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MIPS Motorcycle Helmet Technology

MIPS Motorcycle Helmet Technology

Have you been in the market for a quality helmet and have come across the yellow MIPS label, but you are not sure what it stands for? Well, you needn’t worry because we have got your six! Here is a breakdown of the MIPS motorcycle helmet technology and further insights on why it has caused a paradigm shift in helmet crash proofing. While helmet shells are pretty much the best version of themselves already, true innovation is beginning to emerge about the inside of the helmet, particularly the energy dispersing layer. Although EPS is the de facto standard, and even with technologies like MIPS to support it, there are some who believe that its best days are behind it. Is EPS obsolete? Read on to

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When to replace motorcycle helmet

When To Replace Motorcycle Helmet?

You’re wondering when to replace your motorcycle helmets? It’s important not to cut corners. Your helmet is one piece of motorcycle safety gear that you don’t want to skimp on. So, when should you replace the motorcycle helmet? You should replace your motorcycle helmet at least every five years if it has not been subject to a crash or any other type of damage.  However, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends changing helmets within 5 to 10 years. But if you want the best protection for your head, the range is just a general guideline. You need to know every factor that influences your safety. A helmet isn’t just a simple replacement – there are factors you must consider. This post explains when to

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Should Motorcycle Helmets Cover Chin

Should Motorcycle Helmets Cover Chin? Find Out Here!

Helmets are lifesavers. In practice, during an accident, a helmet reduces the risk of death by 42% and head injury by 69%. For enhanced protection to your chin and jaw, full-face, modular, off-road, and dual-sport designs come with a chin bar – a crucial safety feature that open-face and half-shell helmets lack. The chin receives 55% of the severe blows during a crash, so it’s important to protect it. Let’s better understand how the chin bar works and how to choose the right chin and shell size for your motorcycle helmet to help you make better decisions about your own safety while riding. Read on! Should Motorcycle Helmets Cover Chin? Find Out Here! Two Types of Motorcycle Helmet Chin Bar Styles and Their Benefits During

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The Best of Both Worlds: Top 15 Best Modular Helmets You Can Buy Today

We know better – having worked and consulted for helmet giants since 1985, besides being a rider myself. The best modular helmets offer the right combination of safety, function, performance, features, and price. For this post, we will categorize our best picks into three value sections: Entry Level, Mid-Range, and High End. More on these helmets are down below. In the meantime, let’s delve into the definition, safety, and criteria for picking the best modular helmet for your specific riding style and needs.  What Is a Modular Helmet?  A modular helmet is a hybrid of open-face and full-face helmets with a hinge system that allows the chin bar to easily lift open with a simple touch of a button transforming into an open-face lid for

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Is Wind Noise Normal in a Helmet? Here Is Your Answer!

We make it a point to suit up when we go for a ride as responsible motorcycle rider. Even if it’s only for a 10-minute journey to and from the neighborhood supermarket. However, most of us overlook one portion of our body: the ears, which contribute to our five senses. When we ride, we are exposed to a lot of loud noises. It might be caused by other cars on the road, noisy exhaust pipes, or other factors. But there is one form of sound that can be extremely harmful to hearing over time: Wind Noise. What Is Wind Noise? Is Wind Noise Normal in a Helmet? Wind noise is the sound made by the wind when it collides with a solid surface and is

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A-Rundown-of-Motorcycle-Helmet-Styles-micramoto (2)

A Rundown of Motorcycle Helmet Styles

When it comes to motorcycle helmet styles there are six main styles to choose from, each offering a different type of protection, so while some may look and feel better than others, they may be significantly less effective. There are a few key factors that should be taken into account when choosing your next helmet, such as the motorcycle you ride, the roads and speeds you travel, and the predominant weather. Here’s a rundown of the six different types: A Rundown of Motorcycle Helmet Styles 1. Full-Face Helmets When it comes to helmet safety, the full-face varieties are heads and shoulders above the rest. The helmet covers the entire head and neck with a chin bar and visor. One of the major points of difference

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Best DOT-Approved Full Face Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Safety on a motorcycle knows no gender. With the advent of motorcycles, women are increasingly venturing into the two-wheeler realm. That means accessories must evolve. When it comes to protective gear, quality best women’s motorcycle helmets are essential. But not all helmets are equal. Our best helmet list prioritizes comfort, visibility, and overall head, face, and chin protection. We chose solely DOT-approved full-face motorcycle helmets for the reason that they provide added protection in the event of a crash, block UV rays, and keep dust, bugs, noise, rain, and cold out of your face when riding in winter. There are other options available, which we detail in our buying guide. In a Hurry? Here are Our Top 5 Picks for Best DOT-Approved Full Face Women’s

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Ideas to Make Your Motorcycle Helmet More Attractive

Tired of seeing the same different helmet styles that everyone seems to be wearing these days? Then discover how to personalize your motorcycle helmet. Customizing a helmet may be as simple as adding stickers or pinstriping, or as complex as having a professional design one for you. Of course, even if you choose a bespoke model, you must check that it meets all safety requirements. Prioritizing comfort and safety should be the main focus. 10 New Ideas to Make Your Motorcycle Helmet More Attractive An amazing approach to standing out as a motorcyclist is your helmet. Take a lesson from the greatest racers that ever lived. Racing legend and a literal MotoGP god Valentino Rossi has always utilized the color yellow and tons of art

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How to Check if Your Motorcycle Helmet Has Expired?

Are you aware that your motorcycle helmet has an expiry date? No, well neither are a lot of motorcyclists, but motorcycle helmets do in fact expire. Now that you know that your helmet has an expiry date, I imagine the next question you have is, “how do I check if my motorcycle helmet has expired?” We can help you out with that one. How Do I Know If My Motorcycle Helmet has Expired? Degrading expanded foam layer Your helmet looks exactly the same as it did when you bought it several years ago, not a scratch on it, so why on earth would you replace it? The reason motorcycle helmets expire isn’t really anything to do with the outer shell, it’s because of the layer

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