Is Royal Enfield Meteor 350 a good bike?

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The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is an ideal ambassador for introducing novice riders to motorcycles. Nothing about this motorbike is scary, thanks to its approachable size and easy power delivery.

Instead, it is a comrade-in-arms, forgiving of rookie blunders while still possessing enough sass to be entertaining for seasoned riders. In the guise of a small-displacement warship, a meteor is heading directly towards the United States.

Royal Enfield has unveiled its new Meteor 350 to commemorate its 120th year in the motorcycle industry. This bike encapsulates the spirit of cruising with timeless appeal, while also giving universally approachable power, relaxed ergonomics, and superb handling.

After interceptor Royal Meteor 350 is one of the best bikes from Royal Enfield. Good for both city and long rides. The Engine is amazing with less vibration and good performance.

Is the Meteor 350 suitable for lengthy rides?

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The Meteor 350 is designed to be a cruiser. The sitting posture is relaxing, with a pulled-back handlebar, front pegs, heel/toe shifting, and a lower seat height. The Meteor is the first cruiser to go from India to the United States, even though it is not a completely new genre for Royal Enfield.

With a little chance, the new Meteor 350 will compete directly with the Honda Rebel 300 and Yamaha V Star 250Riding the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is one of the most enjoyable things to do. The relaxed riding style and well-cushioned seats let you chug along long miles without stopping.

What is the engine displacement of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350?

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A new BS6-compliant counterbalanced 349cc fuel-injected long-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine powers the Meteor. It has a power output of 20.48PS at 6100rpm and a torque output of 27Nm at 4000rpm.

The single-cylinder motor is a completely new design with traditional architecture. It had air and oil-cooled SOHC, a two-valve engine. According to Royal Enfield, the fuel-injected engine’s peak torque of 19 ft-lbs arrives early at 4000 RPM. A 5-speed gearbox is used by the motor.

Surprisingly, the Meteor’s large 20-liter gasoline tank has been replaced with a smaller 15-liter tank from the Thunderbird. The single-cylinder motor is an entirely new design with classic architecture.

It has a SOHC, two-valve engine that is air and oil-cooled. The fuel-injected engine’s peak torque of 19 ft-lbs comes on early at 4000 RPM, according to Royal Enfield.

What is the TripperTM navigation system in a Royal Enfield?

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The Meteor 350 has the first TripperTM navigation system in a Royal Enfield. Powered by Google Maps and the Royal Enfield App, which uses Bluetooth to link devices to the motorcycle. The traditional speedometer and tiny LCD dash interior offer minimal basics.

However, the latter is difficult to view in intense sunlight. But wait, there is also a little second gauge. This little arrangement is known as the Tripper navigation system by Royal Enfield, and it is the first of its kind in the RE series.

Tripper is powered by Google Maps and the Royal Enfield app, and it connects to a rider’s smartphone through Bluetooth to provide navigation. It is a nice, though typical, 21st-century function that is not seen on many starter bikes.

If your phone must be charged, there is also a USB charging plug, which is another helpful feature of this cruiser. TripperTM is a smart navigation solution with an easy display system and an additional USB charging port on the motorcycle.

What is the top speed of Royal Enfield 350?

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The Meteor’s analog speedometer, which goes up to 120 mph, is a touch ambitious Even on a steady downhill, 75 mph was the best, and it took some time to get there.  This bike is not about wringing its neck on hurry-up-and-get-there motorways.

What the Meteor loses in peak speed, more than makes up for in fuel efficiency. The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is not designed for speed. Even at triple-digit speeds, the rider reports the motorbike feels extremely firmly grounded and steady.

The Meteor 350 excels in the low and mid-range of the rpm range. The maximum speed of 120km/h /75 mph is recorded.

What is J SERIES in Royal Enfield 350?

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The J series Air-Oil Cooled, 349cc, SOHC engine is at the heart of the Meteor, delivering smooth tractable power and plenty of bottom-end torque.

The electronic fuel injection (EFI) system delivers comforting power right from the start, consistently across the rev range, ensuring a one-of-a-kind output. Torque of 27 Nm at 4000 RPM. At 6100 RPM, the maximum power is 20.2 BHP. Gearbox with 5 speeds and a continuous mesh

  • Engine specs:

Engine displacement:
  • Air-cooled
  • BS6
  • Single cylinder
  • 349 cc
  • Four-stroke
Maximum-power: 20.2bhp @6100rpm
Maximum-torque: 27Nm @4000rpm
Ignition type: Digital
The gearbox: 5-speed
Fuel-supply: EFI
Bore * stroke: 2.84 inches * 3.38 inches/ 72 mm * 85.8 mm
Consumption of fuel: 67 mpg
Maximum estimated Range: 267 miles

 The final style incorporates a classic cruiser posture. The styling is close to that of the Thunderbird 350X, and the updated Meteor 350 includes features such as a circular headlamp with LED DRL, a USB charger, a peanut-shaped fuel tank, a pulled back handlebar, a swooping rear fender, and an LED taillight.

