Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders: 36 Christmas & NY Gifts

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As the holiday season revs up, it’s time to revamp your gift-giving game for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life. Whether they’re seasoned riders or just starting to embrace the open road,  you need to find the perfect gift that caters to their passion.

From practical gear to stylish accessories, this article will guide you through some of the best gifts for motorcycle riders to make their Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s unforgettable.

36 Cool Gifts for Motorcycle Riders for the Holidays

Finding unique gift ideas for motorcycle riders across various price ranges can be challenging, especially if you’re not a motorcycle enthusiast yourself. 

To help you choose the best gift this holiday season, here are some cool gift ideas for motorcycle riders in different price ranges, from budget-friendly options to more high-end choices.

Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders under $300

1. Sedici Strada II Helmet

Sedici Strada II HelmetBuy on RevZilla | CycleGear

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for the motorcycle rider in your life, look no further than the Sedici Strada II Helmet. 

This helmet is engineered to meet rigorous safety standards, offering full-face protection with a durable polycarbonate shell and impact-absorbing EPS liner. It is designed with aerodynamics in mind, so it not only looks sleek but also reduces wind resistance and enhances stability.

Moreover, the helmet doesn’t compromise when it comes to comfort, as it features a plush, moisture-wicking liner that keeps riders cool and dry, an adjustable ventilation system, and an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor that provides crystal-clear vision, even in challenging weather conditions. 

Ultimately, the Sedici Strada II Helmet is more than just head protection; it’s a statement of style, safety, and performance.

2. AGV K1 S Helmet

AGV K1 S Limit 46 HelmetBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

Another excellent helmet gift for the holiday season is this AGV K1 S Helmet with its advanced safety features and aerodynamic design.

The K1 S features a lightweight and durable HIR-TH (High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin) shell, an aerodynamic shape, and a comfortable interior.

The K1 S is ECE 22.06 certified, which means that it meets the latest European safety standards. It is also DOT-certified, which means that it meets the minimum safety standards for helmets sold in the United States.

Scratch-resistant panoramic visor: The K1 S’s panoramic visor provides a wide field of vision, and it is scratch-resistant to keep your vision clear.

Double-D ring closure system: The K1 S’s double-D ring closure system is the most secure type of helmet closure available.

Ventilation ports: The K1 S’s ventilation ports help to keep your head cool and comfortable on hot days.

Overall, The AGV K1 S Helmet is a thoughtful and practical gift that enhances safety and style for motorcycle enthusiasts.

3. Scorpion EXO Seattle WP Riding Pants

Scorpion EXO Seattle WP PantsBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

Proper riding gear is a must-have for all responsible motorcycle riders, which is why these Scorpion EXO Seattle WP Riding Pants make the ultimate gift, offering a perfect blend of protection and comfort.

One of the standout features of the Scorpion EXO Seattle WP Riding Pants is their waterproof design. They’re built to handle any weather condition, keeping riders dry and comfortable during unexpected rain showers or wet roads.

The pants also deliver on the safety front as they are made from durable, abrasion-resistant materials and equipped with armor in the knees and hips to protect against impacts.  They also feature reflective accents that catch the light for added safety in low-light conditions.

Last but not least, these pants are designed to provide a snug and ergonomic fit with adjustable waist straps and stretch panels so your loved one can focus on the road ahead without worrying about uncomfortable riding gear.

4. Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves

Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated GlovesBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

This holiday season, you can make the motorcycle rider in your life feel extra special with the Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves. As the temperatures drop, these gloves will keep their hands warm, allowing them to enjoy their rides even during the coldest months.

Highway 21’s Radiant Heated Gloves are crafted from high-quality materials and feature advanced heating technology with three adjustable heat settings so riders can customize their warmth for a cozy riding experience. 

These gloves are not just a seasonal accessory but a long-term investment in functionality and comfort, as they feature an adjustable wrist closure to provide an excellent fit, ensuring maximum dexterity and also keeping the warmth in.

Imagine the smile on your loved one’s face as they slip on these heated gloves, ready to hit the road without the fear of numb fingers. It’s a gift that says, “I want you to stay safe, warm, and happy, doing what you love.”

5. Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots

Klim Adrenaline GTX BootsBuy on J&P Cycles| Amazon

Surprise your loved one during the winter season with these exceptional Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots, and make their motorcycle adventures even more thrilling.

They are made from durable materials with GORE-TEX technology to tackle the most challenging riding conditions. They’re also waterproof and breathable, ensuring dry and comfortable feet no matter the weather.

