEN 250 series, which includes bikes of various displacements. This bike belongs to the enduro/off-road category, and the first model of the Fuego TEKKEN 250 generation was released in the year 2020, therefore as amazing as it may sound, we are talking about a motorbike generation that is already two years old.

A dual sport motorbike made in China that, at first glance, seems like a capable, attractive competitor. A motorbike that appears unassumingly stunning; a young person who is enthusiastic about it might easily become fixated on it.

Tekken 250 by Fuego

Tekken 250 motorcycle is within the enduro/off-road category, and the Fuego Tekken 250 generation’s initial model has gained popularity. A crossover motorbike often combines the features and capabilities of an off-road and on-road motorcycle. Crossovers are something we think is particularly practical in this way.

To be more exact, it has an engine displacement of 250cc and a total output of 16.5 hp (12.0 kilowatt) @ 7000 rpm with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with an electronic start.

The Tekken 250 is an attractive motorcycle. A muscular body with features such as a high front fender, contoured fuel tank, knobby tires, and twin exhaust pipes all contribute to an attractive character. However, with closer study, you begin to see several substandard features that may cause you to reconsider your opinion.

On the contrary, the Tekken is just as ready to tackle off-road terrain as the overweight, lethargic child is to go for morning runs. Handling is easy and sans any nasty surprises. But the suspension for off-road riding is a little too stiff. Its upright riding position and knobby tires, which perform admirably when the asphalt finishes, are its sole redeeming graces.

Is TEKKEN250 a Good Bike?

Is TEKKEN250 a Good Bike Green

The Tekken 250 is in many respects a good fit in the sense that it works nicely on damaged roads and the motorcycle has sufficient power and good torque to handle curves and off-road terrain with ease. It is not, however, primarily an all-terrain vehicle. It will travel on off-road paths, but neither you nor the Tekken will be pleased.

A large orange painted emblem of the Motorhead brand on the engine appears out of place, as do the various decals and stickers that say “6G” (which stands for 6 gears) and “for all-terrain.” The instrument cluster appears to be something you’d use to monitor your blood pressure at home, and the led strips that light up along with the side indications appear to be inexpensive.

Performance of Tekken 250

On the surface, this appears to be an “all-terrain” motorcycle. It will go anywhere you point it, whether that’s up paved twistiness or steep peaks. A Hero Splendor or a Bajaj Platina, on the other hand, will. To truly compete with true dual-sport bikes, the Tekken must be competent and motivated to climb mountains.

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Tekken 250: Does It Have ABS?

2022 Tekken 250 Enduro Black By Fuego

The Tekken is a basic piece of equipment, and nothing has been done to cram the bike with excessive electronics. However, ABS is absent, which in our opinion should be standard on motorcycles nowadays.


The Tekken 250, like the Daelim VT Evolution at the time, impersonates a tough, purpose-built dual sport. Certain visual flaws, however, stick out like a sore thumb to a more experienced eye. Nonetheless, it is very feasible that many may succumb to Tekken’s allure. To be honest, for a Chinese-made motorbike, it is well built and strikingly appealing. More significantly, for a $4000 250cc dual-sport motorbike, all the flaws appear less noticeable. As a result, the deceit is complete, and you shine like a genuine star.

General Specification

Make: Fuego
Category: Enduro/Offroad

What Are the Engine and Transmission Features of Tekken 250?

2022 Tekken 250 Enduro

The 250cc motorbike market has been extremely popular recently. The quarter-liter market is seeing some fresh and interesting products, and the Tekken is a brand-new entry. The motorcycle’s 223cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, on the other hand, has a maximum output of 16.7 bhp at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 17 Nm at 6500 rpm. Despite having a 223cc engine, the Tekken has enough power to compete with bikes with 250cc engines. Even while it’s not the quickest, it nevertheless puts in a strong performance.

Engine type:

Cooling system:


Final drive:

·       SOHC, Single cylinder and four-stroke, Inner balance shaft, E-start, 12 volts, 12 poles Loncin RE250

·       Air-cooled

·       Six-speed

·       Chain

Displacement: 250 cc/ 15.26 cy
Intake: Deni/NIBBI PZ30 carburetor intake 30mm diameter
Power: 16.5 hp (12.0 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Torque: 12.5 ft-lbs at 6500 RPM (1.7 kg/f-m at 6500 RPM) (17.0 Nm at 6500 RPM)
Fuel-control: cylinder head-mounted camshaft (SOHC)

The Tekken’s engine offers a reasonable amount of middle torque when mated to a 6-speed gearbox, and the power delivery is smooth. This indicates that the motorbike has enough power for thrill-seekers to enjoy themselves while yet feeling in control and tamed. The bike did occasionally become warm since it’s air-cooled, and the carbureted engine was used on uphill terrain and at high speeds. The bike seemed to perform well in the mid-rev levels and to suffer in the higher rpm regions. Overall, the motorbike had sufficient power and decent torque to successfully navigate off-road terrain and tight turns.