The motorcycle also gets a semi-digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth communication and a turn-by-turn navigation system.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity and Mileage:

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The new Royal Enfield Meteor 350, with its new and refined engine, achieves a remarkable fuel efficiency figure of about 25 miles per liter. When fitted with the 15-liter fuel tank, the Meteor 217 will travel 372 miles between fill-ups.

  • Seat height and curb weight:

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Cruiser has a very relaxed riding position. The Meteor 350 cruiser has a 30.11 inches/765mm seat height and a curb weight of 191kg.

This makes the motorcycle suitable for all sizes of users, small or tall, and when combined with the 55.11 inches/1400mm wheelbase, forward aligned footpegs, elevated handlebar, and spacious supportive seating, it provides excellent riding ergonomics.

What are the variants of Royal Enfield Meteor 350?

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The Meteor 350, a light, economical cruiser inspired by 1950s and 1960s models like the Meteor Minor and Super Meteor, joins the Royal Enfield family in 2021.

Variants include the base-model Fireball ($4,399) with a black exhaust system, the Stellar ($4,499) with chrome exhaust and a passenger backrest, and the Supernova ($4,599), which has a windscreen and a two-tone paint scheme. Wide footrests ($91.95) were also put on our Supernova test bike.

The three versions are differentiated by their paint schemes and a few other details. The Fireball version is available in two colors: Fireball Yellow and Fireball Red.

The Meteor 350 Stellar comes in three colors: Red Metallic, Black Matte, and Blue Metallic. The Supernova is the most expensive variant, with two color options: brown and blue dual-tone paint.

The Meteor 350’s three models are all powered by the same BS6-compliant 349cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, long-stroke engine. The engine, which is linked to a new five-speed gearbox, produces 20.2bhp and 27Nm of peak torque.

  • Chassis and suspension:

The other major difference is the new double-downtube frame, which replaces the old single-cradle unit. The seat height has been reduced by 10mm to a more comfortable 765mm, whilst the ground clearance has increased to a respectable 170mm.

Royal Enfield has raised the steering angle by one degree to 26 degrees, but the wheelbase has increased by 50mm over the TBX. It is also significantly taller and broader than the TBX in terms of dimensions. The ground clearance has been increased to 170mm.

Clearly, the engine and frame are vastly improved, but RE is not done yet. The organization understands that creativity and standing out from the crowd are essential to their clients, which is where the Make It Your software comes in.

Curb Weight: 183kg
Type: Twin Downtube and Spine Frame
Front-suspension: Telescopic 1.62 inches/41mm and 5.12 inches/130mm travel
Rea-suspension: Shock absorbers with twin-tube emulsion and a 6-step flexible preload
Fuel tank capacity: 15l/ 3.96 Gallons

What are the features of Brakes and tires?

The Meteor retains a 19-inch front wheel, while the rear has shrunk from 18 to 17 inches. There are larger tires at both sides, and the bike will come with either MRF or Ceat tires – ours had the latter, and grip seemed adequate for this use. The brakes are also larger on both sides, with a 300mm front disc and a 270mm rear rotor.

  • Brakes and tires spec:

Front-brake: ABS 11.81 inches300mm Disk and two Piston Floating Caliper
Front-tire: 100: 90-19 (tubeless + alloy)
Rear-brake: ABS 10.62 inches/270mm Disk and Single Piston Floating Caliper
Rear-tire: 140: 70-17 (tubeless + alloy)


Royal Enfield hasn’t broken any rules, and the Meteor doesn’t come with any surprises. It still looks, sounds, and rides like a Royal Enfield, but with the finesse and elegance that had been desperately missing all these years.

Buying into the charm no longer entails pulling a sack full of sacrifices. It’s also adequate if you’re upgrading from a new 350. Overall, Royal Enfield has produced a commodity that has a genuine feel while still being well-rounded and spectacular.

If the price isn’t spectacular, it’s certainly competitive, and it’s fair to say they’ve won the right to put an end to all those sleepless nights!

What is the price of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350? $4,649

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