These boots are built for long rides, with an emphasis on safety and comfort, with plush interior lining, cushioned sole, and reinforced toe and heel areas. They provide exceptional support and reduce fatigue during extended journeys.

Not only do these boots offer top-notch protection and comfort, but they are also highly convenient as they feature a speed-lace system and side zipper, making putting them on or taking them off a breeze, even with riding gloves on.

6. OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach 5 BackpackBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

This innovative OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack is designed with riders in mind, offering a combination of functionality and performance.

It’s made from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding, and it lives up to its name with its aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance, ensuring a smooth and stable ride, even at high speeds. 

The ergonomic shoulder straps and padded back panel provide comfort during long rides, and it fits snugly against the body, ensuring complete control over the bike. It won’t slow you down or throw off your balance.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by its slim appearance; the Mach 5 offers plenty of storage space, with multiple compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve, helmet carry strap, and various pockets for gear and essentials.

Beyond its functionality, the OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack boasts a versatile modern design that’s sure to turn heads. Whether your rider friend commutes daily or embarks on epic road trips, this backpack will suit any riding style and purpose. Even when they’re not on their bike, it’s still perfect for everyday use.

7. Cardo Freecom 4X Helmet Headset

Cardo Freecom 4X HeadsetBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The Cardo Freecom 4X Helmet Headset is a valuable addition to any rider’s gear, making it the ultimate gift choice for motorcycle riders to elevate their riding experience to a whole new level.

This headset has a built-in FM radio, which keeps riders informed about traffic updates and weather conditions, helping them make informed decisions while riding. 

It also allows riders to stay connected with their fellow riders or take calls hands-free while maintaining their focus on the road using the voice command functionality. They can simply say “Hey Cardo” to access features, make calls, and more.

The advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides clear and uninterrupted communication, enhancing safety and group riding coordination, and the reliable battery life of up to 13 hours of talk time, ensures that they can enjoy hours of uninterrupted communication and entertainment.

Installing the Freecom 4X in your helmet is a breeze, and it fits seamlessly into most helmet models, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Moreover, it easily pairs with smartphones, GPS devices, and other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, making it versatile for various applications.

8. RevZilla $200 Gift Card


RevZilla Gift CardBuy on RevZilla 

The RevZilla $200 Gift Card is the perfect solution for when you’re not sure what to get the motorcycle rider in your life during the holidays or any special occasion. It’s a gift that shows you care about their passion and safety on the road, while also giving them the freedom to choose. 

Many motorcycle riders are particular about their gear and accessories, so they can browse through RevZilla’s extensive catalog of top-notch motorcycle gear, helmets, jackets, gloves, and more, ensuring they get exactly what they want and need.

Keep in mind that RevZilla offers gift cards in various denominations, starting from as low as $15 and going up to $200, so you can choose the amount that best suits your budget and the occasion. 

Also, unlike some gift cards, RevZilla Gift Cards never expire, so the recipient can take their time and use it whenever they’re ready to upgrade their gear or add new accessories to their collection.

9. HJC RPHA 1N Limited Edition Red Bull Miniature Replica Helmet

HJC Miniature RPHA 1N Limited Edition Red Bull Replica HelmetBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

If you’re searching for a truly unique gift idea for the motorcycle rider or enthusiast in your life, look no further than the HJC RPHA 1N Limited Edition Red Bull Miniature Replica Helmet. 

Motorcycle riders and enthusiasts often have a deep connection to their helmets, so giving them a miniature replica of a helmet associated with the prestigious Red Bull Racing brand is a thoughtful and memorable gift that they’ll cherish.

Whether they collect motorcycle memorabilia, racing gear, or unique collectibles, this meticulously crafted replica will be a striking addition to their display case, shelf, or workspace. 

Every intricate detail of the original helmet is faithfully recreated, from the iconic Red Bull graphics to the precise contours of the shell. Being made from high-quality materials, it will definitely retain its stunning appearance for years to come.

It’s a work of art that celebrates the spirit of speed and captures the essence of racing culture. It’s also a great conversation starter to showcase their love for the sport and its iconic brands. 

10. INNOVV H5 Helmet Cam



INNOVV H5 Helmet Cam - micramoto.comBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The INNOVV H5 Helmet Cam is a compact and feature-packed camera that’ll make an ideal gift for motorcycle riders who want to document their riding adventures in high-definition quality. 