Design and Feature of TEKKEN250

2022 Tekken 250 Enduro

The Tekken 250 features a threatening attitude and an impressive dual sport appearance at first sight. The motorcycle’s design features, like its towering rear body and large front fenders, exude adventure. The Tekken seems enormous from a distance thanks to its large front and rear tires. Moving closer, though, it becomes apparent that the motorbike isn’t as large as it appears, and several of its components lack the durability required for a crossover. While we don’t intend to imply that the bike isn’t attractive, Fuego has unquestionably created a menacing-looking motorcycle. The Tekken wins you over with its own attraction.

The high fender and tank shrouds give the front end an aggressive appearance, and the headlight system with the LED DLRs just adds weight to the design. With the twin exhaust configuration, the motorcycle’s entire back end looks stunning. The Tekken is equipped with an all-digital panel that includes a speedometer, trip meter, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, time, and even an indication for the gear position. The overall quality of the console is comparable to that of the bike, although the material and a few plastic holds might have been a bit more durable. The motorbike is fitted with mainshock absorbers at the back and upside-down forks up front. The Tekken is a straightforward device, and

What Are the Chassis, Wheels, and Suspension Characters of Tekken 250?

2022 Tekken 250 Enduro

2022 Tekken 250 Enduro front By Fuego

Rims: Alloy rim

Fr: 2.50*17

Re: 3.50*17

Front-brake: Disc brakes
Rare brake: Disc brakes
Front-suspension: Inverted shocks along with protector
Rare-suspension: Mono-shock (Air dumper)
Front-tire: 100: 90-17
Rare-tire: 110: 100-17

Dimensions and Capacity Features of Tekken 250

Weight (empty): 132kg/291pounds
Power-Weight ratio: 0.1250hp/kg (0.2755hp/lbs)
Length: 1820mm/ 71.7 inches
Fuel capacity: 14 liters/ 3.70 gallons

Suspension and Brakes

2022 Tekken 250 Enduro By Fuego

Hydraulic disc brakes are installed on the Tekken’s front and rear. The reaction from the rear was excellent, and the rear brake had a terrific initial bite. The front brakes, on the other hand, lacked the initial bite and seemed more progressive. However, we thought the motorcycle’s braking capacity was exactly right. Moving on, the Tekken now has front upside-down forks and a rear mono-shock absorber. The front suspensions handled road bumps well since they weren’t too plush or rigid.

Comfort and Handling

When you first mount the motorbike, the odd riding posture with the broad upright grips and the oddly low-feeling seats, despite their 820mm height, are noticeable. However, the motorbike starts to feel more comfortable, and the seats seem cushioned after you get adjusted to the riding posture. To fully evaluate the motorbike, we rode it off-road, and even on some of the most difficult terrain, it behaved and was steady. The bike was balanced, and it was simple to put your foot down and easily lift the bike.

Other Specification

Mirror: Float glass/plastic
Graphic: Standard stickers
 Battery: Acid battery (12V7A)
Tank: Steel
Speedometer: Digital
Footrest: Foldable front and rear footrests made of forged steel with a rubber coating
Lights: LED headlamp, fuel tank wings, taillight, and winker.
Price: $4000

 Introduction of Fuego-Company

Introduction of Fuego-Company

A privately held company called Fuego Power makes motorbikes under the Motorhead brand.

The Motorhead facility, which opened in 2005, can produce 200 000 units a year. More than 100 distinct models of dirt bikes, cubs, street motorcycles, cruisers, and other motorbikes are presently produced by our company.

Introduction of Fuego-Company

More than 30 foreign markets, including those in South America, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, and Europe, have a strong history of purchasing our products. More than 100 distinct models of dirt bikes, cubs, street motorcycles, cruisers, and other motorbikes are presently produced by our company. Motorhead now boasts 20 million RMB in registered assets, 100 million in current assets, a manufacturing facility of 16,000 square meters, four cutting-edge production lines, a world-class industry R&D center with 22 highly qualified R&D professionals, and a vast testing facility. There has been a yearly growth in exports of 30%.

Our business has been constructing a new facility with a 500 000-unit yearly production capacity since the beginning of 2013. The official website of Chongqing Fuego Power is located at www.motorheadgroup.com. The revenue of Chongqing Fuego Power is $5 million.


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Michael Parrotte began his illustrious career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the U.S. market. He then went on to become the Vice President of AGV Helmets America for 25 years, during which time he also consulted for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

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