Can a Versys 300 Be Lowered? 7 Things You Need to Know

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Riding a bike is all about how it feels, especially when you start testing the limits of the road on a motorcycle. Adding aftermarket hardware to your motorcycle or manipulating the dimensions, so you feel more in control may be tempting. One popular modification is lowering a bike, but can a Versys 300 be lowered? 

Can a Versys 300 Be Lowered? Yes, you can lower a Versys 300 just like any other motorcycle. Changing the seat and suspension are the two most common ways to do this. However, if you don’t adjust the suspension or seat properly, you may be too low to the ground, which can be a safety risk for you and others.

This article will examine some things you must remember when lowering your Versys 300 bike. Furthermore, you will want to consider why lowering your Versys 300 can be dangerous and makes it even more important to wear the safest helmets in the industry by AGV. Let’s get started. 

Lowering a Versys 300: Dos, Don’ts, and What To Expect

Can a Versys 300 Be Lowered

When you modify a Versys 300, you must ensure you do it correctly. Lowering it the right way means making sure you don’t risk injuries to yourself when you start riding the bike. And remember, whether you lower your bike or not, wear a helmet. You’ll want to go for helmets that go through some of the most rigorous tests in the world, as AGV does for its products.

So how do you know if you are lowering a Versys 300 correctly? Let’s take a look at a few things to consider before you start working on your bike.

What To Do When Lowering a Versys 300

Can a Versys 300 Be Lowered

Change the Seat

The easiest way to lower your Versys 300 is by changing the seat. Slightly reducing the seat height is optimal for getting closer to the ground because you are not changing anything mechanically about the bike. Some of the reasons why this is one of the safest ways to lower your bike include: 

  • You aren’t modifying the suspension.
  • Getting closer to the ground can make you feel more in control while starting or stopping your bike. 
  • Being comfortable during your ride can reduce stress and help you focus on the road.

Modify Your Suspension

Modifying the suspension on your motorbike gives you a more noticeable drop to the ground. While this might seem appealing, you need to be sure that you are doing it correctly.

You’ll not only need to modify the suspension in the back of your bike, but you need the front to match. Getting the front and rear at the same height is more complicated than it sounds, as numerous things can go wrong if you don’t do it correctly. 

Take Your Bike to an Expert

Unless you’ve been riding or working with Versys 300 bikes for years, you’ll want to consult someone who has. It’s always best to take your bike to a body shop or mechanic to get the best results when lowering your motorcycle. Consulting an expert ensures the work is done correctly to give you the safest and most comfortable ride possible. 

What You Should Not Do When Lowering a Versys 300

Can a Versys 300 Be Lowered

Lowering a Versys 300 incorrectly or not paying attention to certain details can put you at risk when riding your motorcycle. Let’s consider what you should not do when lowering a Versys 300. 

Altering the Suspension Too Much

One common way most people lower their bikes is by purchasing a lowering link set. You can find them readily available at a reasonable price. However, when you buy lowering links to bring the back of your bike lower to the ground, you are increasing the chances of reducing the shocks too much, which can have unintended consequences

Suspension is a vital part of the motorcycle, and it’s crucial to keep this in mind when you are lowering your bike. Some things that you should never do when using a link set are: 

  • Never go too low to the ground.
  • Do not perform the work yourself if you haven’t done it before.

Dropping Your Seat Too Low 

Can a Versys 300 Be Lowered

Motorbikes are designed a certain way for a reason. The Versys 300 has a nice bucket seat that fits the rider well while propping them up high enough to get a good view of the road around them. 

If you choose a seat that is too low, you might have trouble seeing the road, or drivers may have difficulty seeing you. Motorcycles are notorious for being more difficult for other drivers to see, making it much more critical to be aware of your surroundings when you are on the bike. 

Some of the reasons why lowering your seat too much can be hazardous are: 

  • You might not have an optimal view of the road. 
  • Objects moving quickly toward you may be less evident if you don’t see clearly.
  • Wearing a helmet, even one that meets vision tests can make it more challenging to see if you’re not at the correct height.  
  • In case of an accident, your seat may have less cushion than experts consider safe. 

Changing the Height of the Front of the Bike Improperly

If you take a shortcut when balancing out the front and back of your Versys 300, this can have dire consequences. The front of the bike needs ample space between the tire and the wheel well. If you lower the bike without adjusting the shocks, there can be an issue with the tire hitting the wheel well when you brake, which increases your chances of getting into an accident

What To Expect When Lowering Your Versys 300

When you lower any motorcycle, it is going to change the way that it rides. Whether this is subtle or significant depends on how you performed the maintenance and what you changed. But no matter how much you alter it, there are a few things you can expect after lowering your Versys 300. Some of these include: 

  • Your kickstand might be too long now. This is especially true if you’ve modified the suspension. The kickstand might not rest where you need it to, and you may need to adjust its height.
  • The ground clearance is going to decrease. Now that your Versys 300 is sitting closer to the ground, you must remember that the clearance will be less. There will be a noticeable difference when riding your bike, especially when making sharp turns.
  • Improper height can cause problems with braking. If you go too far down in the front or back, you may have issues with the wheel touching the bike’s frame and causing sudden stoppage or crashing.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering lowering your Versys 300, make sure you know all the critical factors involved before starting any work on your bike. Like the few mentioned in this article, numerous safety issues can occur from faulty modifications. Always try to avoid changing the suspension if possible, but if you need to alter your shocks, get the help of a trained professional.


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About the Author:

Michael Parrotte began his illustrious career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the U.S. market. He then went on to become the Vice President of AGV Helmets America for 25 years, during which time he also consulted for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

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