The camera can be easily and securely attached to most helmets without adding excessive weight or discomfort. It’s also designed to withstand rain, dust, and tough riding conditions, ensuring it works reliably in any environment.

In addition to recording crystal-clear and sharp footage, the camera features EIS image stabilization to enhance stability.  It also features a long-lasting battery that provides up to 5 hours of recording time and supports TF Cards with up to 512GB of storage.

11. Street & Steel Athena Women’s Jacket

Street-Steel Athena Women's JacketBuy on RevZilla | J&P Cycles

Safety is paramount when it comes to motorcycle gear, and this Street & Steel Athena riding jacket doesn’t disappoint. It’s the ideal gift for female motorcycle riders to make every ride memorable.

The Athena jacket is crafted with high-quality materials to provide excellent abrasion resistance. The removable CE-approved armor at the shoulders and elbows also ensures maximum protection in case of an accident. 

The tailored fit of the jacket offers the perfect balance of style and functionality, as it complements the rider’s body, ensuring they look their best while cruising the open road.

It also features multiple pockets, including inner and outer options, providing ample storage space for essentials like a phone, wallet, or keys, as well as thoughtful details like embossed accents, reflective piping for visibility, and YKK zippers.

12. DMP Slingshot Tire Warmers

DMP Slingshot Tire WarmersBuy on MotoSport

The holiday season often brings colder weather, and riding on cold tires can be risky. That’s why these DMP Slingshot Tire Warmers make a timely and thoughtful gift for motorcycle riders during the holiday season.

These tire warmers help riders maintain optimal tire temperatures, ensuring consistent traction from the moment they hit the road, and by heating the rubber evenly, they reduce the wear and tear that cold starts and abrupt stops can cause.  This means safer rides, fewer tire replacements, and more money saved in the long run.

They’re very easy to use; just slip them over the tires, plug them in, and let them work their magic. Within minutes, the tires reach the ideal temperature for peak performance. Their compact design also makes them easy to carry and store, as they can easily be packed in a motorcycle gear bag.

Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders under $100

13. GMax GM38 Helmet

GMax GM38 Helmet - Solid-BlackBuy on RevZilla | MotoSport

The GMax GM38 is another fantastic helmet choice for motorcycle riders, and it’s the perfect gift for the holiday season, especially if you’re on a tighter budget.

This helmet provides great value for money and doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety or comfort. It meets the DOT safety standards, ensuring your loved ones are well-protected on the road, and features a comfortable interior lining that provides a snug fit and minimizes wind noise, offering a pleasant and distraction-free riding experience.

It also features a clear, anti-scratch visor, providing optimal visibility and protection from the elements, and has a quick-release mechanism for easy use.

14. Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag

Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank BagBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

This Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag is one of the best gifts for female motorcycle riders during the holiday season. It offers a convenient and secure way for them to carry their essentials while on the road and enhances the riding experience.

The bag is made from durable materials and features a strap mounting system, so it can be attached easily to the motorcycle tank. It also features a rubber base to protect the tank’s paint job from scratches.

With multiple compartments and pockets, it’s perfect for stashing a phone, wallet, keys, lip balm, and other small items. There’s also a clear top pocket for holding maps or a GPS device, making navigation a breeze.

15. J&P Cycles Deerskin WP Gloves

JP Cycles Deerskin WP GlovesBuy on J& P Cycles 

The J&P Cycles Deerskin WP Gloves provide exceptional warmth, waterproof protection, durability, and a comfortable fit. Giving these gloves as a gift shows that you care about the rider’s safety, comfort, and style, making them a thoughtful and practical choice for the holidays.

Crafted from high-quality deerskin leather, these gloves can withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding while providing excellent insulation. 

They are also waterproof and feature non-slip palm patches, ensuring that riders’ hands stay dry and maintain a secure grip even in wet and snowy conditions.

The gloves feature non-slip palm patches to ensure a secure grip for maintaining control and safety while riding in cold, wet weather. They also have adjustable closures to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, keeping the cold out and warmth in.

16. Dowco Guardian Ultralite Plus Motorcycle Cover


Dowco Guardian Ultralite Plus Motorcycle Cover-micramoto.comBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

This Dowco Guardian Ultralite Plus Motorcycle Cover is a must-have accessory and will make an incredibly practical gift for motorcycle riders.

This cover is made from durable materials designed to shield bikes from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, UV rays, and dust. It keeps the motorcycle looking pristine and extends its lifespan.

