How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weight? Here’s 12 Great Examples

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Everyone who is a dirt bike fanatic wants to have as much information as possible. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, you need to know the weight of your dirt bike because many times, you will have to carry it from one place to another. No matter the reason, knowing the weight of a dirt bike is a question that every dirt bike enthusiast should ask.

The average weight of a dirt bike or off-road bike, if we take into account all the types of dirt bikes available on the market, is around 215 pounds. This weight includes the wet weight or, in other words, the weight with fuel in the gas tank. Dry weight is when the dirt bike has no fuel.

It will always be necessary to know how much a dirt bike weighs. Remember that these vehicles come in different sizes, powers, and designs, and there is a type for every need or age. For all this, we invite you to continue with us and discover everything you want to know about the weight of dirt bikes.

What Is A Dirt Bike? How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weight?


A dirt bike, also known as an off-road bike, is a competition motorcycle that can withstand big jumps and ride over rough terrain that can be very uneven.

This type of bike has suspensions that can withstand more travel than other bikes. These suspension characteristics allow for smoother jumps and better stability in rugged terrain.

Dirt bikes have a competitive purpose, so they have a potent engine to make this objective possible. The first dirt bikes that came on the market had a displacement that was air-cooled. After a few years, this system evolved, and in the late eighties and early nineties, the engines started to be liquid-cooled.

Today’s dirt bike engine has the ideal power to get the most out of acceleration. Dirt bikes are motorcycles that are not allowed to circulate on the streets. This prohibition is because most of their components do not comply with the necessary regulations to ride safely on these types of roads.

In addition, they do not have license plates because it is a vehicles that people use purely to compete in closed places or sports complexes.

However, today, some companies manufacture specific models that comply with city regulations, which allows their owners to use them on streets or fields. These special dirt bikes are an advantage these companies offer to people who live in areas with difficult access.

Why Is Weight So Crucial On A Dirt Bike?

There is an undeniable reality in the world of motors: weight has a direct relationship with dirt bike performance. This relation involves a vital meaning. If you choose a dirt bike that is not well suited to your weight, you will not enjoy the experience to the fullest, nor will you get excellent performance from the bike.

A dirt bike that is not right for your weight class will move slowly relative to others. This fact is because it will not have enough power. Bigger bikes with more powerful engines will be able to handle much heavier loads.

Today, it is feasible for people up to 320 pounds to ride a dirt bike. However, someone at that weight would have to replace the dirt bike’s suspension with a stronger one.

When someone weighs less than 150 pounds, a 250cc dirt bike is the best choice. If a person weighs more than 150 pounds, a dirt bike between 250 CC to 450 CC is best. But keep in mind that a dirt bike is not the best bike for someone inexperienced.

What Are The Different Types Of Weights?

In order for dirt bikes to perform optimally and to allow riders to enjoy this experience, weight is crucial. Now let’s define the types of weights that can be calculated with dirt bikes.

  • Wet Weight

This type of weight is the weight of the dirt bike when it has all the fluids it requires to operate. You obtain this weight when we weigh the bike with a full tank of fuel. In addition to the fuel, we weigh the bike with oil, water, coolant, and any other element that the dirt bike needs to operate normally.

All these items can vary depending on the type of engine, make, and model of the dirt bike.

Previously companies used to use dry weight, but brands and companies finally realized that this information was somehow not very useful or accurate for riders. No one is ever going to ride a dirt bike without fuel and fluids.

So if you’re thinking about getting a dirt bike, it’s essential to always look for wet weight information.

  • Dry Weight

This type of weight is the weight of the bike alone, not including anything else. Nothing else means that the bike’s weight does not include fuel, oil, and other fluids. We can still find the dry weight on many manufacturer or vendor websites.

However, there are already other companies that are changing this weight to wet weight. Some other brands or manufacturers indicate a weight that is a kind of mix between both types. They give the weight of the dirt bike with all its fluids but without including the fuel.

How Heavy Is A 450 Dirt Bike?

450-SX-F-MY22-90-dirt-bike-weight-micramoto (2)

The regulations for using a 450 cc dirt bike are clear. This regulation states that it is a bike that only professional riders who have ridden 250 cc dirt bikes before can use it. This type of dirt bike has the advantage of having a higher engine power to win races. The average weight of this type of bike can range from 240 pounds to 380 pounds.

How Much Does A 250 Cc Dirt Bike Weigh?

250 cc dirt bikes are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders or a few months of experience. It is a slower bike than the 450 cc dirt bikes. One of their advantages is that they are very light and small bikes. Their approximate weight ranges from 218 pounds to 300 pounds.

What Is The Lightest 250 Dirt Bike?

One of the lightest dirt bike models today is the Husqvarna FC 250 at 217.8 pounds.

How Much Is The Weight Of A Honda 125 Dirt Bike?

Honda-125-CFR-Dirt-Bike-micramoto (2)

The Honda CB125F dirt bike weighs 257 pounds. It also has a very reliable single-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection.

Examples Of 12 Dirt Bike Models And Their Weights

Now we are going to check a list of 12 dirt bike models and their respective weights.

Dirt Bike Model Weight (lbs.)
Honda XR650L 346
Suzuki DR-Z400S 317
Yamaha WR250R 278
Yamaha WR250F 258
Yamaha YZ250FX 249
Honda CRF230F 249
Suzuki RM-Z450 247
Yamaha YZ250F 234
Kawasaki KX250F 233.6
Honda CRF450 233
Suzuki RM-Z250 230.4
Kawasaki KX500 220.4

Weight And 2-stroke Engines Vs. 4-stroke Engines

Engines that complete the entire internal combustion process in a single revolution are 2-stroke engines. Engines that take two revolutions are 4-stroke engines.

2-stroke engines are faster than 4-stroke engines. But on the other hand, 4-stroke engines have an advantage on softer terrain because they have a higher weight.

Heavy riders should choose a 4-stroke dirt bike because they handle heavy loads better. The only thing to remember is that it will not have the same acceleration as a 2-stroke engine.

A Final Thought On The Weight Of Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are trendy these days. The use of these bikes can be a sport or simply a recreational activity. But no matter what your end use is, it’s certain that you will get an adrenaline rush every time you use it.

What you should take into account is that not all motorcycles are suitable for all riders. Weight is a determining factor when choosing which dirt bike is best for you.

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About the Author:

About the Author:

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