It features an elastic hem and included straps that snugly around the motorcycle, ensuring it stays securely in place. It’s also easy to store and transport, so it won’t take up much space when not in use and can be quickly deployed when needed.

17. CruzTools EKH1 Econo Harley Davidson Tool Kit

CruzTools EKH1 Econo Harley Davidson Tool KitBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The CruzTools EKH1 Econo Harley Davidson Tool Kit is the perfect gift for motorcycle riders, especially if you’re seeking a comprehensive toolkit at an affordable price.

The kit includes all the essential tools needed for basic motorcycle maintenance and repairs, and the tools are built to last with strong materials and excellent craftsmanship.

It comes in a compact and portable carrying case, making it easy to store in the motorcycle’s saddlebag or garage, and convenient to take on rides for emergencies.

18. Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack

Sedici Acqua Hydration BackpackBuy on RevZilla | Cycle Gear

When it comes to hitting the open road, staying hydrated is not just a luxury but a necessity. This Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack is purpose-built to cater to the needs of motorbike enthusiasts, making it the ideal gift for your adventurous friends and family.

The Sedici Acqua backpack boasts a built-in hydration reservoir with an easy-to-use sip tube, ensuring that riders can quench their thirst without ever having to stop.

It is designed with a streamlined profile that fits comfortably on the rider’s back without obstructing their movement or disturbing the aerodynamics. It’s also crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of the road.

Lastly, the Sedici Acqua backpack offers more than just hydration; it’s a versatile solution for all your storage needs. With multiple compartments and pockets, riders can easily carry essentials like keys, wallets, sunglasses, or even a spare shirt.

19. Bobster Eyewear Pilot Goggles With Interchangeable Lens

Bobster Eyewear Pilot Goggles With Interchangeable LensBuy on J&P Cycles 

The Bobster Eyewear Pilot Goggles are a fantastic holiday gift for motorcycle riders, offering both style and practicality.

Riders can easily switch between different lenses to adapt to changing weather conditions, from clear lenses for nighttime rides to tinted ones for sunny days. This versatility ensures that riders have optimal visibility at all times, enhancing safety.

The Pilot Goggles also provide excellent protection for the eyes. They have a snug fit to keep out wind, dust, and debris, making rides more comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, they look sleek and stylish, adding a cool factor to any rider’s gear.

20. Icon Street Knee Guards

Icon Street Knee GuardsBuy on RevZilla | MotoSport

The Icon Street Knee Guards are an ideal gift for motorcycle riders, especially beginners, due to their excellent protection, comfort, and versatility. 

Firstly, these knee guards provide crucial protection for one of the most vulnerable areas of a rider’s body. For beginners who are still getting used to the mechanics of riding, having extra protection can boost confidence and safety on the road.

Secondly, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. The ergonomic design and adjustable straps ensure a secure fit without sacrificing comfort. This is especially important for beginners who might not be accustomed to wearing protective gear for extended periods.

Additionally, the Icon Street Knee Guards are low-profile and won’t interfere with the rider’s mobility, making them suitable for all riding styles, from cruising to sport riding.

21. MASO Dash Cam

MASO Motorcycle Dash Cam Front and RearBuy on Amazon

This  MASO Dash Camera is designed specifically for motorcycles, making a thoughtful and practical gift choice for riders so they can document their riding adventures in high definition.

With this dash cam, riders can easily capture scenic routes, unexpected encounters, and memorable moments on the road. It’s also a valuable safety tool, as it can provide crucial evidence in case of accidents or incidents.

The MASO Dash Cam can be easily installed on the front and rear of any motorcycle, and it’s built from durable materials to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring it operates reliably even in rain or extreme temperatures.

22. OMT Motorcycle Lift

OMT Motorcycle LiftBuy on Amazon

The OMT Motorcycle Lift is the perfect gift for motorcycle riders who take pride in doing their own maintenance, providing safety, convenience, and durability.

This lift provides a stable platform for the bike, allowing riders to access all parts of the motorcycle with ease, making tasks like oil changes, chain adjustments, and brake maintenance much simpler and safer.  It ensures a secure workspace and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries during maintenance tasks. 

Moreover, it’s compatible with various motorcycle models, which is ideal for riders with different bikes in their garages. It’s also built to last and can withstand regular use, making it a long-lasting investment.

23. Enesco Jim Shore Santa Riding Motorcycle Figurine

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Santa Riding MotorcycleBuy on Amazon

This delightful figurine combines the timeless charm of Santa Claus with the thrilling world of motorcycling, making it the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves the open road. 

Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek collection is renowned for its intricate handcrafted details, and this figurine is no exception. It showcases Santa, dressed in his classic red suit, captured in mid-ride atop a beautifully detailed motorcycle.

Each piece is meticulously hand-painted, making it a truly special and collectible gift. It can be proudly displayed on a mantelpiece, tabletop, or even a motorcycle enthusiast’s workspace.

24. OGIO Head Case Helmet Bag

OGIO Head Case Helmet BagBuy on RevZilla | MotoSport

The OGIO Head Case Helmet Bag is the ultimate gift for motorcycle riders. It’s more than just a bag; it’s a reliable protective case for their most prized possession – their helmet.

This helmet bag offers top-notch protection with a durable exterior and padded interior to shield the helmet from scratches and impacts during transport.

It features a convenient carry handle and a shoulder strap, making it effortless to transport the helmet securely. It also has a spacious interior, which provides extra room for gloves, goggles, or other riding essentials.

Best Gifts for Motorcycle Riders under $50

25. AGVSPORT Mayhem Street Riding Gloves

AGVSPORT Mayhem GlovesBuy on Amazon

If you’re looking for a thoughtful yet budget-friendly holiday gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life, the AGVSPORT Mayhem Street Riding Gloves tick all the boxes, offering safety, style, and affordability all rolled into one.

The AGVSport Mayhem Street Gloves offer reliable hand protection, as they are crafted from durable materials and reinforced with protective padding. The snug fit also allows for dexterity and control while riding.

These gloves are not just about safety; they’re about style too, with a sleek and modern design showcasing AGVSPORT branding to ensure that your loved one looks the part while they’re out on the road. They’re a versatile addition to any rider’s gear collection.

26. BikeMaster Tire And Tube Flat Repair Kit

BikeMaster Tire And Tube Flat Repair KitBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

Flat tires can be a rider’s worst nightmare, especially in the winter season. The BikeMaster Tire And Tube Flat Repair Kit is the ultimate gift for motorcycle riders who crave self-sufficiency and peace of mind on the road.

This kit equips riders with the essentials for repairing flat tires swiftly, allowing them to get back on their bike and continue the journey without delay.

It’s designed with convenience in mind, being compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry on rides and store in saddlebags or backpacks. It’s also suitable for a wide range of motorcycles, ensuring compatibility with different tire sizes and tube types.

27. Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

Vintage Motorcycle Bottle OpenerBuy on Amazon

If you’re on a tight budget and in search of a thoughtful gift for a motorcycle rider or enthusiast, the Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener is your answer.

This bottle opener doubles as a charming decorative piece featuring a vintage motorcycle design. Despite its affordability, this gift can showcase that you care about their passion for motorcycles, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gesture.

Beyond its aesthetics, it’s a functional bottle opener, making it a useful tool for cracking open their favorite beverages after a ride. It’s also small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in a pocket, bag, or glove compartment.

28. Motorcycle Christmas Tree Ornament

Motorcycle Christmas Tree OrnamentBuy on Amazon

Searching for Christmas gifts for motorcycle riders? Look no further than this Christmas tree ornament.

This ornament combines the magic of Christmas with the spirit of the open road in one charming package, showing Santa and his reindeer riding a Harley motorcycle to deliver a dose of holiday cheer.

It’s also crafted from high-quality material with attention to detail, ensuring that it will last years to come and become a cherished part of their holiday traditions.

29. Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar MountBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount is another thoughtful and practical gift for motorcycle riders that adds an element of convenience and enhances their overall riding experience.

The mount ensures that their smartphone stays securely in place while riding, allowing for easy access to navigation, music, or calls. It’s made from durable materials and is also highly versatile, as it is designed to fit the handlebars of a wide range of motorcycles. 

30. Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock

Kryptonite Keeper Disc LockBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock is a must-have for motorcycle riders. It’s an ideal gift that will give your loved ones peace of mind, knowing they have an extra layer of protection for their cherished bike.

This disc lock is a reliable theft deterrent with its high-quality locking mechanism. It’s constructed with a sturdy, weather-resistant design, so it can withstand the elements, ensuring it remains effective and dependable over time.

Moreover, it’s small and lightweight, making it easy for riders to carry in their pocket or store on their bike. This convenience means riders can use it anytime, anywhere.

31. FODSPORTS Motorcycle ATV Cup Holder

FODSPORTS Motorcycle ATV Cup HolderBuy on Amazon

Riding in winter can be a bit chilly, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying their favorite hot beverage. This FODSPORTS Motorcycle ATV cup holder is the perfect gift for riders who love hitting the road during the colder months.

This cup holder is designed for effortless installation on various motorcycles and ATVs. No need for tools or a complex setup – simply attach it to the handlebars, and you’re good to go.

It’s crafted from high-quality materials and features a secure and adjustable grip, so your drink stays in place even on bumpy or winding roads.  It’s also designed to accommodate a wide range of cup sizes to ensure that your favorite thermal mug or coffee cup can come along for the ride.

With this accessory, your loved one can enjoy their favorite hot beverages while staying safe and comfortable on the road. 

32. Harley-Davidson: The Complete History Book

Harley-Davidson The Complete History BookBuy on Amazon

Running out of gift ideas this holiday season? Surprise the motorcycle enthusiast in your life with the Harley-Davidson: The Complete History book. Whether they’re a seasoned rider or a novice enthusiast, this book makes a meaningful addition to their library that they’ll cherish for years to come.

The book takes riders on a comprehensive journey through the rich history of Harley-Davidson, a brand synonymous with a love for the open road and the thrill of riding.

It delves into the company’s evolution, legendary models, and the spirit of freedom that Harley-Davidson represents. It’s also filled with stunning imagery that captures the timeless beauty of Harley-Davidson’s iconic motorcycles.

33. Live to Ride Santa Ugly Christmas Crewneck Sweatshirt

Live to Ride Santa Ugly Christmas Crewneck SweatshirtBuy on Amazon

It’s not really Christmas without a classic “ugly sweater” to wear while celebrating, and for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, this Live to Ride Santa Crewneck Sweatshirt will make the perfect gift to celebrate the holiday while representing their passion.

This sweatshirt combines the festive spirit with the love of motorcycles, featuring a badass Santa Claus cruising on a motorcycle. Beyond its festive design, this sweatshirt is made from durable materials that offer warmth and comfort, making it an ideal choice for the winter season.

34. BESTUNT Helmet Display Mount

BESTUNT HelmetBuy on Amazon

The BESTUNT Helmet Display Mount is the perfect gift for motorcycle riders who own multiple helmets.

Instead of cluttering up closets or shelves, this mount allows riders to neatly organize and showcase their helmets on the wall, freeing up storage space while keeping them easily accessible. It turns the helmets into stylish pieces of decor, adding a personal touch to their space.

By keeping helmets off the ground and displayed securely, this mount helps protect them from accidental damage, ensuring they remain in excellent condition.

The mount is easy to install as it comes with all the necessary fixtures and a detailed installation guide. It’s also quite sturdy, as it’s crafted from quality materials to ensure it will securely hold the weight of the helmet while remaining attached to the wall.

35. BikeMaster Dual USB Charger with Handlebar Mount

BikeMaster Dual USB Charger with Handlebar MountBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The BikeMaster Dual USB Charger with Handlebar Mount is yet another practical gift for motorcycle riders to ensure they stay connected on the road and never run out of battery.

This charger enables riders to power their devices while on the road, as it can be easily and securely mounted on the motorcycle handlebar. It features two USB ports, so riders can charge multiple devices simultaneously, whether it’s their phone and a Bluetooth headset or any combination of gadgets.

The handlebar mount is also easy to install and fits a variety of handlebar sizes, making it adaptable to different motorcycle models

36. Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit

Muc-Off Helmet Care KitBuy on RevZilla | Amazon

The final item on our list is this Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit, which makes a practical gift that many riders may not buy for themselves. It’s a thoughtful choice that demonstrates care for their safety and gear because a clean helmet not only looks good but also enhances the rider’s safety and comfort. 

The kit comes with all the necessary cleaning products and tools for both exterior and interior cleaning, making helmet maintenance a breeze. Even riders new to cleaning their gear will find it straightforward.

Regular cleaning with this kit can extend the life of the helmet, protecting the investment and ensuring that it continues to provide reliable protection.


While finding unique gifts for motorcycle riders in different price ranges can be challenging due to their specific needs and preferences, it’s not impossible. 

Whether you’re working with a tight budget or looking to splurge, there are plenty of options to choose from. With careful research, thoughtful consideration, and a touch of creativity, you can make the holiday season extra special for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.

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